Amycidal: Origins, Part One

by Keri Kroese 12 months ago in erotic

Lesbian Alt Girl Erotica

Amycidal: Origins, Part One

My stepfather never asked me to do anything.

“Amy! Mow the lawn!”

No, demands and orders were much more his style.

“Why can’t one of the boys do it?”

“They’re busy. I want you to do it!”

“When are they ever busy?” I muttered to myself. Their idea of busy was trying to watch two dirty movies at once.

“Before dinner, Amy!”

“Alright, I’m going.” If I didn’t, he’d only make me get the Neanderthal twins breakfast in bed or something equally gross and demeaning.

“Hey, Amy!”

That was Calvin—the more obnoxious of my two stepbrothers—as I passed his room. I rolled my eyes. “What?”

“How about you get something like this for the summer?” he said, waving the bikini-clad centrefold of a lad's mag in my general direction.

“How about you grow up?” I said, not paying the picture any more attention.

“How about you grow some tits!” his brother Jamie shouted from inside the darkened room.

I gave them the finger and stomped off to do my chores; at least if they were indoors doing God knows what while I was out in the sun, they wouldn’t be leering at me.

Not that I was worthy of their leers; I turned 18 a few weeks ago but with my skinny build and barely-there chest, you wouldn’t know it. Probably just as well. Who knows how they’d treat me if I did have the body of a bikini model...

I was too busy trying to keep the lumbering old mower under control to notice Candace come out, but when I finally finished and went to empty the mower ,I heard the splashing of water and turned instinctively... and there she was: strappy top, denim shorts, and... tattoos!

Candace had lived next door since I was a young teen; I had heard my stepbrothers on a few occasions bragging about what they had done with her (although I still didn’t know what some of the things were).

She was gorgeous; I would see her every day, looking very sophisticated in a skirt suit as she drove her little sports car to work, but it was not until now, seeing her outside of her professional look, that she really caught my eye.

Candace was a natural beauty—big blue eyes, clear pale skin, gorgeous womanly curves which always filled her suits nicely (and filled shorts and strappy tops even better), and the blackest hair I have ever seen on someone with such fair skin. I don’t know if it was that, or the tattoos and piercings that that she normally hid, or the rebellion that those things portrayed to me, but something about her was very sexy right then.

So sexy, I think, that I stopped what I was doing and stared at her until she noticed.

“Hi, Amy,” she said, smiling at me. “You ok?”

“Uh, yeah,” I stammered.

“Guess you’re not used to seeing me dressed casual, are you?” she said, recognising my look.

“Sorry,” I said. “Was it obvious?”

“A little,” she said, “but don’t worry about it.”

I smiled and said, “They’re hot,” before I had even thought about it, and must have glowed bright red straight afterwards...

“You like the ink?” she said, beckoning me over to her. “Come and see properly if you want.”

“Um...” I stammered again.

“It’s alright,” she said. “I won’t bite.”

I laughed nervously, some strange part of me wondering what it would be like if she did.

“Ok,” I said, and trotted over towards her, when to my surprise she went towards the front door of her house.

“Where are you going?”

She gestured to me to follow. “Some are still covered,” she said with a smile. “Don’t want to offend the neighbours,” she added with a wink.

“Oh,” I said, not sure what else to say, and followed her into the house.

I’m not sure exactly what I expected her home to be like, but as I followed her into the living room, I was slightly taken aback by just how ordinary it was. I thought Candace was a glamorous, well-paid executive or something, but her living room was just a couple of worn two-seater settees, a small TV on a unit in the corner, and a few other bits of mismatched furniture.

Not that any of that mattered now, of course; not with Candace stood in the middle of the room, one foot on the coffee table, showing off her most decorated thigh.

“Don’t be shy,” she said, seeing me hesitate. “I’m not!”

“I suppose not,” I said, stepping closer to check out the design tattooed onto her thigh: cartoon candy canes, lollies, and sweets tumbling down a background of multi-coloured candy floss.

