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Cosmorgasm Man

by Made in DNA about a year ago in fiction

Giant alien monsters attack Earth. Our best hope... A reluctant hero who gained his "superpowers" after coming into contact with powerful alien technology! A kaiju sex romp.

"Trenton! That second reading... You were right. It's another monster." Daniella's voice was clear over the skull-ceiver of the bio-armor he'd found in the crashed alien ship. Forged of liquid-metal that had melded with him, it allowed him to increase his body size twenty-fold to meet the challenge of the monstrous horror lying dormant in the ruined vessel along with the armor.

"Alright then. Not much choice," looking down that the corpse of the first star beast and steeling himself for more action. Around him, large swaths of the city laid in ruins. Once proud skyscrapers were little more than mountains of rubble, and streets, parks and playgrounds were unrecognizable. It had been a hell of a fight, but Trenton had come out victorious. "I'm ready for anything. Still good for th–"

"Trenton! Detailed analysis coming through... It's female!" Daniella's voice was full of concern.

"Have you seen the city? I don't think they have a chivalrous code on the planet they're from."

"That's not what I mean. Trenton, even on Earth, in the animal and insect kingdoms, females are often larger, stronger and meaner than males."

Trenton sighed. He wouldn't call his victory over the first star beast an easy success by any stretch of the imagination. It had taken all of his combined will, courage and strength – augmented by the powerful alien bio-suit – to defeat the thing. In truth, the monster had given him a right tromping. More than once he thought he was a dead man.

Early in the fight, the thing had grabbed ahold of his left forearm in a puckering maw as Trenton had launched a powerful boosted-punch. It had resulted in Trenton being whirled around by said forearm at high-speed until the creature released him. He flew into a factory, which collapsed beneath his weight, and was quickly set upon the star beast. It stomped its gargantuan feet onto his helmeted brainpan over and over again. Trenton had nearly puked.

It wasn't until he'd been able to figure out the armor's various systems, that he'd put the monster down. It had felt like luck more than anything.

And now, a second bigger beast was entering Earth's atmosphere. He cursed under his breath. "Time to impact and site location?" The suit could rocket him to any location on the globe, but he was going to need a head start, especially if he was going to protect citizens.

"No need. Target is coming down on your location in–"

"What!?" Trenton's craned his neck skyward, whipping his head around in vain effort to search for the incoming female alien.

It plowed into him with the impact of several atomic blasts. The only thing that saved him and the city around him was the suit's auto-defense system which raised a double barrier around him and the monster, minimizing the damage to a few surrounding blocks of already evacuated city. Complete vaporization.

The breathe had been completely knocked out of him and his guts felt like they'd been mashed as the bulk of the bitch hit him in a directed swoop straight to his midsection.

She was massive. The six-legged monstrosity stood head and shoulders over him. Covered in a thick silver-purple fur, the thing looked like a bizarre cross between a gorilla, praying mantis and a spider. As with her male counterpart, she boasted two elongated, folding front forepaws with cruel bone-spikes along their entirety, a set of reverse-jointed back legs on which she could stand, and a gaping mouth with a thick, fanged leech-like tongue.

Catching his breath, he retaliated with several overhead fist-clenched hammer blows to the back of the thing's bulbous head. She screamed but loosened her grip on him long enough for him to flip backward out of its reach.

Standing upright, the alien unleashed a mind-blast of psionic energy. Trenton gripped his head in pain, but fought through it knowing that, like her intended mate, she couldn't hold the attack for more than several seconds. He wondered though, had the armor not protected him, might his brain be mush?

Wasting no time, he immediately launched himself at her using the boosters in his lower back as the attack subsided, and landed a series of suit-augmented boxing blows. Blood splattered across the sterilized landscape. Enraged, the female pulled a sideroll and came up on two legs, whipping out with her left forearm, scissoring his right shoulder with the long, thick spikes. They pierced the armor and dug deep as she yanked Trenton forward within reach of her terrible mouth. The nightmarish maw opened revealing razor-sharp, saliva-dripping fangs and that thick, tubular tongue with its second, smaller mouth.

