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I need her!

Story #2 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The morning's adventure was still on my mind. I had a little refreshment in the hotel dining room (the buns were delicious) and went wandering around the grounds, hoping to meet Vika.

I didn't meet anyone during my walk, no one at all. The sun was blazing in full force. I wanted to take shelter in the shade, to hide somewhere in the embrace of the air conditioner. But I didn't want to go to the room, so I went to the garden.

"Peaches, vineyard, how everything, as it turns out, tastes good, if right from the branch!"

At the back of the garden I noticed some movement and went there. As I got closer, I recognized Vika. She was picking fruit, not knowing that she was being watched. Not even watching, but openly admiring her beauty. I was pounding again. My legs instantly wet, my nipples erect, my heart pounding...

- You're already walking?! - exclaimed Vika, finding me next to her.

She was standing high on the stairs, picking peaches in a basket. Looking at her from below, under her short skirt, I didn't see any panties on her. Bare ass, bare pussy...

- Your therapeutic procedures worked a miracle! - I answered, trying not to look between her legs. But my gaze was magnetically drawn back.

- Then help me, hold the basket, so we'll do it faster! - Vika asked, handing me the fruits she'd picked.

Without them, she became more nimble and faster to pick ripe fruits and give them to me. To reach another peach, she put one foot a step higher. The picture that opened up literally caught my eye. The delicate bud opened, exposing the button of her clitoris and revealing the entrance to her moist womb, from which the juice was already flowing.

I set the basket on the ground and held out my hand to Vika, helping her down. We didn't say a word, everything was clear. Vika came down and hugged me. We froze for a moment in a tender kiss. There was no fear of being seen from the street. I didn't care what anyone around me would say or think about me. I had lost my head, fallen in love, gone crazy… My hands stroked the girl's body and enjoyed it immensely.

Velvet, without a single hair, the skin beckoned to touch it again and again. Vika took off my sundress and panties. I freed her from her top and unbuttoned her skirt, which fell to her feet. A few meters away, in the shade of the trees, there was a small sofa, on which we settled down in a valet.

It was the first time I had ever fondled a woman, and it was so delightful that there was no way I could enjoy it. I hadn't even considered how good it felt to kiss someone's vagina before. Those soft lips hiding the wet entrance, the clitoris, which I liked to suck gently. I liked to receive this caress myself, even very much. My husband could caress my crotch with his tongue for a long time, play with my clitoris. But to do it myself, and even with pleasure, I could not even think.

But here I just reveled in delight. And the tongue that fluttered gently between my legs brought my pussy to a state of complete bliss. The ecstasy of pleasure spilled over my body. I suddenly thought that my husband's cock would be good for us now. That thought gave me a powerful orgasm. And my finger inside Vicky felt her vagina contracting. We were cumming. Cumming together. And that made it even more pleasurable.

We rested for a while. Vicky went back to work. Keeping an eye on a hotel, however small, is, I believe, hard. We got dressed and kissed. I returned to the room and, remembering the events of the last hours, dozed off waiting for my husband.

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