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Just My Cup of Tea!


By KJ AartilaPublished 26 days ago 3 min read
Just My Cup of Tea!
Photo by Vivek Kumar on Unsplash

Just My Cup of Tea!


I drank a cup of warm Matcha Tea this morning, before my first cup of coffee. I like regular Green Tea. Matcha is supposed to have even more beneficial qualities for enhancing a person’s health, so I would like to consider adding it to my repertoire.

I also found out a concern may be Matcha’s higher caffeine content. That, and the comments I have heard about it being strong and bitter, have made me hesitant to try it. It’s been sitting in its unopened box in my cupboard for several months.

It seems my concerns were unnecessary, regarding both the flavor and the potential impacts from the caffeine.

I like adding things toward lifestyle/health improvement, but only to the point that I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing more then I’m gaining. I tried adding Kimchi a couple of times – just no. Not gonna. And Kale I’ve tried using a dozen ways – a no-go also, no matter how “super” it is. But tea I like and can do. Not Sweet Tea, though – yuck!

I gave up drinking caffeinated coffee several years ago, switching to decaf because I was very perturbed with getting the headaches when I didn’t have it. I don’t like the idea of some inane chemical having some sort of control over how I should conduct my day, so I made a choice to change things. I suffered through a couple of days of the stupid withdrawal headaches and a crash in energy and decided I didn’t want to do that again, so I switched from regular coffee to a decent decaf.

I still have the occasional cup or two of regular coffee with breakfast while vacationing, but the effect is truly significant! I start to talk fast and get bouncy in my seat. If I drink more than that, my hands get shaky (which I hate), and my heart starts to race. Affects you don’t personally notice, or become immune to yourself, if you drink it every day.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my thirties. Now I've been drinking it for twenty years. I "blame" my now husband, who has been an avid coffee-drinker for most of his life.

Before I was really used to it, and I had a bunch of homework to do, I made and drank a whole pot of Kona (my boyfriend’s/husband's “good” coffee). Wow, did I have some energy then!

So, I drank a cup of the Matcha this morning and I found it to be quite mild in its flavor and the caffeine kick.

Maybe I was hoping for that huge burst of caffeine-infused power on which writers are noted to thrive. I didn’t find that overwhelming spark of creativity or inspiration or vivid focus, to my disappointment. Possibly a small boost in motivation while washing the morning dishes and fixing our usual oatmeal breakfast; but maybe it was all just wishful thinking, and all we’ll ever get from it is this less-than-fulfilling story. But at least I can feel good about taking in something healthy, right? It isn’t bad, I was just expecting more. And therein lies the problem. Expectations.

I really didn’t mind Matcha and look forward to trying another cup tomorrow. It is only tea bags, though, not the powder. I wonder if that makes a difference?


Thank you for reading! What are your experiences with Matcha? Is there a difference in the product if you use tea bags over the powder, or steeping the leaves? What experiences can you share about trying decaf coffee?


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A writer of words in northern WI with a small family and a large menagerie.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran25 days ago

    Never tried matcha before because the colour seems so unappealing to me, lol. But I think the powder may be stronger. I may be wrong though 😅😅

  • sleepy drafts25 days ago

    Ou, I keep meaning to try matcha, honestly. I've been trying to find some kind of coffee replacement, myself lol! Thanks for writing this! It's good to have an idea of what to expect 💚

  • I wonder if the powder can matcha the bags. Or if it can matcha peach or dark cherry herbal. (I do try to avoid caffeine, for the most part. The two exceptions being chocolate &...) Or if it can matcha kombucha. Or if it can matcha hot chocolate. Okay, enough of that. I did enjoy this article, KJ, even if you didn't feel inspired.

  • Thavien Yliaster25 days ago

    I've had matcha before. It's It's. Nothing to brag home about. I know that Gina drinks this new mixture called mud water which gives her a bunch of energy. I heard that stuff tastes good (and much better than it looks). When it comes to matcha though I enjoy it in ice cream. It's nice and mellow, kind if like vanilla. Not overpowering and just enjoyable. Sorry to hear about Your headaches. We're more alike now in that regards. Though when I drink coffee it tends to make me sleepy. I hate drinking it when I need it which is rare once in a blue moon cause it's just forced awakeness. It just block the sleep hormone from binding to Your neural receptors. Try eating chocolate covered coffee beans. Those are delicious and will give You the kick You need. I've never really been into superfoods like kale. I look at kale and think it wishes it were seaweed. One of my coworkers told me that he takes kale dust it in garlic powder, adds a bit of butter and air fries it. Says it's wonderful and him and his girlfriend love it. Kong coffee? Like from Hawaii's bear Island, Kona? Yeah, that's that good stuff. The strong stuff. You drink that and can drive around the entire island and Your car will breakdown before You do. Try out some matcha ice cream Keila, tell me if You like it.

  • Daphsam25 days ago

    I have to give Matcha a try! I have seen it in the stores but never have tried it. I will now!! Thank you!!

  • Mother Combs25 days ago

    Never heard of Matcha, tbh

  • Great work! Love matcha and going to make some now!

  • Cathy holmes26 days ago

    Never tried it, and never even heard of it.

  • Randy Baker26 days ago

    I learned about something new here - Matcha. Never heard of it before. This was a good piece, despite your unkind words regarding kale and caffeinated coffee. lol

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