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Dreams cum true Part 1

Jodi's anticipation leads to a fun afternoon

By D-DonohoePublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 8 min read
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As Jodi’s fingers moved between her legs straight away, she could feel how wet she was. The anticipation of seeing Simon had been driving her wild all afternoon, so as soon as she got home, she had to start having a little play. It had been over six months since they had been together, so she had a lot of pent-up sexual energy.

The cool breeze danced over her bare skin, while her fingers plunged into the pool of excitement that was her pussy. She loved the viscosity of her fingers and the way they slid over her clit. She pressed a little bit harder and felt electric shocks pulsing through her body. Then she pressed her fingers further, sliding one inside her as the palm of her hand now applied pressure to her clit.

Her mind imagined that her finger was a miniature version of Simon’s hard cock. She squeezed and applied pressure to her finger, dreaming that she was doing that to Simon instead, and the reaction it always elicited.

Meanwhile, her other hand explored the rest of her body. Finally, Jodi’s fingers found her hard nipples. She squeezed, gently at first and then harder. The tiny amount of pain combined with the pleasure from within and made her let out a tiny moan.

This was certainly not the first time Jodi had played imagining Simon and her together, but it was extra intense because he was in town, and she knew that he would make the effort to see her. Even better, Jodi’s boyfriend was out of town which meant she could see Simon whenever she wanted.

As she lay there exciting her body, her phone let out a ‘PING’ to indicate that a new message had arrived. Jodi was tempted to ignore it but decided to check. As she read the brief message, her heart pounded hard in her chest. It was a message from Simon and was only two words “I’m outside”.

Withdrawing her fingers from inside her pussy, Jodi rolled and looked out the curtains of her bedroom. There he was, standing next to his car in front of her house. Trying to think, eventually Jodi typed a response to his message “Come to the side door”. She raced to grab a nightgown.

Jodi had just managed to slip the nightgown on, tying the flimsiest of knots with the cord, when she heard the knock at the door. She scampered to the door and opened it. There he was the fantasy she had kept for some time. The man she had dreamed about, the man she had sent countless photos and videos to, and the man who had returned the favor in kind.

Jodi stood there, drinking him in, staring almost in disbelief that they were in the same place for the first time in ages. It was Simon that broke the silence, saying, “Are you going to invite me in?” Jodi felt embarrassed, she stepped back and extended her arm to indicate that he should come in. “Yes, please, come in”, she responded.

Simon walked straight to her, letting the door close behind him, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. He started to kiss her; Jodi felt her entire body melt. At last, their lips were joined together again, she could feel his body after needing it for so long.

Simon’s hands started exploring Jodi’s body without delay. She felt his hand slid under her nightgown, and he let out a little “Mmmm” of approval when he discovered that she had nothing underneath. His big hands ran over the bare skin of her backside. Jodi was so aroused imagining his hands exploring all of her.

Wanting to get down to business, Jodi undid the knot on the nightgown and let it fall to the floor. This bold move caught Simon off guard, he stopped for a second to admire her body, and survey where he would touch next. Before he had a chance to act, Jodi turned and started to walk back towards her bedroom. She had no doubt that Simon would be hot on her heels.

Reaching the bed, Jodi turned and sat on the edge, her legs slightly apart, letting Simon see how wet she was. As he walked closer, she watched as he took off his shirt, throwing it on the floor. His chest still looked as good as she remembered it and of course there were his strong arms.

Watching him and enjoying the sight of him, Jodi started to press her finger against her clit again. Still wet from her earlier play, this time the sensations seemed ten times stronger. Simon stood there less than two feet from her. He undid his belt and his pants, letting them fall to the floor, Jodi could see the outline of his hard cock constrained in his underpants.

Simon’s fingers began touching himself as he watched Jodi touching herself. She watched as he started to trace the outline of his hard penis, it would move as he started to stroke it. Then Simon slipped off his underpants and unleashed his beast. There it stood, hard and magnificent. Jodi breathed deep as she watched his hand start to move along the shaft. The way it curved meant that it fit perfectly inside her. She imagined that it was her that it was sliding in.

As Simon looked into Jodi’s eyes, she could see his desire to taste her, he was obsessed with drinking her, and Jodi felt she’d made him wait long enough. She stopped touching herself, and lifted that wet finger up, she made the “come here” motion with it, and Simon advanced toward her. As he stood there, that hard magnificent cock a few inches from her, Jodi extended her finger towards his mouth.

Simon’s lips wrapped around Jodi’s finger, she felt him sucking, every bit of her juices that had been on her finger was getting consumed. Meanwhile, Jodi reached out her other hand and started to gently caress his hard cock. She felt it warm in her hand, again it moved and twitched in pleasure as she touched it.

Having had his entrée, Simon was hungry for the main course. He kneeled in front of Jodi, parting her legs a little bit further he leaned forward. His finger started with rubbing her clit, and the opening of her pussy. Jodi lay backward, allowing him full uninhibited access to her body. Simon leaned further in, his tongue making contact with her clit, then giving it a gently suck. His warm lips and tongue gave sensations that she had missed.

Then he got down to business. She felt his finger slide inside her, pressing upwards it started to rub on the spot that felt like the inside of her clit. His tongue flicking and dancing faster. She realized she was moaning, louder and harder as he worked his magic on her. This only seemed to spur him on more.

As his tongue scooped up more of her juices, and fed them into his mouth, Jodi heard another “Mmmm”. She loved how much he enjoyed going down on her and she loved that he loved how she tasted. As his finger and tongue started to move in unison, Jodi’s body felt even more aroused. The anticipation and the pleasure he provided her meant that it wouldn’t take long for her to cum.

Jodi pressed her hips forward, a sign that he could apply more pressure. She felt his face move up and down along the line from her clit to her pussy. His tongue and his nose were both running along that line now, applying the right amount of force to excite her. Meanwhile his finger kept rubbing and pressing inside her.

Her eyes were closed, she was letting her other sensations enjoy the sounds and the feels. As Jodi reached out one hand, she found the back of Simon’s head. Her fingers rubbed his scalp beneath his short hair. Her other hand felt for her breasts, as her hands gently moved over her nipples, she realized just how solid they were. Like little pebbles on her chest, she squeezed them some more, as she did, she felt an additional gush of her own juices.

Her breathing was now getting faster, her body getting more and more aroused. She knew that he wouldn’t stop until she came, and she was not going to stop him before then.

His face moving in a nodding motion, his finger rubbing her deep inside. Jodi squeezed her thighs and pussy for a second, that was what she needed for it to happen. The first wave ripped the air out of her lungs, she then started breathing so quickly, like she was hyperventilating. Yet all she could sense, or feel was between her legs. His magic tongue kept working as the shock-waves ripped through her body, wave after wave of orgasm heading straight to her brain.

Jodi felt her body pulsing, every inch of her was feeling the pleasure course through it. Her legs and arms twitched uncontrollably. His tongue kept moving, as did his fingers. Eventually Jodi had to push on his forehead, she was now so sensitive, and needed a brief break from all that pleasure.

As she managed to inhale deeply, she was again reminded of how much she had missed the feeling of being with him. Looking down, she saw him looking at her, with those eyes of desire. Jodi would need to experience so much more with him before they were apart again.

Simon started to kiss up her body, he too had the same idea.


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  • Tina D'Angelo6 days ago

    Oh, my. I liked that. shhhh. don't tell anyone.

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