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My obedient sex slave

From "The Sexual Adventures of Amelia"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

It so happened that I got a married woman who owed me a very good debt, but she could not pay it off, and if her husband found out, there would be a divorce immediately, she is older than me by 12 years, but looks very good.

I made her a condition:

- You'll be my sex slave for a month, okay?

She had no choice but to agree.

In the morning I dialed her number:

- Hi my slut, are you going to work already?

- Yeah, sure.

- I want you to come to my place.

Half an hour later she was at my place, I opened the door and she came in. I was naked, lying on the couch and spreading my legs. My shaved pink open cunt was looking right at her.

- Lick it! - I shouted.

She came very close to me. I could hear her heavy intermittent breathing. She was a little flustered, but I could tell she was really turned on by it. I could tell by the glint in her eyes that she was getting high on my commanding voice! The girl slowly knelt down on her knees and directed her mouth right to my pussy. And my cunt was not just wet, it was flowing! Her tongue penetrated deep into me, I felt very good, I wrung my breasts and moaned. The slave diligently licked every centimeter of my wet pussy. The liquid from my hole was dripping right onto her tongue. I could see how much she enjoyed licking the moisture from my cunt.

She put her arms around my waist and kept licking, I clamped my legs around her head and cum violently.

She looked up at me.

I stood up and took her by the hair and spit in her face and slapped her.

- You're a good bitch, but you need to be fucked all the time! Take off your panties!

She stood up and took off her panties, exposing her juicy tight ass. Her pubes were smoothly shaved.

- Fuck your holes with your fingers, bitch!

She obediently stuck two fingers into her wet cunt. I grabbed her firm breasts with my hand and began to squeeze them.

- You are my whore, bitch, you will be fucked by anyone I want and in all your holes, you will fulfill all my wishes, you are my whore, understand, whore?

- Yes. - the girl exhaled with undisguised pleasure, continuing to masturbate her hole.

- Fuck yourself in the ass! - I commanded.

She inserted a finger into her beautiful ass. She moaned so sweetly, obeying my orders! I loved watching my slave girl finger fucking her ass and rubbing her pink clit with her other hand!

I slapped her ass and told her to leave, but without her panties.

- I expect you at my place tonight! - I said imperiously.

The girl nodded obediently.

I dialed my male acquaintances and invited them to my place. I told them that there is a whore and wants to be well fucked.


We drank a bottle of cognac and there she was.

I waved my finger at her and told her to lift her skirt. She shyly lifted her skirt - there were no panties, I stood up and took her by the hair. The girl moaned a little.

- What do you think of the whore?

The men smiled.

- She's good, she's beautiful.

- On your knees, bitch!

She got on her knees, I lifted her skirt and slapped her ass with the palm of my hand.

- Lick their feet!

She crawled up and started kissing their feet, I started finger fucking her in both her cunt and ass at the same time. I really enjoyed humiliating my slave. But she also liked to obey me, to follow my orders.

The guys took off their pants and I grabbed her by the hair and guided her onto their cocks. Her mouth was open and ready to receive the men's cocks. She began to obediently suck the cocks one by one in turn.

- Deeper bitch, swallow completely, show the men what a whore you are, come on suck it slut! - I ordered.

She sucked two cocks at once, panting, drooling, the men tried to shove their cocks as deep as possible into her throat.

Then she sat on top of the cock of one, the other entered her ass, she screamed with pleasure. Suddenly she suddenly cummed with a copious stream of squirt. The men loved it. They were pounding her ass and cunt, while I sat near her head and let them lick my horny cunt. The men switched places and positions from time to time.

- So, bitch, do you like being fucked? Your husband doesn't fuck you like that, you should thank me for making you a whore, you fucking bitch!

I grabbed her face and spit in it.

They kept changing positions.

The first one cum on her face, cum was everywhere, running down her lips and chin. The second abundant stream of cum straight into her mouth, the girl with great pleasure and loud moans swallowed all his cum to the last drop. They let her suck his cocks and sat down on the couch, she lay down next to him, I sat down beside her.

- So, my slut, did you like it?

She lay silently, cum dripping off her face and breasts. I picked up the cum residue from her body with my fingers and let her lick my fingers. The slave was savoring every drop of cum, sucking diligently on each of my fingers.

- You need to be washed, let's go to the bathroom, bitch

She obediently got up and came with me. The girl wanted to go into the bathroom, but I ordered her to:

- I told you to go to the bathroom!

I put her head on the toilet, called the guys and told them to piss on her. They took turns pissing on her, hot stream flowing over her head, face and lips. With loud moans, the slave opened her mouth, letting them know she wanted to take the piss in her mouth. Her mouth kept filling with piss and she kept swallowing and swallowing!

- Insatiable bitch! - I said and took off my panties too. I lifted my foot on the toilet and began to piss the slave in the pre-prepared open mouth. After everyone finished pissing into the mouth of my submissive slave, I made her lick everything off the toilet and the floor. The girl complied with the order with genuine pleasure.

After this amusing act we all continued drinking cognac, and I made the girl sit across from us and fuck her holes with the vibrator I had brought. She fucked her ass and pussy for a long time, rubbing her clit. She was cumming again and again!

We all fucked her one more time, cumming and pissing her, and I let her go home.

The next morning I had the slave again...

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