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Hugging the tree…

A story of punishment for being a thief…

By Discipline Published 6 days ago 7 min read

Tracy smiled to herself, her and jenny were on holiday. It had been a good week.

Barbecues, eating good food, swimming, spending quality time with each other.

Quality time in more ways then one…her groin had been warmed a few times a day during the week and she was so thankful that her wife to be had a great sex drive like her.

There was something niggling Tracy though… a pang of guilt eating her…the beauty Parler… they had plenty of money… but on this day. They snuck out without paying there bill. It was funny at the time… but the more she thought about it the more it ate her.

It was there last day before heading home that night. Tracy sat in the sun on the balcony. She gave jenny a weak smile as she walked over to her.

“You have that I feel guilty look what’s wrong?!” Jenny asked as she took Tracy’s head in her hands and kissed her softly on the forehead. Tracy nestled her head into jennys boobs. Her heart beating softly in her ear calmed her but didn’t remove that feeling of guilt.

We should have paid for the parlour … Tracy whispered.

Jenny sighed… I know… Iv been feeling bad to but what if we turn up to pay and they involve the police ?

“Then we take our punishment” Tracy explained as she looked down at her feet.

“We should not have done it jenny” Tracy whispered almost not daring to speak to loudly.

Jenny breathed in then out shallowly. “Ok, let’s go and talk to them” she whispered before kissing Tracy’s forehead softly.

Both women felt there hearts beating hard in there chests as they walked towards the building. Both were wearing similar clothes that they had worn on the day of the bueauty parlour visit. Jenny in a white shirt and black sports leggings. Tracy in a pair of jeans and a green shirt. A thick leather belt held Tracy’s jeans in place.

The receptionist looked up and smiled.

“Hi, how may I help you?” She questioned.

Jenny felt an metallic taste in her mouth as she opened it to speak. Behind the receptionist was a picture of her and jenny… cctv still picture showing both there faces. Asking if these people had been seen then could they contact the parlour.

“Erm, we are really sorry” jenny explained.

“But we have come to pay our bill, there must have been a misunderstanding when we were here last. We, er forgot to pay our bill” jenny lied as she pointed towards the picture.

The receptionist glanced at the picture then smiled kindly, before kicking something under her desk.

Before jenny and Tracy had time to respond red lights had started flashing in the building and large metal roller shutter doors came down.

“ The police will lock you up when they arrive, but if you promise not to run we can talk”

Jenny and Tracy held each others hand as they nodded and frantically spoke.

“We won’t run we promise” they whispered there eyes pleading with the receptionist to stop the alarm.

Kicking the alarm under the desk again the lights stopped.

“Hi, yes sorry false alarm” she looked directly at Tracy as she placed the receiver down. The police and security had been called off.

“You two are the third set of holiday makers to run this week, you made a clear decision to not pay when you used our service.”

Explained the receptionist, a tall lady with long brown hair in a ponytail, standing up she straightened her blue shirt.

“Follow me” she gestured with her right hand for Tracy and jenny to follow her.

“But, we just want to pa..”

“To late for that!” The receptionist snapped cutting jenny up and making them both jump.

“Now do as you are told and follow me”

The tall lady snapped her fingers and pointed to a door leading to the back of the building.

Jenny and Tracy exchanged nervous glances before following her lead.

As they got through the door they realised they were outside. In front of them was 2 young women in there late 20s who were busy planting flowers in a border.

“Samantha, Jess, deal with these two appropriately. They are to receive 35 lashes each and it is to be recorded, to put any other thieves off.”

The girls immediately stopped what they were doing and smiled kindly at jenny and Tracy before washing there hands under a hose situated near to were they were working.

“What’s happening?” Jenny whispered.

The girls shook the water off there hands as they walked towards Jenny and Tracy. They had warming smiles and a friendly demenear about them.

“I am Samantha, this is Jess” the girls explained.

“Unfortunately because of the continues runaways we are legally now aloud to offer police action or with consent corporal punishment for offenders if they agree to it who run.

“So you do still have a choice we can phone the police and you can get a criminal record, or we can whip you and you can go free.”

