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Story #8 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

My name is Amelia. I'm 26 years old. Slim, athletic, well-groomed... lesbian. Slim because I'm athletic. And well-groomed because my wife Vika takes care of me. Just as slim, athletic and well-groomed because I, her wife Amelia, take care of her.

We live together in a large spacious house by the sea. The house is so big and spacious that the second floor and the attic are allocated for rooms for vacationers. Vika's father, even before me, built it all for his only daughter, but unfortunately he died in an accident.

Vika and I were graduating from the institute, and the grief was a heavy burden on her. I was with her and helped her through it all, because we were already a couple and had been dating for almost two years. Her dad probably guessed about me because I came to visit with her during the summer on vacation and we shared a room.

Anyway, but my Vika was left alone with the harsh truth of life. You have to eat, live somewhere, dress and so on and so forth. She made me an offer to live with her in this house, together to conduct business and joint household. I gave my consent without hesitation.

The knowledge gained at the institute was very useful for our new business. We brought our house-hotel to the end of its life, placed advertisements on the network and waited for orders.

Even before the opening of our mini-hotel we decided that only honeymooners would have a rest. And our five rooms were equipped for the possible wishes of young people. The only thing that was common in their interior was a huge and very comfortable bed. Otherwise the rooms differed in design, style, colors and light. We also improved their soundproofing.

Vicky discovered a gift for delicious cooking and bookkeeping. Everything else fell to me. But if I knew how to cook something other than dumplings, I'd take over the cooking. I wanted to protect my beloved from any difficulties.

Season after season, word of mouth and perhaps advertising increased our popularity. But we kept to our rule. We placed only honeymooners.

First, it saved our lesbian family from various encroachments. Secondly, the newlyweds are only occupied with each other. All I had to do was remember to change the linens every day. Thirdly, they ate very little, which saved my Vika from constant cooking. And we were able to be alone more.

But the main criterion in the choice of guests was their ability to pay. We immediately put the price twice as high as the neighboring offers. It was done with the expectation that the newlyweds will be given this vacation by rich relatives. That's exactly what happened. Business flourished even at half occupancy.

Over the years, thanks to the income from our little business, we improved and upgraded everything in our hotel. And it was mostly about each other and love. When you see couples in love on a daily basis, it gets so turned on by the evening that we just pounce on each other like wild cats.

Recently, I had a completely unimaginable dream that I shared with my beloved.

- So I was there baking buns and you were having fun with your dicks? - My story on Vika had an ambiguous effect.

- It's a dream, Vika! What the hell do not dream! - For some reason I justified myself.

- And what I slipped them there, do not remember?! - asked Vika quite seriously.

- God, honey, it's a dream! - Once again I tried to reason with her.

- I'm all wet from your dream! - She admitted. - And I have to work all day!

- We only have two couples living here now. And they're at sea, they won't be back soon. Let's go! - I took Vika's hand and dragged her with me.

We went to our bedroom. Kissing and caressing, we undressed. Our bed was as big and comfortable not only for sleeping, but also for sensual pleasures.

I gently pushed Vika onto the bed, where she immediately spread her slender legs apart. In the daylight I could clearly see how excited she was. Her open lips, both large and small, revealed the moist entrance to her vagina and the prominent cherry of her clitoris. After admiring it for a moment, I greedily pressed my lips to the firm bump, and my fingers dipped inside Victoria's bosom. A few minutes of such caressing with increasing intensity brought her to a violent orgasm, spasms squeezing my fingers inside.

After catching her breath, Vika started on me. Her favorite thing to do was to play with my underdeveloped breasts with huge nipples. Licking, sucking and nibbling on them while squeezing the bulge around them, she liked it a lot. Probably a man who was lucky enough to experience her blowjob would remember it for a long time. After playing with my breasts, she made a path with her tongue and lips to my "treasure", by that time already oozing juices.

Caressing a girl the way she needs to be caressed can only be done by a girl like her. But in my own vagina I liked to feel the hardness of a penis in addition to caressing my clitoris. Vika knew my desires perfectly well, and the arsenal of our rubber assistants was constantly replenished with novelties of the sex industry. This time too, exposing the hood of my clitoris and gently sucking the sensitive flesh, Vika inserted a huge vibrator into my vagina. Apparently, the retelling of my dream was memorized by her description of the cocks that fucked me in dreamland. Vivid images from that dream filled my imagination again, and Vicky's caresses and the rubber wonder that filled my womb turned those images into magical orgasms.

After the third, I begged for mercy. Reluctantly, but Vika graciously stopped and lay down next to me. It was clear from her noisy breathing that she, too, was exhausted in her efforts to please me.

- I hope I was better than those males who came to you in your dreams, - she said, catching her breath.

- You are the best in the world! I love only you! - I whispered. - But I won't tell you my dreams anymore!

- Oh, come on. I'm not jealous! - said my beloved conciliatingly. - But I had an absolutely wild thought in my head...

- Then throw it away! - I exclaimed, suspecting something wrong.

- You didn't even listen! - My friend took offense.

- Tell me what you have! - I accepted, hugging my favorite body and kissing my favorite lips.

- A little experiment with our guests...

- No, no and no! - I interrupted Vika. - This is business! I don't even want to think about it!

- Listen to me! - She whispered fast, fast in my face. - We'll put something highly stimulating in their food and observe. I promise no harm will come to anyone. I mean, they'll get laid more often and have more fun. It's good for them.

- What's the experiment? - I didn't understand my friend's idea.

- I want to find out how their love will resist their own unbridled lust, - she said.

- You said it yourself, more often and more interesting.

- How much more interesting is the experiment," Vika said. - Your dream led me to believe that under certain conditions, circumstances, and situations, our human body doesn't behave the way the mind tells it to. Completely different.

- You're scaring me, honey.

- Don't be afraid, we will only observe....

With these words Vika nibbled on my lips, and our break lasted for another half an hour...

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