“Candy, like my name,” she explained, and before I knew it she was unbuttoning her shorts.

I felt myself redden again as she dropped them to the floor and stood before me in her tiny panties.

Candace giggled. “It’s just like a bikini, no need to be embarrassed,” she said.

I didn’t own a bikini, but if I did, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that tiny, or that transparent. From this close I could see right through them, see the slit of her private parts, see that she had waxed or shaved the entire area, and from around the point where my body was thick with hair, a row of red hearts danced along the line of her pelvis. She tugged the thin strap of her panties down to show them better; as fantastic as the artwork was, it was becoming harder to concentrate on it.

“It is lovely,” I said, taking a step back so I could catch my breath.

“Thanks,” Candace replied with a smile, and turned her other side to me, a beautiful swarm of butterflies swept up her arm in colours I didn’t realise were possible in a tattoo.

“Such pretty colours!” I said, unthinkingly reaching out to touch them.

“I know, right?” she said, smiling broadly, not caring about me touching her. “I wanted to stay girly.”

“Oh, you’re definitely that,” I whispered, certain I was blushing again.

She just smiled, and with her back to me, lifted her top up and over her head. “What do you think of that one?” she asked.

It was a pair of beautiful, exquisitely detailed wings, feathers curling apparently at random in lovely pale blues and purples, inked onto her back as if she were an angel.

“Wow,” I said, my inhibitions gone again and stepping closer. “It’s amazing.”

“I am glad,” she said. “I’m always more nervous letting him do my back, where I can’t see what’s going on. Not that I would be able to do anything about it if they screwed up while I could see, I suppose.”

“You must really trust the artist.”

“Oh, definitely,” she agreed. “I started off with a little one.” She turned and showed me a tiny butterfly on her lower back. “To see how much it hurt, for one, and how good the artist was, for another.”

“How much did it hurt?”

“It’s a good pain.”

I didn’t understand that, so I changed the subject slightly. “How long have you been getting them done?”

“About six years, on and off,” she said.

“Wow,” I said, still looking her up and down, seeing new details all the time. “You’re like a work of art! I could spend hours looking and still not see everything!”

“That’s what I love about it,” she agreed.

“You have a lot of piercings, too,” I noticed.

“Same guy.”

“How many?” I asked.

She gave me the tour: several in each ear, nose, lip, tongue, belly button, and...

“Oh my god,” I said, as she popped a boob out of her bra. “You really aren’t shy!”

Candace laughed and covered herself up.

“Didn’t that hurt?” I asked.

She shrugged. “I guess, at the time,” she said. “But it’s over so quickly. You have had your ears done. You know what it’s like.”

“I know, but that’s my ears, not...”

“It’s not so bad, not once you know what to expect,” she said. “I was an old hand by the time I got the nipple done.”

“Was that the last one you had then?” I asked.

“So far,” she nodded. I didn’t ask what else she had left to pierce.

“Do you want a drink or something, while we’re on a break?” Candace asked, still wandering around in nothing more than a strappy top and barely there panties.

I cast a nervous glance back at the mower I had left abandoned on the lawn. “Um, sure, why not,” I said. “May I wash my hands first?”

“Help yourself,” she called. “Just inside the front door.”

Once my hands didn’t smell of garden gloves, I sat myself on the settee where I could keep an eye on the mower in our front garden.

“Thanks, Candace,” I said as she set a tall lemonade down beside me, ice clinking softly against the glass.

“My friends call me Candy,” she said with a smile.

“It suits you,” I said, then suddenly felt strangely self-conscious in the presence of this perfect, sexy woman. My knee length denim cut-offs and baggy t-shirt made me feel decidedly unsexy—and overdressed—in comparison. Candy didn’t seem to mind, though; she sat down next to me like it was the most natural thing in the world. And maybe it was for her; she could afford to be confident with that body.

“You ever thought of getting one?”

“What?” I said, suddenly snapped out of my lustful thoughts. Thankfully Candy seemed to think I was looking at her tattoos rather than her body.

“I could take you along if you want, talk about some ideas, designs...”

