The Aliens from HerAnus

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An office lady, anal sex, aliens, and an asshole for a boss-boyfriend...

The Aliens from HerAnus
Image by Durham University astronomy researcher Jacob Kegerreis

He grunted like some wild beast, pushing himself as far into Rena's ass as possible, pressing her into the bed as if she might physically pass through it if he did so hard enough. The sweat from his effort showered her back like a toxic rain.

Buried in the pillow, her face was a contorted mask of pain and patience.

She was not a fan of anal sex, but her lover Toshio couldn't get enough. When they had first started dating, he had begged on hands and knees for three days until she relented. And from that day four years ago, it became their de facto coitus position.

Unfortunately, she had never learned to enjoy it. When she offered to try new positions in the hope he would penetrate her vaginally, he would relent for no more than a few minutes before he was pressing himself into her ass once more.

Toshio's breath grew ragged and louder as he approached orgasm, building to a crescendo until he dug his fingers into the flesh of her hips and pressed – not kindly – as deep as possible. He let out an angry roar, bucked himself against her with such force that her head slammed into the headboard, and flopped atop her.

She collapsed below his ungainly weight with a yelp.

He let out a little laugh into the pillow next to her ear. "I love the way you come right at the end. You'll make someone a good wife..."

But she was too busy riding out the now-fading pain to reply. Relief came eventually as she laid unmoving under his crushing weight. Her face still in the pillow, she wished him off her, but knew this too was a matter of timing. Toshio would remove himself from her when he was ready. Meanwhile, deep inside her, his seed swirled and swished, racing to a goal it could never reach within her lower intestines.

She needed a shower. The cleanup after one of Toshio's ass-romping was not to be taken lightly. She had learned the hard way that if she didn't get to the shower at some point, she would be in for a mess. She had asked him to use condoms rather than come in her, but he balked insisting condoms were for pussies.

And then there was the constipation for days after. It wasn't enough he had to slam himself repeatedly into her until he blew his wad, but the whole ordeal left her unable to empty her bowels properly. It was as frustrating as it was painful.

"I need to shower," from beneath his lazy weight.

Miraculously he deigned to roll off her with a sleepy stretch. "Be a good girl and do it at home, tonight."

Rena pushed up from the bed, her ice-cream-scoop tits wobbling. "It will only take a minute. I real–"

His eyes looked up reproachfully at the clock, "Sorry, I have an early day tomorrow with the presentation. You know that. Did you finish putting it all together like I asked?"

She gave him a look of disbelief, "I told you I needed to stay at the office to finish tonight. But you insisted I come over."

"It's all good. Finish it tomorrow morning," patting her on the ass.

"Tomor–" Rena stopped, her mouth open. A million-billion things she suddenly wanted to say fought for headspace in her brainpan. But Toshio wasn't just her lover, he was her boss. Their affair would be frowned upon at the office, and things could become very complicated if anyone found out. Despite the injustice of it, her best course of action was to swallow hard and leave.

She turned to do just that when her stomach clenched on her. The pain was sharp and crippling. For the briefest of moments, she actually thought it might kill her. Taking a tentative step toward her clothes on a chair across the room, the jagged explosion hit her abdomen again sending her stumbling to her knees, gripping the chair for further balance.

"I need... the bathroom..." Her voice was weak, and every syllable was a stuttering mess.

Toshio didn't react as if he had heard her.

From her crouched position, she moved with the utmost caution to the small, closet-like room of the toilet, and climbed up upon the stool. Cool porcelain met flesh just as she was wracked by a third explosion and a churning deep in her gut.

A single tear ran down her cheek as she leaned forward, just barely able to get the door closed as sweat broke across her brow and a large, wet fart bleated into the commode echoing audibly. It was not unusual to have gas after Toshio enjoyed himself, but she had never experienced such pain after. Most of the pain was usually during.

She felt the wet slop of her lover drip and spatter out of her as she ripped off a second, elongated toot. Wiping, she let loose a sigh of relief as the pain subsided. Perhaps the gas buildup had been just a little too much this evening.

Returning the bedroom, she dressed quickly. Toshio was drinking a glass of water that the couple always kept by the bedside on a small lamp table.

"Can you please drive me home, tonight? I'm not feeling so well. I want to avoid the train, if possible."

Smacking his lips refreshedly, he put the glass down. "I really have to get some sleep tonight, sweets. It would take me three hours total to drive roundtrip. Grab a taxi. I'll pay for half."

"Toshio, please. I'm not so sure I–" But she knew it was pointless when he reached into his wallet and tossed her a few thousand yen with a smile, like he was doing her a real favor. It wouldn't even cover a fifth of the expense of a taxi. She wanted to throw it back at him, but she wanted to get out of his apartment even more.

