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Why Tokyo's Local Food Scene Is a Culinary Adventure Waiting to Be Explored

Must-Try Japanese Favourites

By Gabriel AnthonyPublished 26 days ago 3 min read
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Tokyo has long been hailed as a popular travel destination. Its culture, history, and attractions are draws for travellers who love to discover new things. One other thing that makes Tokyo the famed travel destination that it is its food scene. Tokyo’s culinary world paints a vivid picture of the country’s rich past and culture. If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, you must take the time to sample its delicious culinary offerings. Here’s why Tokyo is a culinary adventure waiting to explored.


Sushi is synonymous with Japanese cuisine, and one reason why the cuisine is known the world over. This dish is a treat for all senses. It’s eye pleasing as well as delicious. Sushi has several variations, all of which can be sampled during your time in Tokyo. Sushi was initially a method of preserveing rice and fish. The original process took days and even months. This process fell out of favour because it was so time consuming. Come the 16th century, rice vingegar was developed, and the fermenting process became much simpler. It was during the Edo period that sushi that you see today began to take shape. The size was much bigger back then, and there was much more fish.

Sushi is part of the street food scene as well as the upscale dining mileau of Tokyo. Whether you walk into a roadside stall or a restaurant, you can buy a plate of delicious sushi.


During the 18th century, soba became a popular fast food favourite. The best way to enjoy a bowl of soba is to slurp. You might think it’s not good manners, but don’t worry; your Japanese contingent will be sulpuring their soba too. Made of buchwheat noodles, soba is an inherent part of Tokyo’s street food scene.

Want to make the most of your extended stay in Tokyo by exploring fast food joints and restaurants? Choose the right place to stay. The right place will have a central location and other amenities to make your stay comfortable. Tokyo offers you a diverse array of stay options. Among them are the likes of Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown.


Monjayaki originated in the 19th century as a simple snack for kids.  It’s a simple yet delicious dish that will have your mouth water from miles away. It’s made of wheat, water, and cabbage, all mixed together and cooked on a hot girdle. Tokyo’s eateries offer variations, from spicy Monjayaki to seafood varieties.


Fukagawa-meshi, or clam rice, is another local favourite. It’s a delicious bowl of steamed rice with a generous topping of littleneck clam, leeks, and tofu. The dish was developed as a snack for fihsermen during the Edo period. Its popularity persisted throughout the centuries, and today, it’s a local favourtie loved by both the Japanese and foreign travellers.

Dojo-nabe and Yanagawa-nabe

If you love hot pot dishes, Dojo-nabe and Yanagawa-nabe are must tries. They are both essentially the same thing but with small differences. Dojo-nabe is a pot dish made with freshwater fish cooked in soy sauce and served with a topping of scallions. Yanagawa-nabe is also a pot dish made with freshwater fish, eggs, and burdock. Freshwater fish, also known as Loach, has been used in Japanese dishes since the Edo period.


Another hot spot dish that makes Tokyo’s culinary world the wonder that it is, Chanko-nabe makes for a hearty meal – order one if you’re feeling really hungry. It’s made with lots of seasonal veggies, meat, and seafood. Chanko-nabe is a dish popular with sumo wrestlers.

Island Cuisine

Japan’s island cuisine is an extraordinary treat and forms an essential part of Tokyo’s cuisine. Residents of Ogasawara and Izu make seafood in a variety of ways. They like to eat seafood raw, but grilled and steamed seafood are also favourites. For instance, in Kanto, you find eel broiled, steamed, and then grilled.


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