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My first lesbian sex at the gym

From "The Sexual Adventures of Amelia"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

My name is Amelia. Every Friday I go to the gym, usually working out alone. This time, I decided to take advantage of the free service of a trainer and went to the class. There I was met by a girl of about 26 years old, ready to train me. She introduced herself as Anna, told me to change and come to the treadmills. After warming up I was offered a personalized training plan.

While doing it, I noticed that Anna was always trying to touch me while doing exercises. At that time I didn't pay much attention to it, as it seemed to me to be a common practice for trainers.

The class was so hard that at the end I was exhausted, so I decided to take a break before leaving. Anna noticed my condition and offered to give me a massage, which is also free for clients once a month. Since I had no plans for the evening, I agreed. I was taken to a special area at the back of the room where there were several simple massage tables.

This seemed a little awkward to me, but fatigue made it impossible to resist.

"Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms along your body and relax" said Anna, "Don't think about anything and just enjoy the process"

Starting the massage at the shoulders, she moved smoothly downwards. By the time the process reached my ass, I was almost asleep, so her movements gently touching my vagina didn't really affect me. Bending over, Anna whispered: "You know, you can only truly relax without clothes on. So we can go to the private room and continue there".

Not really paying much attention to her words because I was tired and relaxed, I agreed.

We went through the coach's locker room and showers down a long hallway to a small room with a large massage table. Taking off all my outer clothing, I lay down on the table.

And then, out of the blue, Anna said: "You know, for maximum pleasure it would be advisable to remove your underwear as well. And since we are both girls, you have nothing to be ashamed of"

Staring at her, I said quietly: "Excuse me?"

- I said that it would be better for you to take off your panties and bra, since you can only fully relax like this

I was a little embarrassed, but being unable to resist, I complied with her demands. I was also offered to close my eyes with special cloth glasses.

Anna asked me to wait. I lay there for a few minutes listening to the strange rustling that sounded like changing clothes. When it finally started, I was almost asleep, lying on my stomach.

At first, everything went normally. They poured oil on me and gently rubbed it all over my body, massaging the most intimate places for the longest time. A few times Anna even ran her hands between my buttocks, each time going deeper and deeper into my vagina. After that, she asked me to roll over onto my back.

This is where things started to move too fast. Anna started massaging my breasts, saying that they were very beautiful. Suddenly she pulled off my cloth glasses and leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. It turned out that she was already sitting over me completely naked. Strongly surprised, I tried to get off the table, but Anna forcefully stopped me, whispering in my ear, "You don't have to resist, I can see that you need it". I tried to scream but she stopped me by connecting our lips. As she did so, she began to rub her whole body against me, lowering one hand to my vagina.

In a quiet voice I whispered: "Maybe it's better if you don't" - At that I quietly cried out in pleasure as her fingers penetrated me.

Anna gently replied: "You don't have to pretend, I can see that you want it."

Then it became clear to me that it was true. I hadn't felt such pleasure in months.

I ran my free hand over her firm breasts and kissed her lips.

After a long hickey, she got off the table a little and moved her head toward my vagina. How beautiful her technique was. She licked my clit in such a way that I couldn't help but moan every second of the process.

After a while, which seemed like an eternity to me, Anna took her eyes off my pussy and whispered in my ear: "Now it's your turn to pleasure me". With these words she turned 180 degrees with a sharp movement and her clit was exactly on my mouth open with moans. Since it was my first time, I began to move my tongue slowly and tentatively, trying to maximize my pleasure.

Anna started laughing: "You are so naive to lick me. It's always a pleasure to have sex with an inept girl like you"

After that she continued to massage my vagina with her tongue.

After a long time we decided to change our position a little. Taking a double dildo out of the box next to her, Anna herself lay down on the table, inserted one side and invited me to join her. Seizing the opportunity, I decided to try something I had wanted to do for a long time.

I gently slipped the end of the phallus into my anus, but then my partner yanked me sharply so that the whole shaft instantly went inside me. That scream must have been heard in the whole room. And she just laughed, joking about my slowness. As I got used to the pain, I started riding Anna. It was slow at first, but each time it got faster and faster. We moaned and moaned until the entire dildo was covered in our cum. After that we went to wash up in the coach shower room, continuing to fondle each other.

I never came to this gym again and always tried to forget what happened here. But, unfortunately, I would probably never be able to do that again.

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