Fortunately, a small taxi round sat right outside Toshio's upper-scale apartment complex. With some sixty apartments in the single complex and another like it just across the street, both located on the outskirts of the metropolitan area, it was a taxi magnet. And so she grabbed a Central Tokyo Taxi and held her stomach against all odds as the vehicle began its lengthy journey back into the city where Rena lived.

She spent the whole journey gripping the back of the passenger's seat with one hand, praying to the gods of fortune her bowels didn't betray her to their baser instincts. In the end, she had had to ask the driver but once to stop. With the convenience store sign clearly in-sight from down the block, she was able to time the stop perfectly. What it cost her in yen was only second to the relief of the roaring gas she passed in the ladies' room.

The pain continued to accost throughout the night, no matter how long she spent on the toilet, she is unable to pass whatever it was that irritating her bowels. She even tried giving herself an "enema" using the toilet's washlet function. No go.


The next morning was a series of stops along the subway line she took to work, resulting in her tardiness for which she was promptly called, along with her immediate senior, by the head of her department – Toshio.

"I asked you to have these documents ready by this morning." Though his voice was no louder than conversation, his tone and mannerisms expressed his extreme displeasure. Rena, her teeth clenched, bowed her head and kept it that way while the senior office assistant bowed and made polite platitudes in her stead, while simultaneously managing to berate Rena.

"What am I supposed to do now? We have clients coming in twenty minutes."

Rena fumed beneath a pokerface mask of acquiescence and feigned politeness. She wanted to shove his documents up his ass and see how he liked it. But it would not do to raise objection. She understood what was at stake; a very important client was coming today. She really should have stayed and finished last night.

"I need those documents ready in ten, which means you have exactly five minutes to finish them. Do I make myself–"

Lightning struck Rena's gut.

A cacophony of concerned voices surrounded her as consciousness waned. A beast of hands plucked her from the floor and half-dragged her to the ladies' changing room where she was dropped unto a cushioned bench.

She laid there, unable to move of her own accord, surrounded by her fellow female coworkers. Within seconds though, they were gone as the senior office assistant drove them back to their duties until only her friend Kiyo remained.

"Oh, Rena, are you alright?" The younger woman was truly concerned for her well-being.

"Toilet..." was all Rena could muster.

The girl disappeared. For a moment, Rena thought Kiyo hadn't understood her, and in a panic had run off to get her water or something. She wasn't the brightest hi-lite pen in the box, but she meant well. To her credit though, Kiyo was back with a fold-able wheelchair she claimed to have pulled from a nearby storage closet, and together, they worked Rena into the chair and into the ladies' room.

Rena sat in the stall, her panties and stockings down around her knees, her lower legs turned out as she cried silently on the stool. Kiyo spoke to her through the door – soothing words that Rena ignored. What was wrong with her? What had Toshio done to her last night? Had he given her a venereal disease? She wouldn't be surprised. She–

"Rena!" The voice of the senior office assistant was a knife in the soft white noise that continuously flowed through the ladies' room. "When you've finished playing around in there, pack your stuff. You're fired."

White-hot pain drove itself through her very being. And in an uncontrollable spasm, Rena tilted her head up toward the ceiling and cut loose with a piercing shriek as her intestines finally let go.

"Toshio, you jerk! This is all your fault!"

Simultaneous to her bowel movement was an explosion that rocked the office skyscraper. The sound of glass breaking and of steel girders screeching in an effort to keep themselves from collapsing was deafening. Chaos followed as panicked businessmen and office assistants cried, clinging to each other in panic and tears.

Rena fell off the stool and lay crumpled between the stall door and the toilet in a fetal position. Her guts finally at rest, she passed out.

She came to sometime later to find Kiyo standing over her atop the toilet. Rena smelled piss, and noticed that Kiyo's garments were wet. Her coworker blubbered in fear, snot and tears streaming down her face.

"Kiyo..." Her voice was weak. The woman didn't hear her.

From her crumpled position on the floor, she reached up to unlock the stall door – which Kiyo must have relocked when she entered – and fell through the opening when her fingers found purchase on the latch. Cleaning and dressing herself, Rena tried to shake a wooziness she felt.

Her legs were stiff from lying on the floor for an indeterminable time, but she forced herself to stretch and then turned to look at her friend.

"Kiyo..." Again, no response. What was wrong with the damned girl, anyway? Rena was the one who'd been fired.

