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Is Masturbation the Ultimate Form of Female Empowerment?

by Chris Dee about a year ago in sexual wellness

Masturbation is incredibly beneficial to everyone, women included.

Although people are definitely better about speaking openly about it than they once were, the topic of female masturbation remains a bit taboo. Many women are still embarrassed to admit that they masturbate at all, and far too often, other people would rather not think about it, let alone discuss it. Isn’t it time we changed that?

Masturbation is incredibly beneficial to everyone, women included, and those benefits are about more than a person’s sexual health. For women, especially, taking control of one’s own satisfaction can be a highly empowering act well worth exploring. Here’s a closer look at what it can do for you.

Get to know your body better.

If you’re one of the many women who are fed up with being told there’s something shameful about their bodies, then masturbation is for you. There’s nothing unnatural, untoward, or ugly about female sexuality. All people are sexual beings, women included, and it’s perfectly healthy and natural to want to express that.

Sex with a partner is great, but sexual pleasure isn’t something you need to wait to receive from another person. It can (and should) also be something you give yourself at least occasionally. Masturbation is the best way to learn how your body most likes to be touched, especially when it comes to achieving orgasm. Taking control of your own pleasure in this way can be profoundly empowering and terrific for building confidence.

Solo sex can make you a better lover.

Treating yourself to the occasional orgasm once in a while won’t hurt your sex life with your partner if you have one. If anything, it will make it better, more active, and more passionate. The more sex you have (with yourself or someone else,) the more sex your body will crave. Many women find adding masturbation to their repertoire makes them crave sex with their partner more often, not less. The chances are excellent that you’re the same.

Plus, the more you learn about how your body best experiences pleasure, the better direction you can give your partner in the bedroom. Most people badly want their partners to enjoy sex to the fullest, so your newfound sexual confidence and assertiveness are bound to be welcome developments on many levels.

It’s fantastic exercise.

If you’re not the type who tends to think of working out as fun, then you might be surprised to learn that any kind of sexual activity – including masturbation – counts as exercise. The more you do it, the more you get into it, and the longer you spend doing it, the greater the associated benefits. The following are just a few examples.

  • Intensely vigorous masturbation gets your heart rate up high enough to benefit your cardiovascular health.
  • Many of your lower body muscles wind up getting a workout as well, including the muscles in your butt and your inner thighs.
  • If you frequently forget to do your Kegels, you’ll be happy to know masturbation is a great way to give your pelvic floor a little toning-up session.
  • Sexual activity helps boost stamina, build strength, and burn calories, as well.

You’re unlikely to masturbate or have sex so much that it eliminates the need for a proper exercise plan. However, it can help the cause when it comes to getting fit and staying that way, especially when it comes to realizing how enjoyable exercise can be.

Keep the effects of cumulative stress at bay.

Keeping your stress levels to a minimum is easier to think about than it is to accomplish, especially with everything going on in the world today. Sexual activity is the perfect stress buster, though. Sure, you can and should do it with your partner, but it’s nice to know your next mind-blowing orgasm is only as far away as you say it is. Here are a few of the ways going for it whenever the mood strikes helps keep stress under control.

  • An orgasm floods your body with endorphins, helping to boost your mood and improve your overall outlook on life.
  • The very act of becoming sexually aroused and bringing yourself to orgasm gives you a much-needed break from stressful thoughts.
  • Orgasms, especially right before bed, can improve your sleep, as well as help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

As you can see, the benefits of masturbating are nothing to sneeze at, so it’s well worth doing. There’s even evidence out there that masturbating helps strengthen your immune system, promotes cognition retention as you age, and offsets the effects of mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

So, whether you prefer to keep things just between you and your vibrator or you like to get your partner involved, a little self-love can be a beautiful, healthy thing. Embrace the possibilities for yourself and find out firsthand.

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