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5 Lies Women Need to Stop Believing Immediately

How many myths do you still buy into?

By Chris DeePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Even in 2020, society still tends to lie to women about pretty much everything. Modern ladies of all ages are given impossible standards to meet and told how they should want to look, what they should want out of life, and so much more. It’s officially time to stop buying into these widespread myths, and the process starts with becoming more aware of them. How many of the following do you still buy into?

1. A “bikini body” has to look a particular way.

It’s high time every woman let go of the concept of the “bikini body.” It’s fine to want to be in good shape and to care how you look. You don’t need any one particular physique before you’re officially “allowed” to wear a bikini. Bikinis come in all shapes, sizes, and styles for a reason – because they’re for everyone.

If you have a body and a bikini to put on it, you have a bikini body. You don’t need to lose weight or get fit first unless you genuinely want to. Why not simply find a style you like, put it on, and rock it like the boss that you are instead? It might be more freeing than you think.

2. Single life isn’t as important as married life.

Don’t get us wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being married or with wanting to be someone’s wife one day. Just don’t forget that there’s a lot to love about being single, too. Even if you do get married one day and find family life every bit as rewarding as you think you will, that doesn’t make your single years any less significant.

A woman’s single years are often the years she spends getting to know herself and figuring out what she truly wants out of life. They’re usually the years you have the most time and energy to cultivate hobbies, learn new things, travel the world, or so whatever it is you want to do, as well. Some people even love the single life so much, they decide to make it their forever choice – good food for thought.

3. You’re not a real woman until you have children.

As with marriage, motherhood can be a fantastic experience if it’s right for you. That doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone or that any one woman isn’t whole until she has a baby. You don’t need to experience pregnancy, childhood, and motherhood to prove you’re a “real” woman either, so don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Not every woman wants to have children, can have children, or is hard-wired to be a natural mother. Having a body that can bear children doesn’t require you to do so any more than having a voice requires you to become a singer. Being child-free, either intentionally or otherwise, does not make a woman any less “real.”

4. It’s possible to have standards that are too high.

You may have heard that you want too much, expect too much from others, and are too picky before. Know that there’s no such thing, especially when it comes to your relationships with other people. Everyone deserves to be treated well and respected to the same degree anyone else does.

Keep in mind that settling for less than you genuinely want in life rarely to never works out in the end. If being with someone specific or saying yes to any one situation in life means accepting less than you know you’re worth, keep looking. You’ll eventually be glad you did. If you fill your life up with the wrong things and the wrong people, there won’t be room left for the right ones.

5. A woman’s body isn’t good at experiencing pleasure.

Yes, in the world of heterosexual sex, the orgasm gap is a genuine thing. It’s also true that many women have trouble reaching orgasm and that still more may never have had an orgasm before. This does not mean women’s bodies aren’t good at sex or good at experiencing pleasure. All you have to consider to know that’s not true is the potential the female body has to experience multiple orgasms, a concept mostly foreign to many male bodies.

If this is a lie you buy into, flip the script by taking responsibility for your pleasure into your own capable hands. Treat yourself to a luxury vibrator, like the Cadenza, and spend some time using it to build an understanding of how your body experiences pleasure. Communicate what you learn to partners you may have to make sex better and more satisfying in the future.

A huge part of reaching your full potential as a woman is unlearning the myths society teaches over the years. The above examples are great places to start but don’t be afraid to look for others as well.


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