"Kiyo," she tried third time, "If you don't come with me now, I'll leave you here." She goaded the other girl like a petulant child, and still no response. To be honest, she was not in the mood. Between her boyfriend – ex-boyfriend – her bowels, and being fired, she just wanted to leave. She'd been humiliated and embarrassed, and the sooner she could get out of there, the better.

Changing quickly in the locker room, she shoved the accessories she normally left in her locker into her bag and slung it over her shoulder. The clock in the changing room read that she'd been passed out for over an hour by her calculations. An hour! Far less dignified companies would have had the grace not to just leave her lying there like a dog in an alleyway. It was downright disgraceful. She had worked worse jobs with better coworkers at part-time jobs during high school and university. She didn't feel she owed these folks a damn thing!

Facing the door into the hallway to the main office, she took a deep breath. She was determined not to cry and not to let a single emotion wash over her as she walked upright through the office and out the door. Though she needed a few personal things from her desk, she would call Kiyo to do it for her in a few days.

Pushing through the door, she walked out into the floor-to-ceiling windowed hall and stopped, unable to take a step further.

Outside the large cracked, wall-spanning window, great alien starships fired blue destruction, disintegrating the walls and roofs of skyscrapers and sucking helpless people through the openings and into the ships. Rena imagined she could hear their screams as they soared to an unknown fate.

There came a distressed cry from the main office. Rena turned and ran into the large, open department.

Amid a mess of shattered glass partitions, overturned chairs, a disheveled office items, four large alien beasts, each looking like a composite of living organs and nerve endings with a giant eye atop the jumbled mass, stood on a grouping of tentacles. Nearly three meters in height, they were scattered throughout the department, each holding between two and three of Rena's former coworkers – managers to be precise – captive.

Most of the captives were crying, whimpering or making bizarre gurgling sounds as the monster assfucked them. More than one had been fortunate enough to have passed out. Those still conscious softly pleaded for their lives as the tentacled beasts held them down in rather uncomfortable positions and slammed thick, monstrous cocks up their bums. Each tentacle was easily twice as thick as her forearm, and Rena secretly thanked the gods of sex and fertility that she'd never had the misfortune of being on the wrong end of something with that much girth.

The only woman she noticed among the managers was the senior office assistant. Was that a look of pleasure on the woman's face? She couldn't tell. The other assistants, and a few of the younger businessmen, cowered in a large protective huddle. There were whimpers and a few soft, crying voices, but otherwise, they watched silently as their bosses and colleagues took it up the ass.

All the more reason to get out of there.

Realizing that the aliens hadn't noticed her yet, she took a couple of tentative steps toward the door. If she didn't make a break for it now, she figured she might not have another chance. Slow, calculated steps, thankfully softened by the carpeting, inched her forward. Rena understood now why Kiyo had pissed herself. Rena wanted to, too. In fact, if she thought the beasts wouldn't be attracted by the overt movement, she would get down on her hands and knees and crawl out. In truth, she was just a little too frightened that she might just cower under a desk until they came to get her if she didn't keep her present momentum.

Working her way through the rows of desks ever so slowly, Rena passed by the door to the kitchenette in which the assistants made tea. A hand shot out to grip her wrist, and she let out a small yelp.

"Rena!" came a harsh whisper from inside the darkened room. "I'm going with you."

The young woman slowly looked over her shoulder to see Chieyo, a woman a couple years her senior. Her face was a mess of tear-eroded mascara and rouge, both of which she applied liberally every day. It was rumored that if you could do a surprise cock inspection on any male Chieyo worked with on any given day, you'd find her lipstick all over it. She was tough as nails and a bitch to boot. Rena wondered if this woman didn't mind a good ass-reaming. She was beginning to wonder if the whole world enjoyed butt-fucking but her. She decided Chieyo did and probably ripped off cocks with her ass checks like she was chewing a corndog.

Rena gulped. "I don't think that's such a good idea." Though to be honest, she wasn't sure why. She just wanted to get out of there.

"Huh? I don't give a good god-damn what you think. In case you haven't noticed, you're the only one those grotesque motherfuckers haven't take notice of. So you're going to lead me out."

Rena cringed.

"Chieyo… Chieyo…" came a voice from across the room from the huddled mass. A young businessman was shaking his head at her.

Chieyo flipped him off, "Fuck you. I want out of here and if you don't have the balls to lead, I'm going with her!"

The expression on the man's face was one of resign, but he shut his mouth and faded back into the group.

So with Chieyo in tow, Rena continued her zigzag path across the department floor.

As the entirety of the fifteen-story building was one company, the entrance was open to the hallway corridor.

