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I went crazy!

Story #1 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

Another summer came, and my husband and I went to the sea. We booked a coastal mini-hotel in advance. We were met at the airport and comfortably delivered to a small villa by the sea. I was definitely enjoying the start of our vacation.

We dropped our things in the room, which seemed just gorgeous, especially the bed. We quickly changed into our beachwear and ran to the sea. Its soft coolness and clear water was so delightful that I felt like a mermaid. My husband was satisfied with bathing quite quickly and began to organize our place under the sun.

I began to watch the vacationers from the water. Our beach turned out to be quite tiny. But there were few people on it too. I noticed two girls sunbathing without tops and decided that I would sunbathe as well. There were two other couples of indeterminate age and a group of young people, seven or eight. They kept moving and couldn't be counted. That was all right. The company suited me fine. No screaming kids or horny old men, which was good.

I got out of the water and took off my bra, letting everyone around me know that I had nothing to hide underneath. Pink columns of nipples on small mounds. Sorry, friends, nothing to show off. I have long ago accepted myself as I am, and my husband said that he likes my breasts very much. So I calmly went to my man. I did not find attention to my person from the vacationers. "Hey, are you blind? Look, what legs! What a precise figure! And what a firm ass! Well, people. I'm offended! I made it up, I'm offended. No compliments from my husband could save my mood. I lay down to sunbathe and dream.

Dreaming, my ass. First, I fell asleep. I guess I was tired from the road. Secondly, my back burned. Because I fell asleep! My husband, of course, got his ass kicked, but my back couldn't be saved.

I couldn't get up in the morning. I think I even had a fever. In order not to spoil my husband's vacation, I sent him to the sea alone, and decided to lie down for a day.

After some time in a half-sleep I felt a light touch on my suffering back. Soft, cool, soothing and healing at the same time. I was blissfully awake, at first not even wondering who it could be. Pretending to be asleep to enjoy these caresses longer seemed like the best solution. I began to think of who it was that was so gentle with me. I immediately ruled out my husband - too soft a touch. It's either a child or a girl, I thought.

Continuing to "sleep", I drew myself an image of my savior. It was a portrait of a pretty girl. I got a fever. No, not like the sick. I was feverish with excitement. I was lying naked on the bed, someone gently massaging my back, rubbing some magic potion on it. My back wasn't hurting anymore, so I decided to see who was there.

- Hello," I heard a soft, gentle voice say. - Your husband asked me to look after you in his absence. I am the owner of the hotel, Victoria, you can just Vika! - She introduced herself and held out her palm.

- Amelia! - I turned on my back and answered. What did you put on me that stopped hurting?! - I asked.

- This is an old grandmother's recipe for saving guests like you. - said the girl quietly. - Let's put some more on the front! The skin is so red. And it should be protected, - the girl said in a low voice, covering my stomach, chest and shoulders with her miracle cream.

For the first time my breasts were stroked by a girl. These touches made my nipples tense and harden. I felt a sweet tingle in my lower abdomen, and I was aroused. I was so excited that I even bent over a little and spread my legs. The girl continued to massage me as if nothing had happened. Having finished with the top, she started on my legs. Just as gently and affectionately rubbing the cream on them, she sometimes touched my crotch, which caused me a new wave of excitement and involuntary movement towards her hands. Of course she noticed it. But it felt so good that I didn't think about the consequences anymore. I wanted her!

Victoria continued to caress my body, touching my bud more and more, until finally she was concentrating only on it. God, what bliss I was getting from those touches! She massaged my pubes and clit, fingering my labia, returning to my cherry until she finally focused on it completely. She masturbated my clit while massaging the inside with her fingers. The orgasm that came over me was unbelievable! I was twitching in blissful convulsions like a madwoman. I could feel something leaking out of me with each orgasmic spasm. "Pissed myself, stupid," I thought.

- Magic squirt! - I heard a voice say, waking up.

- What?

- I say, you cum great," Vika said cheerfully. "I haven't seen anything like it in a long time!

- Did I pee my pants? - I was embarrassed.

- No, it's not piss! - she assured me. - It's a squirting orgasm or squirt. Didn't you know you could do that?

- That's the first time that's ever happened to me!

- I hope it won't be the last. I like you, Lesya! I'd like to be friends with you.

- I'm sure we will," I said quietly and pulled Vika to me.

We kissed like real lovers, or rather, mistresses. I felt happy that I felt like a lesbian.

Victoria suddenly pulled away and whispered that she had a lot of unfinished business, that she couldn't just leave it like that, and that she had to go.

- I'll check on you later," she said, turning around in the doorway and giving me a kiss. I returned the favor.

I lay there, daydreaming, going over what had happened in my head. Deciding that I liked it, and I wouldn't mind repeating it with Vika again and maybe more than once. I stood up, touched the wet spots on the sheet and even sniffed. Really, not urine, no odor at all. I hung the laundry on a rope, got dressed, and went to look for some food. I was hungry.


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