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The City of Los Angeles

Whatever you want to eat, you can have.

By Jamie Lee | STELLA BROWNPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The City of Los Angeles
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I moved to the city of Los Angeles in March of 2020 just as the pandemic started to take hold of the entire world. Date nights for my man and I turned into living room picnics of local take-out, homemade cocktails, and live virtual concerts. Such a treat in this city, in the lap of luxury, where every kind of cuisine is available top-notch.

I'm also a big foodie. I've had the privilege of eating my way around the world and indulging in diverse tastes of many cultures while studying optimal nutrition and different perspectives of what it means to eat a healthy diet from the east to the west. I have an affinity towards whole and plant-based foods and consider myself a modern flexitarian. My priorities are in authenticity, sustainability, and whole clean ingredients. We have done our due diligence in the take-out department.

Really, all you have to ask yourself is "what am I in the mood for tonight?"

By Jon Tyson on Unsplash

In no particular order....

Cafe Gratitude

This is a fully vegan and plant-based restaurant on Rose Avenue in Venice. However, you need not be a vegan to enjoy their diverse menu of delicious meals, desserts, juices, and smoothies. And they really lean into the affirmation trend by naming their menu items things like "I am whole", or "I am cosmic". Delivering your food with a positive affirmation is doing something special for you, I promise. If you find yourself craving something clean and delicious, stop here on your way off Venice Beach and get it on all the good hipster vibes this place offers. They also have locations in the Arts District Downtown and Larchmont.

Sage Bistro

Another fully vegan restaurant with a modern boho theme and delicious cocktails on the menu. Located in Culver City, there is something on the menu for everybody. My personal favorite is their cauliflower buffalo wings, a must try! Head on over to their space on Sepulveda and experience their eclectic vibe, good eats, and stellar cocktails!

Okay, enough with the plant-based restaurants, let's move on....

Delicious Pizza

Growing up with amazing pizza in New Jersey and New York, I am proud to say we have done a lot of leg work to find some of our favorite local spots. This one, despite the less than glamorous name choice, is currently holding first place for pizza quality in my house. Naturally fermented dough and quality toppings make this one a gut-friendly and indulgent options for those frequent pizza cravings. Locations in West Adams and Hollywood make their delicousness quite accessible.


More pizza. More amazing organic sourdough pizza, paired beautifully with a selection of natural wines, beers, and other eats. Located in Echo Park, this place serves up pizza, snacks, and drinks with attention to detail on the trendy and gut-friendly fermentation process. An absolute must try when you are in the area.


One of my new (to me) favorite spots, Massilia, located on 4th Street in Santa Monica, is a yummy European Bistro serving up French, Italian, Spanish, and Moroccan cuisines with a cozy and beautiful indoor-outdoor ambiance. Truly authentic dishes made with well-sourced ingredients makes this a perfect stop after a walk down 3rd Street Promenade. There is a parking garage just across the street, as well as a bike rental shop (a good option if you really want to work up an appetite by biking the beach trail first!). Get there, get cozy, order a classic negroni, pretend you are in Europe, and indulge to your tummy's desire my friends! You will not regret it.

My Lai

A woman & family-owned Vietnamese restaurant located on Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista is my go-to for take-out. Their modern take on Vietnamese classics and flavors serves up some pretty amazing food you will not feel bad about eating. You can custom build your own bowl of whatever your taste prefers, get a BOMB banh me, and/or some classic egg rolls for lunch or dinner. Out of all the options I give on this list, this one is where I personally go the most.

Tocaya Organica

While we are at no loss for delicious tacos all over Southern California, if you are looking for something with a more modern twist, look no further than Tocaya Organica. With locations in Westwood, Venice, Santa Monica, Playa Vista, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Century City, Downtown (I'll stop here, you get the point, they are everywhere!), you have ample access to their tacos, salads, and amazing guacamole no matter where you find yourself in Los Angeles!

Enjoy & You're Welcome! XO


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