My New Resolution

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My 1 Year Journey for 2019

My New Resolution

Part 1—Introduction

My new resolution!

I will start out and say that 2018 sucked for me big time. Sometimes if felt it was a shit show of a spectacle. I got out of a long-term relationship. I thought it would be on good terms. Although it wasn’t really mutual, I was under the impression that it was due to time drifting us apart. Later found out he was a liar, cheat and so many other things. That crashed my world. I then became a single parent. Having all those responsibilities on my shoulder was a change and hard. Then I got hurt and wasn’t able to do anything. Good news now is that I am slowly getting better. I felt like I really hit rock bottom and had periods of sadness, depression, and despair.

With 2019 coming up, you know that people talk about resolutions. It really made me think. Yeah, 2018 was a bad year for me but I will make sure 2019 will be my best year. Like anything worthy in life, I know that work and dedication are needed to make sure I achieve this goal so this is me on my first steps and my clever plan. I know that the issue with people and resolutions is that it might start out like a good idea in your head. Then life happens and you push it back. Then we start using excuses and then suddenly we are in June. It gets pushed back further and further until suddenly we are in December again and saying ok, for the New Year resolution, I will make sure to do it. Does this sound familiar to you? I will be the first to raise my hand to say I am guilty of this.

The hardships I had in 2018 taught me this—NO MORE! I decided this year will be different and this is my idea how. I am making a journal here and Instagram account to document my year-long journey. In a way, it will make me accountable to my actions. A task I will have to do regularly so that I won’t ever lose sight of what my resolution is. Also, the good thing about it is when I am in a down period or sad and discouraged, I can look back to my journey to see what I documented. It will remind me of the hard work I did and it will make it harder for me to quit. And between me and you, if other people follow my journey, then I have more people holding me accountable. So it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

So now is the important question. What is my resolution? Well, the simplest answer is this:

I want to be happy! Yeah I know, it sounds dumb. I took some time to self-reflect about my life and situation and had to put the mirror of truth in front of me. I will be honest and say, I did not like what I saw in my reflections. I am not happy with aspects of my life I am living. I feel like a stranger in my skin. Time is not making it better. Other people will not make it better. Only I can make it better, and that is through actions. So I took out a notepad and wrote what I wanted in 2019 to make me happy and this is what I got:

  • Lose weight and be healthy
  • Create a budget (save money and get out of debt)
  • Love myself—be selfish

So my plan is this. I created a profile on vocal which I will write in a journal regularly to document my struggles, achievement, and ideas relating to my resolutions above. I am also a visual person so I will be taking pics on Instagram documenting my journey too!

So cross your fingers and toes, as there are four days till New Year’s Day. 2019 is coming soon and I will make sure it is great!

New Instagram username: anewresolution.

Kira Rickson
Kira Rickson
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