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5 Great Self-Care Ideas to Get You Through Quarantine

by Chris Dee 12 months ago in advice

Self-care can work wonders when life gets crazy and hectic

You may not have any control over what’s happening in the rest of the world right now, but the good news is you can control your response to the chaos. Self-care can work wonders when life gets crazy and hectic, so, unsurprisingly, it’s getting so many of us through quarantine in one piece.

If you admittedly aren’t great at self-care, the following ideas can help you make it an essential part of your ongoing routine going forward. If you’re looking for new ways to be kind to yourself (or help a friend do the same for herself), here are some solutions to consider.

1. Get back on board with your exercise regimen.

Too much sitting around at home when you’re not used to it can easily lead to a lazy, slow feeling that’s anything but enjoyable. Getting up and getting moving is the perfect solution for lots of reasons. Not only does it banish that sluggish feeling in record time, but doing something you know is so good for you helps you feel productive, as well.

You don’t need to go to an outside gym to get in a good workout. A walk or jog around the neighborhood is a great way to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine while you’re getting your blood pumping. Alternatively, this is a great time to get to work on the home gym of your dreams you’ve always wanted.

2. Embrace your inner writer.

Writing is therapeutic on so many levels. It can help you quiet the noise in your head by organizing your thoughts and helping you make sense of any complicated feelings you might be having right now. If you’ve been thinking of picking up a new outlet for your creativity, writing works like a charm from that standpoint, as well.

If you’re the creative writing type, that’s great, but you don’t have to be to get something out of the act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys). Did summer find you missing those easy connections with friends and relatives? Catch up on your snail mail writing or your thank you notes. Are you looking to become more mindful? Start a journal and launch a habit of writing in it every day. Then watch what happens.

3. Unplug for a little while.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can be great ways to keep up with what’s going on in the world and stay in touch with loved ones. The same goes for email. However, all those things can quickly add up to overstimulation when a lot is going on globally. If you’ve wanted a break from all that, consider this the permission you’ve been waiting for.

You don’t have to unplug for a long time to reap the benefits. Put away your phone and your laptop for a single day and do something truly good for your soul instead. Spend the afternoon in your garden or read a book from cover to cover in a single sitting. Paint a picture. Hang out in the kitchen all day baking. Your Instagram feed will be there waiting for you when you get back, and you’ll feel a lot more centered.

4. Catch up on your sleep (among other things.)

If you’re like most people, you’re not exactly getting the best sleep of your life right now. All the more reason to chip away at that sleep debt someday soon! The next time you can swing it, go ahead and sleep in in the morning. (No alarms allowed!) Alternatively, treat yourself to a warm, soothing bath and a refreshing evening nap before dinner.

Need some help falling asleep? Take your partner with you and indulge in some serious cuddle time (or more, if you’re in the mood) before drifting off together. Sexy and single right now? Treat yourself to a perfect luxury vibrator for your nightstand and take it for a test run before it’s time to head for dreamland.

5. Learn something new.

There’s nothing like learning something new (or brushing up on an existing skill) to make you feel like you’re using your quarantine time wisely. And there are plenty of opportunities to get educated on numerous topics right there at your fingertips these days. Think of something you’ve always wanted to learn and go for it.

Pick up that second (or third) language you’ve always wanted to learn. Sign up for a video course on history, film appreciation, cooking, entrepreneurship, or whatever else happens to strike your fancy. Not only will it keep your mind engaged, but the thrill that comes with improving yourself helps take the edge off that quarantine gloom.

Ultimately, this time in our collective history is what we make of it. Taking the time to be good to yourself right now when you need it most is a beautiful way to make this period in your life as pleasant as possible.


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