Jenny watched Samantha as she talked, she was a nice looking lady and the thought of being whipped by her made her nervous, but her groan also felt slightly warm.

Tracy grabbed Jenny”s hand.

“Will It really hurt?” She asked Samantha, fear in her eyes.

Samantha smiled. “It’s a punishment instead of a criminal record so it does hurt yes. Not unbearable but enough for you to not do it again.”

“I will go first” jenny said giving Tracy’s hand a gentle squeeze. The thought of being whipped by Samantha made jenny excited and slightly horny, especially as it was being done for punishment purposes this made the situation even hotter.

Jenny breathed in shallowly and out again as she gripped onto the bar above her head.

Tracy caught jennys eye as she stood wringing her hands. It was her fault jenny was just about to be whipped.

Jess read a script.

“Jenny, you have agreed and are sentenced to 35 lashes across the bottom over clothes with a belt. You will stay in position until the punishment is completed. If you do not it will restart and or the police will be called. Do you understand”

“Yes ma’am” jenny responded. She watched as Samantha removed her thick leather belt from her jeans and wrapped it around her hand. Tracy and Jess stood in front of jenny. Samantha stood behind and lined the belt up with her bottom ready to deliver the first stroke.

“Thwack” jenny breathed in upon impact, that hurt a lot more then she thought it would, but the rush of endorphins and the warmness in her groin intensified the whole situation.

“Thwack!” Jenny let out a moan and arched her back. The pain now making her choke up slightly, but also the thought and the wanting of tracy to come over and get on her knees near her groin raced through her mind as sensations coursed through her body.

“Thwack!” Suddenly the horniness disappeared and the third stroke made her yell out.

“Thwack!” Jenny screamed in agony as the 30th stroke whipped the same spot. The skin under her clothes she could feel raising and warming.

Tracy began to cry as she saw tears running down jennys face.


35 lashes and jenny yelled out before letting go of the bar and landing on her hands and knees.

“I deserved every stroke, I’ve never been held accountable like that in my life”

She explained as she looked up at Samantha.

Tears were running down her cheeks and her legs wobbly. Tracy helped her stand and walked her over to a seat. “I am so so sorry” she whispered kissing jenny softly on the forehead.

“Don’t worry, I deserved it” jenny whispered.

Tracy felt her heart beat raise as she approached the bar. A small plant swaying softly in the breeze caught her attention. As it was directly in front of her she fixed her gaze onto that as she felt Samantha step to the side of her.

Jenny and Jess appeared to the left of the plant.

“You have been sentenced to 35 lashes with a belt across the top of your clothes” Jess started to read.

“Stop” Tracy said softly.

Both girls looked at Tracy.

“I got us into this mess Jenny”

Tracy explained as she unbuckled her trousers. Pulling down her pants to her ankles exposing her knickers Tracy then gripped the bar tight.

“I deserve worse for bringing you here”

Jenny felt a mix of emotions as she watched her beautiful wife about to be whipped by another beautiful women. Her own bottom was sore and she could feel the warmth radiating through her clothes as she stood next to Jess.

“Thwack!” Tracy gasped shallowly and her legs buckled but she held her body weight up with her hands. She kept focused on the plant as she waited the next stroke.

“Thwack!” Tracy screamed, the same spot.

Jenny placed her hands in front of her groin, her finger gently smoothing over her groin as she watched Tracy be whipped again and again. Each stroke making jenny more and more sexually frustrated. Each stroke Tracy seemed more beautiful…

3 hours later…

Back at the hotel room Tracy removed Jenny”s sportswear and turned her around.

Jenny laughed “what are you doing”

Tracy removed her belt and bent jenny over the bed.

“ I saw what you were doing when I was being whipped, so your getting more. From now on you step out of line and this is what will happen..”

Jenny gasped as Tracy’s belt whipped across the back of her thighs. She gripped the bedding tightly and her body snaked forwards.

A knew kink had been unlocked in there relationship.


About the Creator


I believe in discipline… stories of discipline…. Punishment….. spankings…. That’s is what my page is all about…. Please feel free to enjoy !

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