“Me? Get a tattoo?”

“Sure, why not? I mean, if you want to... I mean, I thought you liked them...”

“I do,” I stammered. “But, well... I like them on you.”

Candy giggled, a beautiful sound that made my heart flutter every time I heard it. “Oh, you’re a sweetie,” she said.

“I don’t have the body for tattoos.”

“Nonsense,” Candy said. “I think a nice bouquet of flowers, twisting up your thigh...” She traced lines on my leg with her fingers, making my heart race. “Maybe up as far as your hip, or further up your side?” Those fingers lifted my shirt and brushed my skin softly. I took a hefty swig of lemonade, concentrating on the sharp lemon smell and the ice melting in the glass—anything but look Candy in the face.

“I’m sorry,” she said, snatching her hand back. “Not your thing. Well, that’s ok. You don’t need tattoos to be sexy anyway. You...” She gently lifted my face toward hers. “... are a beautiful young woman. All you lack is maybe a little self-confidence.”

“Well, you’ve met my so-called family,” I said. “They’re not exactly great at making me feel good.”

“Actually I haven’t met them, not really. But I see your point.”

“Wait, you haven’t met my stepbrothers?”

“Only in passing,” she said. “Why?”

“So you’ve never... done stuff with them?”

“God no!” She laughed. “Why would you... what have they said?”

I shrugged, embarrassed. “Didn’t get most of it.”

“Well, aren’t you just so sweet and innocent!” Candy laughed; it felt less beautiful when she was laughing at me.

“Oh, sweetie, I’m not laughing at you, I swear.” She took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I like you the way you are. As for your step-brothers... that’s all just macho bullshit. I promise, you’ve seen more of me than I would ever show either of them!”

I welcomed the excuse to look her up and down again, and smiled. It felt good to have one up on the Neanderthal twins. “I just wish I could tell them!”

Candy shrugged. “I don’t mind if you do. In fact...” She stroked my hair gently and looked into my eyes. “We could really give you something to tell them...”

And then she had pulled me close, and her lips were on mine, her warm body pressed up against me... For a moment, I think I forgot to breathe. When I came to my senses and pulled back, I was still staring at her in shock.

“Oh shit,” she said. “I’m so sorry. I should have known. You probably aren’t ready to do that with a girl...”

“With a girl?” I stammered. “I’ve not even done that with a boy!”

“Oh, double shit sandwich,” Candy said. “I definitely don’t want to be your first kiss...”

“You don’t?”

“No, well, I mean, not that I wouldn’t be happy to, but your first kiss should be special, with someone special...”

“I think I’d like it to be with you,” I said.

Candy was silent for a worryingly long time.

“I know I would,” I added, for emphasis. “Please, you can show me... things.”

A wicked smile spread across Candy’s face then, and as I watched, she slowly lifted her top up over her head and threw it across the room.

I stared at her, at her pale skin laced with colour, her perfect plump breasts, her dark round nipples, her tiny sheer panties... and I realised I hadn’t got a fucking clue what to do.

Candy leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Just follow my lead, and tell me if you want me to stop anything. I want you to feel good, nothing else.”

“Ok,” I whispered back, but she was already tugging at my earlobe with her teeth, one hand gently scratching my belly through my t-shirt. Then her lips were on mine again, soft yet urgent, demanding a response...

At that point I stopped thinking and went with the flow, my lips moving with hers, my tongue playing with hers, my hands finding her and holding close her soft warm skin.

She moved then, so she was sat astride my thighs, and gently tugged my t-shirt up. To my surprise, I didn’t stop her; indeed, I helped her pull it up and over my head. She looked me up and down, then leaned in and kissed me again, so I could taste the passion, while a practiced hand reached up and unhooked my bra, which was then promptly cast aside.

Candy rained sweet little kisses down my neck, my heart racing as she got closer to my tiny boobs. I watched as she moved down, breathing in the soft raspberry scent of her hair as her lips and tongue drew tattoos of pleasure on my chest, the wings on her back twitching as she dipped her head from one breast to the other.

