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How to have Great Car Sex

There is something surreal about having sex in tight, steamy places that makes it super intimate.

By Peeping_SoulPublished 7 months ago 5 min read

Let us admit it. There is something surreal about having sex in tight, steamy places that makes it super intimate.

Whether it is the bathroom or the walk-in wardrobe or the car, the thrill of getting the act outside the bedroom makes it a very exhilarating affair. Not to mention the constant threat hanging over the head of getting caught in the act. It is not only fun and adventurous, but it also gets you and your partner out of a bedroom rut and brings some novelty into your sex life.

That said, of all the confined places, hooking up in a car seems to be the hot favourite. In fact, a recent study by online driver's education resource,, found that nearly 85 percent of people say they've had sex in a car. Clearly, it's a must-do for most people.

But there are multiple elements of risk involved in it. When you have sex in a public place and if you get caught, it’s going to be really friggin’ embarrassing. Plus, the definition of “lewd act” can vary from state to state, so it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to getting it on in your car.

And of course, In a car, you have limited space to manoeuvre, so you cannot be too creative with your positions. You need to stick to basics and get the maximum pleasure out of them.

And here are some things to be kept in mind to enjoy great car sex.

The location matters

One of the best things about hooking in a car is the ability to do it anywhere you want. But the location where you park it is important. Bad locations are sure-shot recipes for disaster.

Most car sex folks prefer going on a long drive to a rural “make up point”, open the rooftop and watch the starry skies as cool, unpolluted wind whooshes into their naked bodies. That is an ideal situation but most of us, city dwellers cannot afford the luxury. The best bet is to find a quiet, secluded spot where no one will notice you.

There can be many options and the parking lot seems to be the favourite. But a word of caution here; a parking lot of a popular family restaurant can be one of the worst choices even if the lot is super dark and appears empty. So, when you're hooking up in a car, it's important to be mindful that you're not doing it anywhere that could get you into serious trouble.

Remember, if you want to have good sex, please mark the place beforehand so that unpleasant surprises don’t leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Get into the right sex position

Most cars have confined spaces, so instead of trying to be creative, try common basic positions to get the maximum pleasure out of the act. Some suggestions can be.

Front seat straddle

This is the classic woman-on-top position. She climbs on your lap on the front seat and you ease it inside her. The tight fit between your bodies means there isn't much room to gyrate wildly but being so close lets you go deep for G-spot pleasure.

Back seat

It goes without really saying, but people who have sex in cars say the backseat is the best place to do it. So, get your partner to lie down on the back seat facing up, with their head and neck on the seat cushion. Then, you climb on top of them with your knees on either side. Needless to say, this position is a great space saver of all.


Spooning is one of the best positions to try in a car especially when you find the woman-on-top or missionary positions claustrophobic. This position starts with her lying sideways with you behind her as a big spoon holding her tightly, cuddling her body. This position is not only comforting but also gives the best possibility for orgasms.

Remember whatever position you select, it should be comfortable to both and your fabulous acts should be firmly ensconced beneath the windows to avoid being spotted.

Cover your windows

There are few things scarier than getting naked in public especially when people get wrong ideas of somebody being murdered in a car.

Remember that scene in Titanic where the windows are all fogged up and Rose’s hand smacks onto the glass? It’s erotic in context but a shivering hand imprinted on a glass window in a secluded car will certainly give wrong ideas to the out lookers. So, avoid the confusion and play safe.

Cover the windows. Tinted glasses also help but they are illegal in some states. Your best bet will be using the clothes you have just discarded and create a sort of privacy shield out of them. Secure them as curtains so that they give you abundant privacy and help you get relaxed and uninhibited in the act.

Remember you can still get caught as any car is 50% windows, but the trick is to get into the civilized mode at the earliest and avoiding indecent exposure and with a little bit of practice you can be a pro at it.

Lastly, maintain the Etiquette

The rules of good Etiquette remain the car whether you have it in the bedroom or the car.

Help each other to get dressed quickly. A dark, steamy car is not one of the best places to find clothes especially when things have to be done fast. Also, when you are having sex, bodily fluids are bound to come out and may dribble all over your expensive upholstery. Don’t leave him/her to clean the mess afterward. Clean up together so that you retain good memories of your togetherness and not end up with a bad taste of disgust and anger.

Remember sex in a car can be really fun and adventurous if you plan things well in advance. Keep in mind what it looks like, think about what it will look like if you get caught. If it still looks like an attractive proposition after that, go for it.

After all, good sex is all about mixing and spicing up things and injecting some spark into an otherwise predictable sex life. After all, the key to a great relationship is to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

As Billy Bawn has aptly said.

Let’s do some “we shouldn’t be doing this” things.

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