Made in DNA

American author/translator living in Japan. Haunts a variety of social media sites, loves writing, spends too much time thinking about pizza.

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'Prospective Frenemies'
10 months ago
***Warning: Violence and adult content*** Prospective Frenemies Made in DNA (Amazon link) *** "Hey, Rockhead!" The voice ricocheted like a rifle shot through the twisted labyrinth of mined cavern tunn...
In the Service
a year ago
In the Service ©2014, Made in DNA Even in the diplomatic corps' special relations division, Maya Lyn was a sexpert. When Earth needed orifices to open, they called her into to lube them up. She stood ...
Bow Wad Bowshock (Part 02)
a year ago
Never before in his life had he experienced the extra-genital regions of another being's body. It was arousing sexploration on the purest level. Yet, he had to free himself of this mad woman and her s...
Blowad Bow Shock (Part 01)
a year ago
She had crabs. Very large, very brutal fuckers. The very sight of them engulfed his flesh in an uncontrollable burn-itch that mushroom-clouded forth from his groin. Chagrined, he quickly waved the clo...
Jizzemboweler (Part 02)
a year ago
Her mouth closed over his meat in a wet, sultry heat he closed his eyes to. Her tongue slipped over his head, encircling it, while her hand continued to fondle his nuts. She mixed it all with timely a...
Jizzemboweler (Part 01)
a year ago
"Permission tat, please." The man smiled at the female security officer guarding the gate of the Floating World and nodded, "Of course." Unzipping his trousers, he pulled out his pecker. She cupped hi...