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My wife's sister and I

My wife's sister and I

By 青木Published 2 months ago 8 min read

My name is Ah Hui, and I live in a small county in Canada. I've been married for a year and haven't had a child yet. My wife is very beautiful and is considered top-notch in this county. It took us 5 years to get together and we have a very good relationship. My wife's family also lives in this county. My wife is the second eldest child. She has an older sister and a younger sister, which can be said to be three flowers. The eldest sister is already married, less than thirty years old, and has a son. However, due to her early marriage (less than 20 years old), her body has recovered very well, her skin is fair and delicate, especially her watery eyes, which are extremely charming, making her look unsightly. to 25 years old. My sister-in-law is 23 years old. She is the youngest but has the best figure. She is 170cm tall, with full breasts and round buttocks. She was a heartthrob when she was in school. My true story begins with them.

Since my wife and I have been in a relationship for a long time, we are very familiar with their families. Especially my sister-in-law and I are similar in age and have known each other since we were in school, which makes it easier for me to get close to them. After I got married, my wife's sister moved to another place. As the son-in-law of my parents' family, I naturally became the mainstay of the family. I took care of everything, so I was provided with many opportunities for erotic affairs.

During the SARS period, public baths were closed and my wife’s house didn’t have a bath, so my sister-in-law had to go to my house to take a shower (it was very close). I gradually discovered that she always came when I was at work, so that I had no chance to engage in voyeuristic behavior. But I came up with a clever idea - use a camera to take secret photos. I installed the camera in the bathroom and connected it to my DV. I plugged it in before going to work every day. It seemed to be charging but it was actually turned on. I used the strap for two hours, hoping to capture something.

The hard work paid off. One day I came home and hurriedly turned on the DV, and I actually filmed the whole process of my sister-in-law taking a shower. Her huge breasts and hairy virginity really fascinated me. I had been admiring it proudly for many days. Just now I felt a little tired of it, and I secretly filmed my sister-in-law's masturbation process. It really made my nose bleed. She sat on the toilet, caressing her breasts with one hand, and kept wandering among the grass with the other. His eyes were slightly closed, and he was always intoxicated by the pleasure that was fast and slow. This real video is quite precious. I have burned it into a disc and kept it permanently. I shot her countless times. After a month of this, I started to want to have sex with my sister-in-law, but her family tradition was very strict and it was difficult to get her to give in. After thinking hard I finally started to implement my plan.

I quarreled with my wife first, and she returned to her parents’ home. My sister-in-law came to me in a rage. At first I silently acknowledged her lesson, and then pretended to be intolerable and cursed: You little slut, how dare you teach me a lesson. She was stunned by my scolding, and then asked me angrily why I insulted her. I took out the disc and put it in the VCD. After a while, the scene of my sister-in-law masturbating appeared on the screen, and she was even more shocked. She covered her face and squatted on the ground. After a while, she took out the disc like crazy and broke it into pieces. I told her: I also copied a lot of them. You can break them as much as you like. She suddenly spread it on the sofa.

I stood beside her and said to her: "You don't want your sister to be unhappy, right? You don't want this disc to be seen by others, right? I will bring your sister back, as long as you promise me one thing." thing"

She looked at me full of confusion and helplessness, and I said, "Promise to have a happy night with me."

She immediately shouted: "No"

I said: "I know you are still a virgin, I only ask you to play with me for one night, and I will keep your virginity, otherwise, the disc will be circulated around."

She didn't answer, indicating her acquiescence. I laughed happily.

I asked her to call home and told her that there was nothing she could do for me. I also told her sister to come back in two days (our two families are relatively close, I was afraid that she would come back suddenly), and that she would stay with a classmate in the evening and would not return. Lived at home. I saw that her tone was very calm, nothing unusual, and I really wondered if she had fallen in love with me a long time ago, haha.

She cooked me a dinner like a wife, but she didn't eat it and hid in the bedroom without coming out. After I finished eating, I saw that she was still crying, so I went over to comfort her and told her that I had liked her for a long time, but she just said that I was too insidious and stopped talking. I had no choice but to scare her with the hard disk, and it worked. She obediently went to take a shower, and I followed her in. She refused to let her go, so I had no choice but to strip naked and wait for her outside. She came out slowly after nearly 20 minutes. She seemed very conflicted, so I dragged her onto the bed. After tearing off the bra she had put on, two big white and tender breasts flew out. To be honest, I really don’t know how to calculate a woman’s breast size. It’s just that my sister-in-law’s breasts are very big, and my wife wears sponges. The bra is not even as big as hers. I took her small pink nipple in my mouth and sucked it wildly. The other hand held the other breast and kept rubbing it. Suddenly I thought why not play slowly and train her. So I started doing it and she was surprised that I stopped.

I hugged her on my shoulders and said to her: "I'm sorry. My brother-in-law likes you very much, but he really can't control himself. In fact, your sister is cold and not suitable for sex. I am in pain, so I quarreled with her. I thought Can you forgive me for spying on you? I just want to touch you and kiss you. I won’t take your body, okay?” I don’t know whether she was moved by my words or knew that I was telling lies and couldn’t help it, so she nodded helplessly. head.

When I saw this, I immediately gave her a passionate kiss, then held her mouth and tried to find her little tongue. She may have had countless kissing experiences, and after a while she became very cooperative, and the two tongues were intertwined. Together. I began my downward attack, caressing her breasts and back. Unexpectedly, her arousal point, like her sister's, was in her back. After a few times, I started to hum slightly. I took this opportunity to suck her big breasts wildly again, and she had a more obvious reaction. She was really a little wave, you know she was still a virgin!

I didn't stop. After kissing all over her upper body, I successfully took off her tight panties. The grassy grassland that I secretly photographed was indeed worthy of its name. It was overgrown with black grass. I started to separate the weeds. I was surprised to find that only my sister-in-law's virginity was exposed. A crack, surrounded by all the good things, and the masturbation did not deform her pussy (I later learned that it was one of the only two masturbations, God help me). I carefully separated her labia, and the pink tender flesh was displayed in front of me. I was so excited. This has been one of my dreams for a long time. I gently touched her holy place with my lips, and my sister-in-law kept twisting her body to maintain the last trace of dignity. But she knew that not only was it useless, but she couldn't resist her own feelings. You know, my blowjob skills are top notch.

In order to possess her for a long time, I really kept my promise and did not destroy her virginity. All night long I used my flexible tongue and superb skills to push her to climax! Her face, her lips, her breasts, her toes, and her virginity were all left with my lip marks. Even her anus buds were brought to the tip of my tongue without hesitation. Although my sister-in-law gritted her teeth and kept silent, I knew from her delicate red face that she had entered the role. When she was excited, she held the sheets tightly with her hands. I gradually moved my focus towards her vagina. At this time, her vagina was already gurgling with virgin fluid. I kept sucking it and attacked her clitoris with my tongue. My sister-in-law couldn't bear it and gritted her teeth and said, " Uh...uh..." I screamed, I kept attacking her labia and clitoris with all my strength. Suddenly she couldn't control herself and screamed "ah", and hugged my head tightly with both hands as if she was trying to get me. As if I pressed it into my vagina, my body started to move regularly. I felt a hot flow coming out of my mouth. It was Yin semen! ! I didn’t expect my sister-in-law to be so awesome the first time. It's so cool. After the climax, she covered her face with her hands and remained silent. In order to implement the long-term plan, I did not violate her further. I just caressed her breasts and hugged her beautiful body to give her a good feeling.


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