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Chel Wants to Fulfill Your Fantasies

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By Guy WhitePublished 3 months ago 5 min read
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(Originally published January 14, 2022)

Technology is constantly evolving, as well as how we use it. But one of the most consistent threads in the history of human inventions is if we can use it for sexual gratification, we will. We figured out how to draw on cave walls and then made naked pictures. Since the stone age, humans have been shaping materials, including stone, into dildos. Not long after we figured out how to write, we made spicy poems.

The gap between the birth of the publically available internet and internet porn is minimal. And back in the bad old days of dial-up internet connections, when the download speeds made sending full pornographic images difficult, people started making ASCII porn. And it got way more advanced than B===D. Using strings of characters that would make anyone using a screen reader cry, people used 104 alphanumeric characters to paint pornographic images on digital cave walls.

But before being tied up by elaborately constructed text strings, phone lines were already abuzz with the salacious. Understandably, the exact date of the first phone sex conversation is lost to history. Once telephone operators could no longer listen in, people were undoubtedly describing the dirty things they’d like to do to each other. (If not before.) It wasn’t until the 80s that phone sex became a widely available paid service. Gloria Leonard is credited with pioneering phone sex as a business.

And while the internet may have changed things, there are still plenty of people who enjoy hearing naughty things whispered in their ear. For a fee, Chel will happily fulfill that need. She offers her phone sex and sexting services to men, women, and those outside the gender binary via NiteFlirt. NiteFlirt is an online platform anonymously connecting sex workers to clients for phone, text, or email conversations.

It connects Flirts — as the site refers to their phone sex operators — and clients. It offers several benefits. “I’m in my mid-30s, but apparently, I still look 20 or 21 and sound even younger.” But because of NiteFlirt’s age verification, “Nobody has to worry that anyone on there shouldn’t be!” Working as an intermediary between Flirts and clients, it makes it so neither knows the others’ actual phone number or email address.

NiteFlirt doesn’t hire phone sex operators; it just hosts the service. The website makes sure to point out, “Flirts are not employees of NiteFlirt.” Instead, Chel and the other Flirts are closer to independent contractors. It’s like Uber, but instead of driving you to the airport, the Flirt drives you crazy with their words.

But not every interaction has to be 100% sexual. “I appreciate playful or fluffy SFW convos and genuine questions and getting to know each other. I have a whole wide array of interests. Please, talk to me about them!”

Some clients do end up just talking. “Companionship is a big deal for a lot of people, even before the pandemic,” Chel says. She offers several services: the Girl Friend Experience with nerdy girl-next-door chit chat and roleplay, ranging from sweet and steamy to kinky and even dark.

As long as it’s not in violation of NiteFlirts terms of service, she doesn’t limit herself or her clients to any specific niche. “I’m open to learning more about the human experience. But I’m also not going to push either myself or a client to places we’re not well-versed in or comfortable with.”

Though for Chel, the awkward and geek girl role isn’t much of a stretch.

I’m just the cute, nerdy, shy girl down the hall in your apartment building that’s secretly very, very kinky… if you can open me up. Believe it or not, my shyness and naïveté is not an act or character. I am genuinely very shy.

When she started dating in her 20s, “I was even rebuffed a good few times because I was ‘too innocent’ and they didn’t want to be the one to ruin me. I wanted to tell them, no, please, ruin me.

While some were too worried about corrupting her, she had one long-term dominant partner for sexting and phone sex. She decided to become a Flirt after they said, “You should do this professionally.”

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Phone sex is a turn-on for her because she has a big auralism kink — getting turned on by certain sounds, such as people’s voices. “There are a LOT more people out there into moans than you might think,” she says.

And the numbers back it up. The erotic audio market is rapidly expanding. In 2019, women-led, spicy-sound startups raked in more than $8 million in venture capital.

Though, unlike the pre-recorded audios, phone sex allows you to guide the story along with the Flirt, and Chel is open to that story going all sorts of directions. Her other kinks include:

Soft/gentle touch, biting/nibbling/light marking/scratching/light hair pulling, corruption, breeding, CNC, which plays nicely into my predator/prey and sub-leaning switch kinks. And there are a lot of kinks I’m still discovering. I’m up for trying most things, except unsanitary or most — but not all — edge play.

The interactive experience is what she’s drawn to. And the more the client is an active participant in that, the better. “I dislike carrying convos entirely on my own.” While it might seem counter-intuitive, she says it’s happened with more than a few clients, “who are apparently looking for a type of conversation I cannot provide. I’m okay with someone finding a different provider if that’s a better fit! I promise!”

Chel is looking to meet her clients’ needs as long as they can work with her. “When I’m chatting, or on the phone, feedback is so good.” She loves it when clients “let me know how I’m doing — with more than grunts or panting, though both can be very hot depending on context.”

With sexting and email, “If I send you a naughty paragraph or two, I’d love a paragraph of what you’d do to me back. It really makes my day!”

And while most of her work is live-talking or text-based, on the occasions she does post pics or pre-recorded audios, she says, “flattery gets you everywhere, but keep the creep factor to zero.”

And clients also need to understand that the phone sex operators at NiteFlirt and all sex workers exist outside of that world. They have lives. Chel says, “I have very important people dependent on me, so I’m not always on during my usually scheduled time. So it’s best to chat with me first to establish a good time for fun for us both.”

When Chel can find a client she meshes with, “My goal is to create a natural-feeling experience, where we feel in sync and connected in a way that the conversation flows almost intuitively, like we know where each other is going.”

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I write about sweet-hearted guys in sexy situations. Respectfully naughty. Sometimes funny & always dyslexic and ADHD. 37 he/him 💍

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  • Denelsia Walker3 months ago

    Thank you for the enlightenment. Great write. 🌹

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