Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast Options

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Ways to cut meat from your morning meal.

Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast Options

Whether you are committed to being a non-meat eater, or just want to reduce the animal products in your diet, you are likely to find that breakfast is the easiest option to go vegetarian or vegan. To review, vegetarians do not eat meat. Vegans do not eat meat or any foods with animal byproducts although some foods can be at issue within the vegan community.

Eggs as a breakfast staple.

The first step to transition to a vegetarian, or vegan breakfast is to determine what proteins you will use. For vegetarians, eggs are the easiest option. They are simple, inexpensive, and versatile. Boiling a dozen eggs on Sunday evening to eat throughout the week is a simple way to have protein each morning for breakfast. Scrambling eggs takes only a few minutes, and also can serve as a wonderful protein option. Foods can be added to scrambled eggs to make them heartier. Try them with salsa, guacamole, bacon, cheese, or other toppings.

Other ways to cook eggs are to make a frittata, or casserole. To make a frittata, start as if making scrambled eggs. Let the eggs set in a skillet, and then add toppings, such as tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cheese, and other ingredients. Allow the eggs to set with the toppings, and then slide them out of the skillet. For a quiche, beats eggs combined with milk, garlic, salt, and pepper. Add them with other chosen ingredients to a pie crust. bake, and then serve in delicious slices.

Peanut and other nut butters can be quick breakfast solutions.

Vegans cannot use eggs in their diet as proteins, so they have to be a bit more thoughtful. Peanut, or other nut butters are an excellent way to go. Try toasting bread, and spreading a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter on it. Then try sprinkling cinnamon, or putting sliced bananas or strawberries on the bread for a complete, filling breakfast. Also consider using peanut butter as an ingredient in pancakes to make these normally carb-laden breakfast goodies a protein-rich vegan option.

Avocado should become standard fare.

Avocados are a superfood. They are high in good fats and calories, but are also a great source of protein. They also are flexible foods. Avocado toast isn’t just for millenials. Try it out! Use a fork to soften avocado in a bowl. Add in salt, pepper, and lime to taste. Spread this avocado mixture over toasted bread, and enjoy! Another option is to toast an English muffin. Put slices of avocado, and tomato slices on the English muffin, and have a hearty breakfast.

Don’t discount a whole foods meal.

Sometimes simple is better. Create a breakfast plate that has the basic food groups covered with whole foods. Try slices of avocado, nuts, or a boiled egg for a protein. Add a whole fruit, such as a banana, an apple, or a peach. Next, include a vegetable; tomatoes are a go-to for breakfast. Also consider trying spinach drizzled with a light vinaigrette, peas, or cut broccoli or cauliflower. If needed, choose a sauce or dip, such as salsa, hummus, or dressing. This type of breakfast takes only a few minutes to put together, but is a tasty, clean way to start the day.

Granola bars are a grab and go breakfast.

One option for granola bars is to buy them, which certainly is a simple option. You also may want to consider making granola bars, or granola balls, which are naturally vegetarian, and can be vegan. Rolled oats are the main ingredient, but you also will need something to hold the ingredients together. Honey or molasses are the best binders for granola bars. For something to help hold the bars together, try butter or olive oil. To these simple fixings, add nuts, dried fruits, sweet bites, and other items until the mixture can be folded into a baking dish. Bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees; after cooling, cut into bars, and store.

Brandi Brown
Brandi Brown
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