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Story #9 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

It's been a few days. New guests arrived. And someone already went home, promising to tell about our paradise place to all his acquaintances. I had already forgotten about that conversation with Vika. Life went on as usual with new joys, worries and troubles. Until one day Vika told me that she had received the ordered drugs and now she wanted to realize her idea.

To be honest, I almost peed my pants from fear! Before my eyes flashed some people in uniform and the gray interior of the movie cage. I could not change my friend's mind, so I defined my task in that her idea remained without unnecessary consequences.

On vacation we then had three couples, two of whom had just arrived, and the third had a week of carefree rest. I asked Vika not to let me know what potion, in what food or drink and in what quantities she had consumed. I only said that I would eat and drink the same as our guests. There was still hope that Vika wouldn't make me sick. She agreed, saying it was even more interesting in terms of experimentation.

I received a warning from Vika in the afternoon, and by the evening all my thoughts and desires were connected with how I would make love to her when we finished with household chores. The situation was aggravated by our guests, who were here and there in front of me, unashamedly having sex.

I didn't have enough sense to relate these obvious things. Well, the newlyweds in love were having sex, where passion had caught up with them, what was strange about it! Well, I get in my head all sorts of lustful thoughts about me and Vika, what's strange, I love her!

In the evening I gave myself to my friend with a special passion. It seemed that every cell of my body vibrated under her caresses, and orgasms came one after another. And I didn't want to stop, on the contrary, my body demanded more... and deeper... and more often... and more often. And let's give more to these two-headed men... We went crazy for half a night, until we just passed out from exhaustion.

In the morning, barely loosening my heavy eyelids, I realized that I wanted to go on vacation; I wanted to do nothing but lie on the beach with my favorite girl and tussle with her until exhaustion. The girl was lying next to me under my armpit and sweetly smacking her lips. From the excitement I lost all sense of responsibility for the business and began to fondle my mistress, instead of going to our guests and willingly fulfill their whims.

- How nice to wake up to your kisses," I heard Vicky's soft voice and let go of her clit, which had been captivated by my lips.

- Good morning, my good girl! I couldn't help myself, sorry to wake you up!

- I would always wake up like this! - Dreamily said Vika and bent cat-like, which turned me on with renewed vigor.

My tongue and lips again nestled into her cherry, and my fingers plunged into her moist bosom. Having fucked my girlfriend in this way for a few minutes, I took out and then put on the strapon. And our exercise moved to another, more intense level. Having brought Vika to orgasm, I wanted the same emotions. Putting the toy aside, I settled my pussy on my friend's face and began to squirm on it, voluptuously howling.

Suddenly my gaze fell on the ajar door. Someone was clearly there, watching us. Suddenly I experienced such a vivid emotion that I fell on Vika and pressed my pussy into her mouth.

- Hey, did you decide to strangle me?! - She laughed, throwing my limp body aside.

- We were being watched," I said, stretching out my words, still shuddering in blissful spasms.

- No wonder," Vika said angrily. - You scream like crazy when you cum!

- You're the one who screams. - I pouted. - I'm blissful...

- So you've come to see and envy me.

Stop lying around, things won't do themselves!

- Vika, let's go on vacation!

- I'm going to drop everything and run away! What's the mood at all?! - asked her friend.

- I want to fly! And fuck!

- I see. Did you eat cake last night? - Vika asked for some reason.

- Yeah... two pieces... let your ass grow.

- It won't make your ass grow, but it's the cake that makes your pussy want to fuck. Chemistry.

- Shit, all right!

We got up, threw on our bathrobes over our naked bodies and headed towards the kitchen to make breakfast for the guests. All that was left of the cake was a plate that had been thoroughly licked off by someone. The coffee machine was already humming, someone was in our kitchen, but they hadn't shown themselves yet. Vika began to work at the stove with toast, pancakes, and other delicious things, and I sat down in the chair.

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