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Macro Friendly Hungarian Goulash

by Rhianon Condello about a year ago in recipe

A delightfully creamy, flavorful, crock pot dish!

If this is your first visit to my recipes, welcome! If you are a returner, thank you!

I am a true believer that the world of food should be open to a person and moderation in all things is a great way to live life, that’s why I specialize in creating macro-friendly recipes that are much easier to “fit” in moderation.

As you get to know me, you will find that all my recipes use a moderate to few amount of ingredients because I also believe that cooking should be stress free and not break the budget. I encourage that for all of my recipes you look into buying frozen rather than fresh to promote longevity of each food item if you do not use it again right away.

I would also love to hear your personal spin on any of my recipes! As always, have fun and please enjoy!

I created this recipe last Fall during what I call “crockpot” season. Hungarian goulash used to be a childhood favorite of mine, full of spice with a delightfully creamy sauce. I would highly recommend you don’t go around your friends that don’t regularly eat onions after this one! But seriously even my husband liked this one!

This recipe is suitable for bariatric patients, vegetarians, body builders, anyone who is practicing moderation or just someone looking for a delicious and comfort food inspired classic!

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Makes 12 Serving

Cookware required

Crockpot/InstaPot or Large cooking pot for stovetop

Prep Time

Approx. 15 min

Cooking Time

Approx. 8hrs in slow cooker, 60 min on stove top

Difficulty Level


Hungarian Goulash Base

Make s 12 (300g) servings

2 lbs chopped or sliced onions

1½ cups coarsely chopped green sweet peppers

1tsp garlic powder

1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste

12 cups water

1/2C (35g) paprika

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon black pepper

4C greek fat free plain yogurt

1 pound beef stew meat, cut into 1-inch cubes

(Feel free to substitute for a more tender meat such as chicken)

For vegetarian version substitute stew meat for:

1 (98g) Meatless chicken cutlet (add when serving) I use the Wegmans "Don't Be Chicken"meatless chicken style breasts


· Combine all ingredients, except yogurt and faux chicken (if using stew meat put it right in with everything) into the Crockpot or Instapot

· Cover and cook on “slow cook” for at least 8 hours or can boil on stove top.

· Add yogurt to the entire dish after cooking, prepare and add meatless chicken cutlet when serving for vegetarian version.

Serving suggestion: Top with freeze dried chives, onion and herb Mrs. Dash, tomato garlic basil Mrs. Dash, salt and pepper to taste. I also enjoy adding greek cream cheese to this dish, fat free cheddar, potatoes and serving over “Better Than Pasta Noodles” (Similar to that seen in picture)

Nutrition Hungarian goulash base no meat

1 (300g) Serving

Calories: 80

Fat 0g

Carbs 13g

Protein 7g

Nutrition with stew meat

Serves 12 (~1C portion)

Calories: 165

Fat 6g

Carbs 13g

Protein 14g

Nutrition for the vegetarian version

Serves 12 (~1C portion)

Calories: 180

Fat 4g

Carbs 23g

Protein 19g

Nutrition for the serving suggestion version version

150g portion “Better Than Pasta”, 50g Greek cream cheese, one (98g) meatless chicken cutlet, 50g potato , 1(300g) serving of Hungarian goulash base , topped with 15g fat free cheddar and chives

Calories: 380

Fat 9g

Carbs 45g

Protein 33g


Rhianon Condello

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Rhianon Condello
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