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Everyday Things That Almost Destroyed My Sexual Potency

by Casimiro Designer 2 months ago in sexual wellness

Seriously, you need to pay attention to these things and minimize them

Everyday Things That Almost Destroyed My Sexual Potency
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Being ahead of a family is a very important thing, but even more important is being a man in the home in matters of marital masculinity. If you have sexual problems, your relationship may even have problems in some aspects, but sex can stifle some of these problems. It is like a kind of marital medicine.

I have always been a sexually active young man since my first love relationship, (not that I am a sex addict). After I got married I continued to have normal sexual relations, like any active man in marriage. Sex at home has never been a problem, it has always been something that I take very seriously because it is a situation that cannot be ignored.

There are things in our lives that sometimes we don't think are important and we put aside because we think that nothing will be worthwhile. However, they can take your sexual health from bad to worse. Therefore, I leave here below everyday things that almost destroyed my sexual health.


Starting in June 2017 after returning from vacation from the United States, I started working in the On Offshore system. It was never a problem with family working away from home, not least because the employment situation in my country has deteriorated in the last 8 years, having an unemployment rate above the normal average. Working is good, I love working and having that relationship with colleagues and keeping the fellowship open between the leadership and the team together. But work is also fatiguing and leaves something to be desired at times.

The fatigue from the demands of work, the work stress from dealing with colleagues, clients, and suppliers, the sleepless nights, the exhausting days, are a great detriment to the sexual health of any human being, be it a woman or a man. And I have only discovered this in the last few months.

What happened in the last few months?

In the last few months, I started noticing that my penis didn't have that common habit of getting up at the moment of relaxation after taking a 15-minute nap, in the mornings it didn't get up, and my sexual desire became a little chaotic. I felt like having sex, but at the moment of the act, I felt laziness to do it and was always driven to sexual anxiety. This caused mental havoc for me and for my wife. At first, I thought it was just an emotion for the time I was away and then come home, but I noticed that it was becoming constant, it was then that I made the decision to talk to my wife to go to the doctor, but before going to the doctor I needed to do some involuntary therapy.

I didn't know that those were the problems

The stress, the fatigue, and the time I spent at work froze my sex hormones. But this was not the only problem, I am very dedicated to working, my life is almost 90% work, 9% family, and 1% other things that I don't even end up doing to give priority to work.

- - -

These were the things I started to do

On my 28 days off, I decided to start exercising, leaving the house at 4 am, coming back at 5:30 am and then taking a cold shower, and then start exercising my mind by writing a blog post. After dawn, I made breakfast, my wife and son found everything ready; when the maid arrived home she already found the room totally tidy just waiting to clean the floor. At 9 in the morning, I would sunbathe in the backyard or in the forest next to the house, and after sunbathing, I would drink a natural orange juice that I had made myself. In the afternoon I had a cup of coffee while watching the cars going by on the avenue in front of my condo, and at sunset, I did some Bible or Medium story reading. I did this during the 28 days that I stayed at home.

In just three days of practice, my penis began its normal journey. Every morning it was already up with me to go for a run, in intercourse it was back in its normal gait, so I could see that it wasn't necessarily a doctor, but it was healthy habits that were missing for my body to feel peace and comfort.

So, these are the things that if we don't do, we could be letting our sex life die!

1 - Work - pay attention to the causes of work, don't go without relaxation and meditation, otherwise, it can be a detriment to your sexual health.

2 - Exercise - you don't need to go and join a gym or hire a personal trainer. Running two kilometers round trip, every day in the morning or afternoon, taking a cold shower will be good for your physical and mental health.

3 - Mental Health - always exercise your expectations, relaxing is one of the best solutions to allocate stresses of various scales. So meditate in nature or in some quiet place where the birds are the only company to advise you.

4 - Mental Stimulus - there is nothing better mental stimulus than reading a good book, a good story, or going to the theater to watch an exciting play, or watching classical opera. This helps not only in mental health but in everything our mind controls because this way we maintain more sexual stimulation with longanimity.

5 - Sports - Playing a sport is very good for our health and relieves the tension of our daily life. I occasionally play tennis and I have never felt so good.

Have you been suspecting constant sexual problems? Try doing these exercises, I guarantee it won't be in vain. It will be worth the exercise and the effort.

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