As those terrible teeth snapped at him again and again looking for the perfect spot to tear through armor and rip a piece of flesh from his body, Trenton dodged reflexively.

She took pause momentarily, cocking her head several times as if reflecting on something – an action that caught him off-guard – and cough-spat a gob that spattered across the right side of the head, melting the armor from his ear down, over his shoulder and partially down his back.

Intense heat overwhelmed his senses. He screamed, reaching up to cover the exposed portion of his head. The move drove the spikes deeper into his shoulder. In anger, he back-fisted the beast in the jaw and then kicked straight up to catch her in the neck hoping it might be as sensitive as it was on humans.

The creature gurgled and took a step back. Trenton dropped to the ground as she did, pulling his injured shoulder from the spikes in the process and scrambled out of reach.

He screamed in pain as the goo disintegrated his ear, skin and hair. The sharp, prickly stinging pain that worked its way deep under his skin was excruciating. He needed to get the hell out of there and get medical care post-haste. Taking several awkward steps toward the northwestern mountain range that housed the command center, he prepared to rocket away.

Noting his impending retreat, the monster pressed her attack, rushing and leaping at him. They came down in a tangle of limbs atop a large, thick building that buckled nearly completely under their weight. She had him pinned all-but face down, revealing the exposed skin of the right side of his head.

He was helpless to defend himself as the tongue launched from her mouth like a giant, fanged leech. Sinking themselves into his neck, the fangs delivered a venom directly to his system.

His screams echoed down the steel and concrete canyons of the normally busy financial district. Having served the coup de grace, the star beast backed off, retreating to a safe position while her victim died.

In a panic, Trenton struggled to stand as his head began to swim. Large spots filled his vision and the urge to vomit hit hard.

He was dead. It was only a matter of time. He'd failed in his mission. Now the rest of Earth would pay for his mistake. Everyone he loved would die.

"Trenton! Can you hear me?" Base frantically called.

"Sh-She stung me… I…" He tried to concentrate, but could not. His reflexes increasingly failed him, causing him to stumble drunkenly over ten city blocks in desperation to make his way back to base. He knew it was a pointless exercise, but he wasn't going to let the bitch chew on his corpse if he could help it. And who knew, maybe he could make it to the doctors back at base. At the very least, he had to try.

An unholy warble in his ears, the garbled words of the team back at base, only served to disorientate him further. He pleaded for silence, but couldn't discern his words from theirs, or if he was even speaking…

His legs began to lose feeling, and a warmth spread over his body much quicker than he hoped it might. So this was death. Not altogether unpleasant, he thought. It ceased to even concern him. In fact, nothing concerned him at all. Falling to his knees, he turned to look at the monstrous creature.

A strange stirring in his groin sent ripples of pleasure up and down his spine. Unconsciously, he moaned out loud.

"Trenton?" The voice in his skull-ceiver questioned.

"What the!?" Looking down at his crotch, he caught sight of the huge bulge that had formed in the bio-suit. Underneath, he could feel is cock throbbing, aching to be free of the liquid metal encasing his body.

From a distance, the star beast watched, huffing in a rhythm to the throbbing of his uncontrollable, yet undeniable, building desire.

Inching forth, his cock pushed itself against the seamless restriction of the suit which grew pale and then transparent against the force of his dick until it burst forth – a rage of bold veins traversing thick girth. He had never been a big man in his own opinion, but this was an epic dick to be certain. It positively throbbed with purpose.

He couldn't believe it; the death had come for him, and he was going to die with the world's biggest erection. Not how he had wish to go.

"Trenton… listen to me. Trenton… Trenton, come in!" Though calm, desperation was beginning to sneak into Daniella's voice in her bid to capture his attention.


"No. You're not. I think it has injected you–"


From several blocks down, the she-monster cried out.

Trenton looked in her direction to see her taking cautious, purposeful steps toward him, wiggling her ass in a buzzing flutter as she came.

