Kitchen Table

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Part 1: The Fight

Kitchen Table

Rick rushed to put some clothes on and ran out of the door. He knew he screwed up and he screwed up big. Relationships were hard and complicated. The one he had with Kira was nothing he ever experienced before. They both had tempers and were headstrong. Both wanted to be on top, sometimes literally. Whatever they had was fun, interesting, liberating, suffocating and annoying all mashed at once. He just needed a break, a breather from her and everything.

Last night made him realize that he was a lucky guy to have found her. She challenges him, excites him and never makes his life dull. Being at a bar with his friends surrounded by girls last night was boring. He knew he was a good-looking guy. Some girls came his way giving him that come-hither look, biting their lips, looking him up and down. He won't lie, it turned him on and he was tempted. Still, Kira was a category of her own, so he couldn’t fuck things up with her.

Rick stopped at the small coffee house below her apartment building and picked up two hot coffees and some warm croissants. Peace offering! Maybe this would help put him back in her good graces and make their fight less lengthy. The faster they can get to the makeup sex, the better it will be. He balanced the tray of coffees in one hand and the bag of croissants in the other as he went up the two flights of stairs.

As he reached her door and was about to juggle all the items he had to knock, he saw the door was slightly open. Did she leave it open for him? Did someone break in? Was someone there with her now and this was her revenge for last night? All these thoughts rushed through his head as he stormed into the apartment ready for anything.

As he burst into her apartment and into her kitchen, he didn’t think as the croissants and coffees slipped from his hands and flopped on the floor; spilling coffee everywhere on his shoes. He didn't feel the scorching heat as his mouth stood open, agape, as he stared at Kira completely naked on her kitchen table, legs spread open.

‘‘Uh.'' Rick did not even know what to say. Part of him wondered if this was a dream or if his eyes showed him one of his deepest fantasies.

‘‘You said you wanted to have at it, have everything on the table. Well, here I am. Naked. Bare. On the table. So, what are you going to do about it?'' Kira had that half sexy grin as she huskily spoke, daring Rick to act.

Rick slowly walked towards the table, pulling off his coffee-soaked shirt over his head, and dropped it on the floor. He made his way towards the edge of the table where her bare smooth legs stood, open with an enticing invitation. Kira looked up at him, with a knowing smile as she nodded her head towards the kitchen counter where an open display of toys and various sex items laid with purpose. Rick looked at them and looked back at her, his eyes debating where their game play would start.

He saw restraints, blindfolds, whips, dildos, vibrators, anal beads and much more. The question he asked himself was where he should begin.

He decided to take the restraints first. His hands slowly glided over hers as he locked her right hand to the right leg of the table. He tightened it where her arm was pinned down on the table. He slowly took the other restraint and did the same to her left. He used two more restraints for her legs spreading them as far apart as the table would allow.

He heard Kira’s breath quiver in anticipation, could sense her excitement bubbling. His pants started to feel a bit tight as he felt himself getting hard at the sight before him. His hands slowly glided over her hand restraints, down her arms, as he cupped her breasts. Kira moaned in response as she arched her back upwards. Rick massaged her breasts in a slow circular motion. He slowly increased the tempo putting more force on his fingertips as he squeezed tighter and tighter. His circular motion teasing her erect nipples as he slowly grazed them, faster and faster until his thumb and index grabbed them and pulled. Kira's breathe got stuck in her throat as he pulled, massaged and twisted her nipples. He knew exactly how to touch, exactly how much pressure to use to make her wet, hot and shivering for him. When she thought that it couldn't get any better than this, she felt his lips on her right breast. He heard her moan low and primal as he lavished her nipple. He licked, sucked and gently nipped. He felt her body shake and quiver, heard her moans get louder and louder. His mouth then gave her left breast some attention as his hand massaged her right breast.

Kira pulled on her arm restraints, trying to grab him but couldn't. ''Stop! Please stop! It’s too much. I can’t!!'' She half moaned. Rick smiled at her response, at her helplessness. He stopped sucking on her breast and looked up at her pleasure glazed eyes. ‘‘We are just getting started!'' Rick said.

He looked over at the counter and took a new item for their play. He undid the button of his tight jeans and pulled the zipper down. Kira’s eyes were on him as she saw him pull down his pants, revealing him in full commando and clearly hard for her. She felt herself get hot and wet anticipating what was to come. While one hand slowly glided up her right leg, he lavishly spread butterfly kisses on her left leg. He started at the base of her foot, going up her knee to her thigh. He could see her pussy wet and throbbing for him. Her sweet smell making him even harder. Avoiding her pussy, he continued his kisses to her belly, his caressing hand not that far behind. He continued his journey up, kissing her nipples as his hands glided up cupping her breasts. His hands left her breast as they rose to her upper chest, then up to her neck. Nipping at her neck, his kisses were no longer light as a butterfly but firmer nips. Kira moaned and angled her neck to the left as he nipped and lavished her neck. He did small sucks and nips up to her ear lobe. Kira tried to squeeze her legs shut but the restraints held her legs open. Rick’s two hands grabbed Kira’s face and he placed the biggest toe-curling kiss she ever had in her life. It was full of desperation, heat, want and desire. She just wanted to drown in it. His tongue was hot and quick, giving as much as it was taking, making her feel like she was on cloud nine. She was so into the kiss that she didn’t notice his hands briefly leaving her face as they came back, and a blindfold suddenly covered her sight. Rick stopped kissing her and she could only hear both heavily breathing. “Rick?” She rasped as she finally found her voice.” What will you do next?” He didn’t respond. Not seeing him and what he was about to do was frustrating and exciting all at the same time. Without her sight, she felt all her other senses more intensely. She could hear his heavy breathing and him rummaging through items on the counter. She could feel the breeze of air teasing her naked body from his movements. She could smell their combined excitement in the room, intoxicating her further.

“Whatever I please!” Rick finally answered as she suddenly heard the buzzing sound of one of her toys.

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