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5 Female Sexuality Myths It’s Time to Stop Believing

by Chris Dee 4 months ago in list

Men aren’t the only ones who are guilty of buying into these myths

In a day and age that finds independent women everywhere going out and writing their own tickets, there’s still a surprising amount of mythology surrounding female sexuality. Many people still think of women as demure creatures who simply don’t have the same lusty urges men do. There’s also still a fair lack of understanding as to how female sexuality works in the first place.

Men aren’t the only ones who are guilty of buying into these myths, either. A surprising number of women still believe in them, as well, whether it’s because of upbringing, social conditioning, or something else entirely. The following are some excellent examples to be aware of.

1. Women are pickier when choosing partners than men.

This persistent myth dictates that women are hyper-choosy when considering potential sexual partners, mainly because it’s also assumed that women are more interested in serious relationships. However, according to a recent study conducted during a speed-dating event, men can be just as picky as women depending on the context.

The determining factor seems to be who’s doing the approaching. In male-female dating situations, as the study referenced, the men become pickier when the women are the ones doing the approaching. In other words, someone presenting themselves to another person as a potential sex partner is what causes that person to view them through more discerning eyes regardless of their gender.

2. Vibrators are for single women with no sexual partner.

If you still erroneously think of a vibrator as something to reach for when you don’t happen to have a real, live partner at the ready, it’s time to think again. Numerous studies and surveys have shown that vibrator use is widespread, with roughly half of all people – male or female, with access to a partner or otherwise – regularly using vibrators and other sex toys.

Masturbation is a healthy part of anyone’s sex life, and it’s certainly a valid expression of female sexuality. Taking responsibility for one’s own sexual pleasure can be an empowering, enjoyable experience – something for a woman to enjoy to the fullest whether she has a partner or not. Many people of every gender identity enjoy using sex toys with their partner, as well.

3. Women have fewer orgasms than men.

There’s a lot of talk out there about the so-called orgasm gap between men and women, with most people believing that women don’t orgasm as frequently as a rule. Yes, many women need more than a quick pounding to experience a big finish of their own, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t orgasm as often.

First, women tend to be less likely on average to report having had an orgasm, so their partners are less likely to be aware that it’s happened. Also, studies show that commitment plays a vital role in how frequently women experience orgasm when getting down and dirty with their partners. Those in long-term relationships experience orgasms with nearly equal frequency to their male counterparts, as long-term partners typically pay more attention to the other person’s needs in the bedroom.

4. Most women dislike casual sex.

Just about every woman knows someone who still believes men and women have entirely different motivations for seeking out partners. Men are thought only to be interested in sex, while women are almost always looking for a long-term commitment. By now, there’s a lot of evidence out there that proves this really isn’t the case.

Women these days are just as likely to enjoy a free, more casual approach to sex as men are. And, of course, there are many men out there who are more commitment-oriented and focused on finding that one special someone with whom to build a life. A woman also becomes more likely to seize an opportunity to have casual sex with an attractive partner if she feels she can also avoid being stigmatized for doing so.

5. Women become less interested in sex as they age.

Don’t let those old television sitcoms fool you. The middle-aged housewife who’s no longer interested in having sex with her spouse, herself, or anyone else is a myth that really deserves to be busted. According to a University of Texas study, a woman’s sex drive is more likely to increase as she gets older, especially through her 30s and 40s.

Sex, on average, becomes much better and more satisfying for women as they age, as well. A woman in her 40s is much likelier to report experiencing powerful, toe-curling orgasms. She’s also more likely to be multi-orgasmic, so don’t let anyone tell you older women don’t sizzle in the bedroom anymore.

Overall, women are just as sexual and capable of enjoying sex to the utmost as anyone else. No matter what your age or relationship situation, your sex life is what you make of it!

Chris Dee
Chris Dee
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