Humiliating Tasks for the Married Online Slave

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Even if he isn't married, you can still make your slave carry out these tasks.

Humiliating Tasks for the Married Online Slave

A list of humiliating tasks to assign to your married online slave

A list of humiliating tasks to assign to your married online slave

I like to assign my online slaves humiliating tasks to complete for me. After giving them a set amount of time to complete the task in otherwise they must pay a failure fee. The failure fee can be anything you want it to be. With some slaves who can’t afford to spend as much the failure fee is $5 for those who like to drop large amounts on me the failure fee can be anywhere from $50-$100 for each task and usually one or more given at a time per day.

Task One

Using red lipstick write “slut” across your forehead, “cock” on your left cheek, and “fag” on your right cheek. Also make sure to smear lipstick all over your lips too being as sloppy as possible. Hand write a small sign that says "_____’s Bitch." Take a photo and send it to me.

Task Two

Go into your wife’s underwear drawer and pick out her sexiest bra and panties. Put them on and grab a cucumber. Give that cucumber the best blow job you possibly can. You can film it or take photos, whichever is easier for you.

Minimum of 5 photos or a 30 second video to complete the task.

Task Three

Use/buy a plain white t-shirt. Cut holes in the shirt so that only your nipples stick out. Go to a store and take a photo of yourself rubbing your nipples while holding an ice cream sandwich. Buy the ice cream sandwich and take it into the bathroom with you. Take the top off the ice cream sandwich and place your cock inside, then replace the top of the sandwich it making a cock ice cream sandwich and of course take a photograph yourself doing it.

3 photos minimum.

Task Four

Before you go to work, put on an adult diaper. You are not allowed to use any restrooms all day and must hold in your pee for as long as you can until you are finally forced to pee in the diaper. If you have to poop you better hold it for dear life as you’ll have to walk around in a shitty diaper all day long if you can’t control your bowels.

Task Five

Masturbate using a large amount of Icy Hot or muscle rub and then eat your minty load.

Task Six

This is lingerie store humiliation.

You will be given a typed note from me, sealed in an envelope, and then must provide it to the most attractive woman in the store. You must stand there while she reads it, unaware of the details it provides about your training and task. You will then have to do as she says. Live. In the store.

Task Seven

Soak a loaf of bread in warm milk and fuck it until you are ready to cum. Squirt your load onto a piece of the bread you just fucked, then eat the cum covered, milk soaked bread.

Ballbusting task

Your balls are going to become my property and as you know, I want to destroy them and replace them with implants continuously after each devastating session that leaves them popped.

You will need to get the following items to complete this task:

  • Rubber bands
  • Ice cubes
  • Icy hot muscle rub
  • A large wooden spoon

Place the rubber bands around the base of your cock, making sure to secure them extremely tightly. Now is the time for the icy hot muscle rub to come into play. Take a large amount (half dollar sized dollop) and smear it all over your sack. Rub it in, put a 8 minute timer on your phone and wait it out. When the timer goes off, it's time to grab that wooden spoon and give your balls one hard smack. Wait one minute then give yourself three hard smacks in a row. Wait a minute and then 5 hard smacks of the wooden spoon. Wait two minutes and now do 8 hard swats of with the spoon on your balls.

Continue to do this for a total of 15 minutes.

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