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My romance with my aunt


By billPublished 6 days ago 5 min read

On the bus at around 6:00pm... “Xiaozheng, after McDonald's, go to your godmother's house and stay there today.” My parents often had to go out to social gatherings, so my mom's best friend, Auntie Bai Wei, came to take me to her house.

 Around 6pm on the bus ......

  “Be a good boy and go to your godmother's house after McDonald's. You'll be staying at your godmother's house today.”

  My parents often have to go out to social gatherings, so my mom's best friend, Auntie Bai Wei, came to take me to her house. I don't know how I met her, but I know that she is my godmother. I don't know how I know her. I only know that she is my godmother. All I know is that whenever Mom and Dad had a computer problem, they would definitely ask Aunt Vivian on the phone. Aunt Vivian was originally the director of the Special Operations Bureau of the National Central Bureau, and is now the director of the Computer Counterterrorism Division of the National Security Agency. After that, a number of companies came to hire Aunt Vivian as a security consultant, but Aunt Vivian refused all of them.

  Of course, Aunt Viv accepted my parents' offer to be their chief security consultant, but she made a promise to my parents that she would never be paid. Auntie Vi stayed at home on weekdays, and her other hobby was computer games. Whenever a new game came out, it would appear at Aunt Viv's house first. Often, when Aunt Wei finished playing them, they were not yet available in China. Sometimes, she would give them to her friends and publish them in the market. Therefore, I like to go to Auntie Vee's house because she has all kinds of computer games to play.

  Auntie Viv was married to a senior police officer once, but he died in an operation. Auntie Vi was in turmoil and the first thing she thought of was her closest friend, my mom. So, Aunt Viv came to stay at my house for a week to clear her head.

  Not wanting to be too far away from her mom, Aunt Viv bought a two-story apartment in my family's building and opened it up to become a single-family home.

  Auntie Vee did not have any children after her marriage, so she often asked me to call her mom, but no matter how much Auntie Vee tried to entice me, I did not budge. Auntie Vee's English was also excellent, both in speaking and writing. (Mom later told me that Auntie Vi had gone to the United States to study at a top university before the term “little international student” was coined.) She also graduated from the highest university in China, the College of Science.

  Now that she lived a few floors above our house and I was entering high school, Mom asked Auntie Wei to be my tutor.

  Mom and Dad were always on the go. So I ended up staying at Aunt Viv's house more than my own.

  Auntie Viv prepared a room for me, with the same specifications and furnishings as my own room downstairs. The only difference was the computer connection. The one in my room was connected to Auntie Vi's in the other room. To the outside, Aunt Vivian had a dedicated 256K line.

  Aunt Vivian is now 32 years old, with a pretty face, slender figure, and height of 168 centimeters. Her circumference is 34C, 25, 35. (I know the top circumference from peeking into Auntie Vi's bra in the shower, and the rest of it was told to me by Auntie Vi in the future, who is smart, witty, and beautiful.

  If I had to pick a fault, it would be Auntie Viv's confused personality, forgetting things from time to time. It was because of this personality and the fact that I was at a very young age that I accidentally dropped a pair of light blue panties when Auntie Vee was taking her laundry to the laundry room, and I picked it up after her. I hid this panty in a drawer, and every day when I looked at pornography on the Internet, I would masturbate while rubbing Auntie Vee's panty on my nose and cock.

  Auntie Viv told me to keep a diary, so I had to use a computerized diary program to write down my daily entries. To keep my privacy, I needed a password to open the diary program, and the program was not iconized on my desktop or in any of my group folders.

  Not only that, I have hidden the whole directory, so it is very well guarded. So, I felt relieved to write down in my diary about the drawer where I hid Aunt Viv's panties.

  These days, my mom and dad went abroad for a study trip, and instead of returning home after the trip, they went straight to their honeymoon. I was an only child, so as long as I was settled, they went as “bad parents”, and were entrusted to Auntie Vi again.

  One summer afternoon, I came back from playing outside and went straight to Aunt Vivian's house.

  I saw Aunt Wei preparing dinner. I poured a drink and sat down on a high stool next to the kitchen table, chatting with Auntie Vi, who was wearing a loose blouse and a long skirt.

  The sunlight accentuated Auntie Viv's beautiful figure, and the back and forth movement of Auntie Viv emphasized her beautiful buttocks. The embroidered threads of her panties could be seen under her skirt. I really wanted to see how the panties under her skirt would look on her ass. As I thought about it, my body had a natural reaction and I started to stammer. I hurriedly drank my drink to cover up. However, Auntie Wei still noticed, turned around, looked at me and asked, “Xiaozheng, what's wrong with you”.

  I thought, “This is ruined, I'd better tell it straight, so I don't have to end up lying all over the place. So, I told what I saw and what I thought in my head.

  Aunt Wei froze for a moment, bit her lower lip, thought for a while, then finally made up her mind. “Xiaozheng, we adults have always taught you to be honest, so it was the right behavior for you to speak up. Because of that, honesty should be rewarded” Then Auntie Vi lifted up her skirt, revealing the white panties she was wearing, and stood like that for me to look at for a while. Then she turned around and showed me her panty-clad ass. Finally, she tied her skirt around her waist, exposing her panty-clad bottom to my view, and continued to prepare dinner as if nothing had happened.

  This transformation, this scenario, my cock was about to explode. Hurriedly, I put down my drink and rushed back to my room, and within two strokes, my cum spewed out.

  After cleaning up, Auntie Vi also shouted, “Xiaozheng, come and eat” I walked out of the room, back to the dining room, I realized that Auntie Vi's skirt was still tied all the way around her waist. I realized that Aunt Wei's skirt was still tied at the waist. Auntie Vi looked calm and collected, showing not a hint of abnormality.

  And as she got up to refill my food and walked past me, I caught a few pubic hairs naughtily peeking out from the edge of her slit. Aunt Vi's food was always delicious, but, with this meal, I had a lot of trouble swallowing. After eating hastily, I rushed back to my room and masturbated again.


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