I could feel her breath on my nipples, but as she showered my body with kisses, only an occasional brush from her nose or chin touched me where it felt best.

A little whimper escaped me—god I wanted to feel her tongue on my nipples!—but then she was moving down again, tracing a hot line down my belly. I reached up and teased my aching nipples myself, but still they craved her touch. She must have noticed, as she raised her head, gently pushed my hands aside, and returned her attention to my breasts.

Her tongue flicked quickly across them, switching from one to the other at random, keeping my arousal at a peak. Closing my eyes I concentrated on the sensations, her tongue circling around my nipples then flicking across them, bringing them up into hard bullets. And then she took one into her mouth, sucking it hard and making me moan out loud with pleasure. Then her hand was on the other, squeezing the breast and tugging gently at the hardened nipple.

Pleasure wracked my body. I wanted to do something but didn’t know what; to return the pleasure but didn’t know how. My body bucked, out of my control, wanting more... And then Candy was off my breasts, a cool breeze brushing across my nipples, now wet from her kisses, sending another fresh sensation through me as she kissed my belly button, and I realised she was working at the button of my shorts.

I gasped at that, for some reason surprised, and she looked up at me, a question in those big beautiful eyes: can I? I nodded, nervous but wanting whatever else this sex goddess could give me. I lifted my hips and she deftly pulled my shorts and panties off, adding them to the small pile of clothing scattered across the floor.

I was briefly aware that I was sprawled, naked, in front of the open living room window, but then Candy had slipped onto the floor and was gently teasing my thighs apart. I gave in to her touch, spread my legs, and was rewarded with gentle kisses on my inner thighs. I quivered with anticipation as her lips moved closer to my wetness—so much so that she paused to ask if I was ok.

“Don’t stop!” I panted urgently. I wanted to push her back down there, press myself against her pretty face and force her to satisfy my lust—but she just smiled and went back to teasing my inner thighs with her lips. Almost instinctively, I pushed my hips at her, moaning in frustration at the way she was teasing me, until eventually she took the hint.

I gasped when I first felt her fingers on me, touching me where no one had touched me before. I made myself watch what she was doing—the expert way she spread me open with the gentlest of touches, stroking the outer parts, then dipping a finger inside, then doing the same with her tongue...

I sighed loudly, melting against her tongue, which was now making long, leisurely licks up and down my slit. My god, I felt like she was worshipping my body, and I never wanted it to stop.

“Feels so good...” I panted, and then, just as I thought I couldn’t feel any better, her tongue stud touched against part of me that made my whole body buck against her, but she was unfazed and just pressed her tongue harder against it, making the tiniest movements to rub the cold metal against my most sensitive spot.

I grabbed the cushions around me, squeezing them, screaming as I felt my body explode in pleasure, but Candy didn’t stop, just kept teasing that spot so my peak just went on and on...

I don’t know how long she was there, but when I eventually came down from that euphoric high, she was sat at my feet, looking up at me contentedly.

“Feeling good yet?”

“Oh my god,” I struggled to sit up, my body still quivering from Candy’s attention.

Candy got up onto the sofa, wrapped her legs around me and pulled me back to her. I happily nestled my head between her perfect breasts and enjoyed the comfort of her embrace. And so we rested, naked, watching the world go by through the still open window.

“I hope no one heard me,” I said quietly.

“You are quite the screamer!”

“I don’t know what you did, but it felt amazing.”

“Oh, you’ll learn, sweetie, you’ll learn.”

“You want me to...?” I was suddenly panicked.

“Relax,” Candy chuckled, absently stroking my nipple again. “I’d love you to, but only if and when you want to.”

“I hope I can make you scream,” I said, smiling.

Candy chuckled. “So are you going to tell your brothers about this?”

“Do you know, if it’s all the same to you, I think I’d like to keep this our little secret.”

“The first of many, I hope?”

“I hope so too,” I said, snuggling back against her softness and allowing myself to doze, naked and content in her arms.

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