Rena looked back at the monsters and their captives once more. She was greeted by the twisted look of agony on face of her department VP. He was half hidden behind a surviving partition, the silhouette of the alien beast fucking him, present behind double-glazed glass. Drool and bile pooled on the desk beneath him. Small choking sounds emanated from his throat, and his eyes had rolled back into his head until only the whites showed. Following the line of his body against the hard metal desk, his ass was getting the reaming the likes no human should have to endure.

Rena looked away and pooled her strength to keep from screaming.

From behind her, Chieyo – having peeked up to see why her benefactor had stopped – took a sharp breath. In a move to save them both, Rena slapped a hand over the woman's mouth before she could say anything. Then putting herself between the partition and Chieyo, moved sideways toward the entrance.

The giant glowing eye of the tentacle beast fucking her boss whipped in Rena's direction. The others throughout the room followed suit. It zipped forward, pressing itself into her face. The eye studied her intently. The spectrum of colors pulsating across the giant eyeball bathed her in a rainbow mask of alien curiosity. And then, it retreated, the others following suit, ignoring her as if she did not exist.

Rena wasted no time in pressing Chieyo backward toward the safety of the hall. If they could just make it to the stairwell...

One step, two steps, three– Chieyo bolted into the open corridor, disappearing down its long maw, the clopping of her office-regulation, low-heels muffled yet echoing along with her panicked panting.

The aliens' eyes all turned on their tentacle stalks at once toward the sound and Rena froze in place, silently cursing Chieyo for not having more control.

There was a garbled scratch-hiss from the aliens and then no more as they continued to fuck their prey.

Not wasting a moment more, Rena backed out into the corridor, checking both ways before stepping completely into it and dashing off in the same direction Chieyo had. She was several paces from the open stairwell when she heard a scream from somewhere down below.

She winced, not wanting to go down, afraid of what she would find. But this was the only way out of the building as she was not about to braze the elevators.

Quietly she made her way down the stairs, eager to be free of this nightmare and yet not wanting to be caught. If she discovered Chieyo had been captured, she could always make her way back up a floor above and down another stairwell if need be. Or it could be the woman had just sprained an ankle in her desperation to get out of the building. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence among the heel-wearing employees.

Through the open entrance to the corridor on the fourth floor, Rena found Chieyo – just as she imagined she would. Shredded bits of the woman's uniform hung from her nude frame as two of the large tentacled aliens held her spread-eagle several meters off the floor. One took her vaginally and anally, while the second one... Rena gasped as she realized the second one was penetrating Chieyo through both ears. Gore and blood splattered the ground with each jam of its tentacles. Shocked by the horror, Rena let out a small whimper that caught the attention of the beasts. They dropped their victim, and started toward Rena.

Gathering her wits, she threw herself down the next flight of stairs, barely dodging the tentacles that groped for her. Blindly she all but tumbled the rest of the way to the lobby as the scream-hiss-crackles followed her. Hitting the lobby at a full-run, she didn't stop despite the aliens she found there. Tentacles ripped and groped for her like the cruel, bare branches of a thick forest. Frantically batting at them, she tried to make her way to the door but found herself lost – running in circles just to avoid being captured. She cried out in fear, anger, and frustration, but the outcome had been written in the stars. The tentacles seized and secured her a mere two meters from the lobby doors.


The command deck of the alien ship was cavernous. Rimmed with the bright lights of distant and indistinguishable controls, the center stood empty but for the rows of aliens, like those which had captured her, on either side. Even the ceiling seemed a mystery draped in black.

"Forgive the crude means by which you were brought here, but we were not sure who you were," a man greeted her with a reverent bow. "I am the commander of this ship."

"Once our warriors realized, you were brought here immediately, of course." He bowed again. "We are here to serve."

Rena cocked her head to the side, "You look human."

"We are. Well– technically we are more imagination than anything else, but we are still made of stardust, just like you. If you will forgive the comparison." Then the bow again. What was with the bowing?

"You don't look anything like those… things."

"Ah, the warriors. Yes, well, they are a single-minded creature created for a single purpose – assfucking."

Rena nodded more to show she heard what he said than taking his meaning.

He smiled at her, saying nothing.

"Where are you from?"

"Another dimension, of course."

"Another dimension, not another world?"

"As I said, we are mostly imagination. We were born between the stars, time and space."

"And you want to conquer Earth."

"That is why we came..." He stopped looking at the worry in her face. "Please do not misunderstand. We were called here. And so those willing to submit to Queen-Mother will be allowed to continue their normal lives as if we never existed."



"Is the Queen-Mother here?"

"Surely you jest." He laughed as if told a rather funny joke.

Rena shook her head.

