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American author/translator living in Japan. Haunts a variety of social media sites, loves writing, spends too much time thinking about pizza.

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Screaming Metal (Part 020)
3 months ago
"Ma'am?" Surprised, Deshel questioned the order. Had Deshel assumed they'd leave Shake Hands now that their real reason for being on-planet had been discovered? Priyanka didn't doubt it. No one sends ...
Screaming Metal (Part 019)
4 months ago
That roll, however, was intended to buy the moment or two the Alley Cat needed to kick on its thrusters. Stuck on her butt in an awkward position, a frantic Priyanka still managed to magnetically lock...
Screaming Metal (Part 018)
4 months ago
"But you're still attached to the ship. If we take off–" Suen protested. "You let me worry about that. Do you read me?" There was a pause and then both Suen and Deshel piped up over the commset, "Yes,...
Screaming Metal (Part 017)
5 months ago
If this was indeed Il'on, then it would have been on Shake Hands well before the colonists. It made sense. If it could broadcast over the local radio waves, then it could listen in on them too. It had...
Screaming Metal (Part 016)
5 months ago
Expanding outward as if reaching for her face, several spider-legged flashes danced before her eyes before dissipating. Priyanka blinked away the afterflashes. There was an airy pop followed by a smal...
Screaming Metal (Part 015)
5 months ago
There didn't seem to be rhyme or reason to the timing of the outbursts. She needed to calm herself, lest she trigger a collapse and join Il'on and the rest of the junk here in eternal obscurity. As be...