Transfixed, he stared at her oncoming form, and was overwhelmed with inexplicable images of him engaging the beast in sex – his cock deep inside her, plunging away… her depths, hot and inviting… an urge to blast his balls all over her fur. He shook his head, desperate to be rid of the images.

"Trenton! Get this through your thick skull… That bitch is in heat. And the only thing that can stop her from ripping our world apart… is your dick!"

His head swam in confusion. Daniella had to be joking. He couldn't be hearing Control correctly. In the background, voices began to argue.

"What? Control. Come back," his voice was weak.

"Trenton." It was no longer Daniella. "This is Colonel Uesugi."


"I want you to fuck that monster, soldier."

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Listen up, you stick your dick in that bitch and fuck her until she galactigasms! That's an order!"

Fuck the star beast? His head swam and then cleared. Yeah… Fuck her. That sounded good. The way she was wriggling her ass and thrusting her crotch as she approached, he could go for that. Space pussy!

He fuzzed again. Wait… What? No, there was no way he– The sting to the back of his neck! The creature had injected him not with a poison, but… with what we believe to be a super-potent aphrodisiac!"

And once more cleared. Well, then, what the hell, who was he to turn down pussy?

Trenton stood and approached the beast, his rock-hard cock jouncing animatedly, precum spilling from the tip in long strings across abandoned vehicles below.

Enthralled by the sight of Trenton's throbbing member, the star beast roared excitedly and broke into a purr that rang through the city. With a gleam in her eyes, the she-beast kowtowed and thrust her haunches high into the air – offering herself to the armored hero's dick.

Taking hold of her furry hips, he squared off with her backside. It wasn't difficult to determine which orifice was her pussy as it dripped with a thick, viscous juice that made Trenton all that much harder at the mere sight of it. The pink of her subway tunnel-sized pussy invited him and he wasted no time in pressing himself deep within her.

The she-beast barked in pleasure as he began a steady rhythm. Her pussy was incredible; like fucking silk, and yet, there was no denying the tightness. Her muscles squeezed as he withdrew and parted as he pressed in. She was milking his dick, eager for hot jizz.

Allowing the bio-armor help him with balance and positioning, Trenton pressed down upon her haunches, sinking as far as he could within her and began a paced grind. The star beast pressed back against him, howling wildly. He had struck her sweet spot and her legs began to quiver madly.

Along his shaft, through his abdomen and into his balls, he could feel the inevitable build of paradise – he was going to blow his wad. He picked up his pace, now driving his raging, thick dick in and out of her, and she replied in kind by matching his rhythm. They slammed their bodies together, pressing upon each other's bodies, forcing the spot between them to crush to a finite point of time and space until it was a universe unto itself.

That universe expanded to swallow them – everything around them fading away, consumed by the black until it burst into a new dimension to the deafening cry of their simultaneous orgasm.

The star-beast collapsed beneath him, spent from the ordeal. Trenton so desired to lay down beside her, but could not bring himself to pull from her just yet. Gripping her harder, he sunk himself as deep as he could go just as he was wracked by a second, third and fourth orgasm, each one enveloping his throbbing cock in a mind-numbing tingle that was punctuated by a deadly discharge of power through the she-beast.

Cum dripping from her pussy, the she-creature quivered and then turned to look at him with a mix of love and hatred before letting out a pitiful cry and disintegrating into a million tiny rising globes of light that dissipated before his eyes.

Breathing heavily, Trenton activated his skull-ceiver, "Command, alien entity destroyed. Over."

"Well done, soldier," Colonel Uesugi heartily congratulated him.

"Uhh… yes, sir. Thank you, sir." But as he cut the communications link, considered his actions that day. Could other – possibly more powerful – aliens be on their way to Earth? An army of invaders he would have to fuck into submission? Just how long could he keep up the fight?

Standing up within the few remaining globes of light, he reached out to touch them, letting them caress his armor before they dissipated.


Made in DNA (Amazon link)

Made in DNA
Made in DNA
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