Keri Kroese

Just an average stay-at-home mom with a (possibly) less than average hobby of writing down every naughty, kinky and plain taboo thought that enters my head. I hope some of them get you tingling as much as they do me...

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Amycidal: Origins, Part Two
11 days ago
I spent the next 24 hours in some kind of loved-up bliss. Even making the Sunday roast just to have my potatoes criticised by two brutes who looked like potatoes didn’t dampen my mood. In fact, I even...
Amycidal: Origins, Part One
5 months ago
My stepfather never asked me to do anything. “Amy! Mow the lawn!” No, demands and orders were much more his style. “Why can’t one of the boys do it?” “They’re busy. I want you to do it!” “When are the...