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Riveting online food ordering and delivery facts and statistics that require your prompt attention

Facts and statistics that say everything about the growing food ordering and delivery industry

By Dr. Shamael Zaheer KhanPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Ordering food online has become the order of the day

‘Restaurants that do not go online, will have to go out of sight and business much earlier than anticipated.’

With the sudden outbreak of covid-19, businesses were badly hit, and restaurants were no exception. But the online food delivery model served as the silver lining in the dark clouds in those tough times. Yes! The food delivery software and apps turned out to be a blessing for restaurants and culinary businesses wanting to grow.

To put it across in other words, covid-19 pandemic was a blessing for both restaurants and online food delivery firms. Restaurants were compelled to discontinue in-house dining services and shake hands with food delivery service providers. They had to switch to online delivery of food and meals due to strict imposition of restrictions and lockdown rules across the globe. Customers too enjoyed the luxuries that came along with food deliveries- the ease, the comfort and the convenience- all bundled into one to be delivered to your doorstep.

Ever since then the food delivery services have been witnessing a steady rise. There has been a dramatic surge in online orders, as per the data and statistics retrieved from some food delivery giants viz a viz Zomato, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Foodpanda, and DoorDash.

To build an increased learning about the latest online delivery trends, the industry’s value, and other topics, below given is the list of the most interesting and insightful statistics. Let us take an in-depth look at such statistics.

Insightful and engrossing statistics that are worth a read

• In the United States, 60% of consumers now order takeout or delivery at least once a week.

• Around 6,852 delivery workers must put in a lot of effort to meet the US market’s demand for pizza.

• There were 111 million users of food delivery apps in the US in 2020.

• The worldwide food delivery services market was valued at $115.07 billion as of the year 2020.

• An offer, discount, or coupon is included in 46% of online orders.

• The online food delivery industry has grown three times faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.

• Still, nearly 20% of customers claim to spend more money on off-premise orders than on typical dine-in experiences.

• 58% of people were reluctant to eat at restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• In the US, 60% of consumers order takeout or delivery once a week (or more).

• One-third of customers are willing to pay more for faster delivery.

• In the United States, the meal-kit industry is on the rise.

• By 2030, the online food delivery market is predicted to be worth a whopping $365 billion.

• 31% claim they use these third-party delivery services at minimum twice a week.

• 34% of customers spend $50 to order food online.

• 20% of consumers believe they spend more when ordering off-premises than regular dine out.

• 57% of millennials have ordered delivery from restaurants to watch TV or movies at home.

• Delivery and takeout account for 59% of restaurant orders by millennials.

• By 2020, it will be $38 billion to place orders via mobile apps and smartphones.

• Talk about a swift rise to the top! In 2015, DoorDash’s share of the US food delivery market was just 5%. In 2020 the company snagged a 45% market share and nearly $3 billion in revenue.

• By the end of 2020, UberEATS was available in around 1,000 cities. In 2021, the company was expected to be active in 6,000 cities globally.

• 45% say that they would prefer to see mobile ordering or loyalty programs in order to shop online more frequently.

• Restaurant sales can be increased by working with a third-party service provider.

• 60% of restaurant owners say that offering delivery has brought in additional sales.

• 33% of consumers would be willing to pay a greater fee to receive faster delivery services.

More encouraging statistics and ideas about online ordering for restaurants/food businesses wanting to go online

 Orders placed via their mobile app make up nearly a quarter of all sales at Starbucks locations in the US, according to the coffee company’s Q3 2020 report.

 Domino’s is another chain experiencing massive success from its mobile app; as of late 2020, mobile orders comprise around 75% of Domino’s sales.

 Most online orders, about 60%, are made on smartphones. For that reason, it’s important to ensure your restaurant’s website and online ordering system are optimized for small screens!

 With a surge in orders placed online for both delivery and take-out, quick-service and fast casual restaurants like Burger King and Chipotle have designated specific “lanes” for more efficient order pick-up.

 Pizza restaurants were pioneers in the online ordering space. Pizza Hut first experimented with online ordering in 1994, and then launched the segment’s first mobile ordering app in 2009. It didn’t just let customers order their favorite pies; customers could also play in-app games while they waited for their delivery to arrive.

 23% of restaurants say their customers are more engaged with their online offerings now compared to pre-pandemic times, showing a shift toward digital ordering channels.

 Online ordering systems can help you test menu changes much more easily than with traditional paper menus. Some digital ordering platforms support A/B tests like changing photos or pricing on some customers’ menus, but not on others, so you can test ideas before officially rolling them out.

What makes food ordering and delivery so important and celebrated in today’s times?

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that today’s times are fast paced; and food delivery software and apps are the ones that have eased lives of ravenous consumers and aspiring culinary businesses of today by making the delivery process smooth.

The use of food delivery apps has grown so popular and widespread that research shows that almost four out of four customers use an app for ordering food on their mobile. Attribute it to growing urbanization, sedentary lifestyles, the immense penetration of food delivery apps into our lives or tight work schedules, online food delivery has just brilliantly stepped up the game for the restaurant industry and has quite competitively revolutionized the global food market. This trend of growth was first seen in urban communities, and it is now gradually spreading to other areas as well.

The growth can be attributed to the fact that in this corporate-driven society, where time is of greater importance than everything else, having a door-step restaurant is a lucrative option. People who work from 9 am to 6 p.m. deserve to be pampered frequently through these luscious foods available for ordering and delivery.

One other possible reason why food deliveries have witnessed a surge in sales over the recent few years is that the caretakers behind cooking and preparing a meal at home have become more ambitious and aspirational, thereby finding a solid refuge in food delivery apps- i.e., think of a meal you want to have, make a few taps and clicks and it is ready to be delivered, instead of spending hours on thinking what to cook and then actually cooking it- at least not on the weekends.

When delicious cuisines and mouth-watering food can be delivered to you instantly, that too with great deals and discounts applied, how many would have the nerve to resist it?

Wrapping up

The facts pertaining to food ordering and deliveries are just overwhelming and its statistics whoppingly exciting. Restaurateurs that seek growth soon in time ought to take heed of these fascinating facts and statistics and find an efficient food delivery partner.

It is worth remembering that a moment’s delay in choosing which third-party food delivery app partner to join hands with, the competition is surely going to get stiff.

One other proposition is that the earlier you enter into the online world of food deliveries, the mightier can be your position and stronghold in the industry.


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