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5 Things Everyone’s Still Getting Wrong About Female Sexuality

by Chris Dee 7 months ago in sexual wellness

Here are some persistent misconceptions we need to do away with sooner rather than later

We’ve come a long way over the years regarding how we think about and approach sex. People are increasingly comfortable talking about it. They’re more comfortable considering alternative ways to have a sex life in the first place, as well.

However, there’s still quite a bit people don’t have right just yet, especially when it comes to female sexuality. The following are some of the more persistent misconceptions we need to do away with sooner rather than later.

1. Women don’t like casual sex as much as men.

With society becoming more accepting of different ways to approach one’s sexuality, it’s also more socially acceptable to forgo committed relationships altogether in favor of casual sex. This is the case for both men and women, but the myth persists that women are less likely to want things this way.

Women are just as likely to be interested in a casual encounter as men, especially if they perceive their potential hook-up partner to be good in bed. However, many women still report being concerned about the potential social stigma attached to that decision.

2. Women don’t prioritize the same things as men in a sexual partner.

Even in a day and age that finds more women than ever working for a living and calling all their own shots in life, there are many folks out there who still think women primarily look for power and status in a sexual partner. Meanwhile, men are supposed to be out there hoping to land a young, attractive partner.

Recent studies show that both men and women value a wide variety of traits in relationship partners and sexual conquests to equal degrees. A man is just as likely as a woman to be attracted to a powerful partner, and women greatly appreciate good youthful looks in their partners, as well.

3. The G-spot is a one-way ticket to infinite female orgasms.

Both men and women are more likely to know about the female G-spot in the first place these days, but neither gender has a thorough understanding of what finally locating it will do for their sex lives. It’s not a magic button capable of producing an unlimited number of effortless orgasms.

For some women, G-spot stimulation significantly increases the chances of having an orgasm during a particular encounter. However, it needs to be correctly located and properly stimulated using firm pressure. (A specially designed vibrator, like the Lola G, or similar sex toys can help with this.) Even then, it may or may not produce an orgasm, and many women find they don’t enjoy G-spot stimulation at all. That said, it’s definitely a matter of preference.

4. Some women’s bodies are physically incapable of experiencing orgasm.

Although some conditions and circumstances can make it extremely difficult for certain people to experience orgasm, this isn’t more likely to happen to women than men. The vast majority of people are 100 percent capable of experiencing sexual pleasure, up to and including orgasm. A woman who has never experienced an orgasm isn’t broken, nor is there anything wrong with a woman who’s unable to orgasm through penetrative intercourse alone. (Most women need more than just penetration.)

The lingering stigma surrounding female masturbation means many women still discover self-pleasure later in life than men. The additional stigma that discourages women from insisting on orgasms as a standard part of a sexual experience may keep some from asking a partner for what their body needs in bed, even if they know what it is, as well.

5. Women don’t think about sex as often as men do.

Again, it’s less that women don’t crave or enjoy sex as thoroughly as men do and more that they’re socially conditioned not to talk about their desires as openly. Men, on the other hand, are still encouraged to do the exact opposite. However, there’s a lot of evidence suggesting that neither gender is innately hornier than the other or more likely to find themselves thinking about sex throughout the average day.

Women are just as likely as men to enjoy watching porn or indulging in the occasional sexual fantasy. They’re also equally likely to enjoy watching sexy movies, taking a gander at an attractive person of their preferred gender, experimenting in the bedroom, and so forth.

At the end of the day, women aren’t as different from men as many people still want to think. Where there are differences, lingering social views that stigmatize women who are sexually uninhibited, knowledgeable about their bodies, and interested in having a healthy sex life are often to blame.

What erroneous sexual beliefs are you guilty of buying into about women? How do you personally go about breaking down common misconceptions about how women view, approach, and experience sex?

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