"Why, she is you. You are Queen-Mother." He said quite matter-of-factly. "We were born from the semen spilled from your ass in the explosions you released. We are yours to command." His bow was deeper than ever.

Dumbstruck, Rena stood staring at the alien wide-eyed and in disbelief.

The alien leader looked up at her, "I can see the doubt in your eyes, Queen-Mother. Let me prove it." He moved out of the way as a great machine lowered itself into view from the deep, unending shadows above them. Married to the machine was Toshio.

"This man is our father. Perhaps you can see the resemblance," stepping forward and kneeling beside an all but supine Toshio.

There was a passing resemblance.

"Rena! Rena, help me!" Toshio begged frantically, his voice raw and cracked.


"The very. A real asshole, if you'll pardon the pun. Our relationship with him is tenuous at best. On one hand, he brutally raped your ass repeatedly and chucked you out the door like so much rotten meat when he was finished with you."

Rena's jaw dropped.

"Yes. Please do not be offended that we know all. As I said, we are your children. And for that reason, we love him, for he is as much a parent to us as you are. So have decided to honor him by incorporating him into our AFO Engines."

"What do they do?" Rena inquired, figuring – hoping – that any conversation was better than silence.

"The AssFuck Orgasm Engines use the energy from a good old-fashioned male orgasm straight up the ass to propel the fleet across the stars, time and space. If you'll agree to assfucking him again and again, across the cosmos, you will rule an empire greater than you can ever imagine."

Rena made a face, her ass growing uncomfortable, "I'm not interested in being assfucked anymore. I took enough come up my ass to last me ten lifetimes."

The commander chuckled. "You misunderstand, Queen-Mother. You will be the one to fuck him." He pulled a device and zapped her with it.

Struck, dead-center, between her breasts, her body began to tingle and writhe of its own accord. A feeling that was simultaneously frightening and pleasurable. Her groin grew agitated and within her panties, her clitoris throbbed and writhed to the panicked beat of her heart until it stood erect, ready to burst forth!

Rena reached beneath her skirt and down her pantyhose, pulling all aside to relieve the great pressure. A thick, long cock above her pussy flop-sprang forth. But that wasn't all. "Oh, my god! Balls, too!" Indeed below her slit had grown a mighty pair, full and eager for release. Electric shiver ran through her body.

She laughed nervously realizing she was standing before an entire legion of aliens with her genitals hanging loose. She started to put them away when the alien leader stopped her. "Please, we are not embarrassed, nor aroused. Quite the opposite, we are honored. If you will allow me." He removed all the clothing but her skirt below her waist. The knee-length cloth fell to cover her but the erection was clear through the fabric. She tried to wish it away to no effect.

The alien smiled, "Queen-Mother." He kneeled before her as did the rest of the alien warriors on the deck. Looking up from his position beneath her, the alien leader spoke, "Do us the honor?" Waving his hand back at Toshio, "With spunk in his ass, you can power or grow the fleet as need be. We will be invincible."

Rena stood in thought. The alien leader continued.

"Give him a good old fashioned assfucking he'll never forget and we'll whisk you across the stars to conquer the universe."

"Rena, wait. Please! You've got to save me. I love you!"

The alien raised as eyebrow and gave Rena a sidelong glance as if to say, do you believe this schmuck?

The office assistant bit her lip. She had been fired…

"The whole universe? Not so sure I want to conquer, but the idea of being the mother of a whole race is intriguing. Are there any dimensions we could… liberate, perhaps?"

"We could liberate Earth from the bullshit shackles of the oligarchy and all the daily assfuckings people on the lower rungs like you get..."

She frowned. "No, despite the assfucking you can get here, I think Earth needs to sort itself. I want a real alien menace."

"Very well. I know the very dimension of assholes you are looking to defeat." He laughed. "It shall be glorious!"

"And what about Toshio and the others you sucked up earlier?"

"They are all the nasty folks who have been keeping you in shackles of ass cum all these years. Honestly, Queen-Mother, I think Earth can do with a few less assholes. They will become the vessel-mothers of your new army. With each time you fuck them, they will give birth via your egg and sperm."

"Eww, isn't that a bit like incest?"

"Do we look like an ass-backwards operation to you? This fleet, and thus your body and theirs, are brimming with nanotech that tweaked your DNA the moment you boarded. All has been taken care of."

It was all rather sudden, but what the hell choice was going back to the daily grind of an assfucking? With a deep breath, Rena smiled at the alien leader, "Then, fuck yeah, let's do it!"


In the centuries that followed, Rena and the Aliens from HerAnus had a million glorious battles – defeating uncountable evil alien hordes. But that was analother storgy.

Made in DNA
Made in DNA
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