Moonshot Review

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Moonshot asserts themselves as an energy drink with a “different kind of buzz”. We’ll see about that.

Moonshot Review

Every beverage claims to be different. There’s some kind of hook or allure to it, and while I understand that from a marketing perspective, sometimes companies’ claims are a little too bold. Moonshot asserts themselves as an energy drink with a “different kind of buzz”. We’ll see about that.

Before even drinking the beverage, I had to give credit where credit is due. Though a cursory glance at the ingredients isn’t really too different from some other energy drinks I’ve tried (taurine, caffeine, b vitamins), the flavor selection is pretty remarkable. Currently, Moonshot offers Tart Cherry, Sour Apple, Orange Grapefruit, Honey Peach, Coconut Pineapple and Lite Pomegranate. The aforementioned flavors contain 115 mg of caffeine, which is enough to garner a low rumble of a buzz for me. They boast three new flavors with 225 mg of caffeine coming soon: Blueberry Lemon Sour, Mango Pina Colada, and Cherry Crisp.

I hadn’t given any thought to the sugar content of the drink, which is usually something I take enough care to look at, but I was too excited about the flavor selection to really think about it. While I’m not on a “diet”, and I don’t count calories, I do prefer my energy drinks to have a minimal amount of sugar. For me, when too much sugar is combined with caffeine, I crash and get what feels like a hangover. Like when I was a kid, ate too much candy, and ended up slumped on the couch watching TV through a sickly sweet haze. I think when sugar makes something like an energy drink taste too good, I have to stay away from it. I’m not supposed to enjoy the flavor that much. The taste should make me suffer a little.

I recently watched this documentary called That Sugar Film, where this guy takes on a Supersize Me kind of challenge and consumes over 40 teaspoons of sugar a day for six weeks. The documentary doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know--that sugar in excess slows the body down, etc. But the most riveting part for me was when the guy went to different parts of America to see how sugar impacts low-income communities. He went to some town in the Midwest where this teenager drank a 12-pk of Mountain Dew every day. The teenager also explained that his three year old cousin drinks Mountain Dew too, and they put it in his baby bottle. The teenager had his teeth removed because they were rotten from Mountain Dew, and after the procedure, he turned to the camera and said “I still love Mountain Dew and I’m still gonna drink it”.

It felt so dark. I thought about all of this when I got my Coconut Pineapple Moonshot in the mail and saw that each can has 41 grams of sugar. I didn’t feel tricked, because I hadn’t investigated it on my own, but I started to understand the Moonshot tagline of “crafting the best tasting energy drink you’ll ever have” before cracking open the can. “Of course it tastes good,” I thought. “There’s 41 grams of sugar in it”. I drank a whole can in a normal allotment of time. It does taste really fucking good. I can’t lie. It’s a great use of coconut flavor, and nothing on God’s earth can make me deny that. The pineapple element is perfectly balanced with the coconut, and it doesn’t feel like the flavors are fighting for dominance in my mouth. It’s really sweet though, and reminded me of a soda. It reminded me of the Mountain Dew boy. It’s sweet to the degree that I had to drink a glass of water after finishing the can. The energy buzz was fine. I felt it, and it was about what I expected. 115 mg is a little more than a traditional cup of coffee, and that was about right. Nothing about it felt markedly different or unique, but a few hours later I was still thinking about the flavor. I was thinking about drinking another one. I didn’t need caffeine, but the flavor was really good. Ultimately, I reasoned with myself and didn’t drink it, because I didn’t want to end up missing teeth and crushing cans in the Midwest because I just HAD to keep drinking Moonshot.

The drink isn’t bad, and I would recommend trying it. The flavor is good, but this isn’t an energy drink that I could recommend drinking daily. If you’re interested in an energy drink you could have on a more regular basis, I’d suggest Pussy Energy Drink or Clean Cause, both of which I’ve already reviewed. This drink is more of a treat...maybe a special occasion energy beverage that you could pour over ice in a nice glass and enjoy slowly…

I’m taking points off for lack of this elusive “different kind of buzz” they spoke of. If they had just sat there and ate their food, instead of reaching, and simply marketed it as what it is (an energy drink that tastes good), I would’ve given it a higher score. But they didn’t, so this one gets 6/10.

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Alyson Lewis
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