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Why Cutting Out Meat Is Good

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

There is no such thing as being part vegan. You either are or you are not. It’s like a switch; it is either on or off. There is no halfway house.

The three states are:

Meat Eaters (carnivores , pescatorians, and whatever you call people who eat chicken and other types of meat).

Essentially to be one of these creatures have to be killed to provide your diet. I am not berating anyone or calling them out I am just stating a fact. Most people could not kill , cook and eat a living creature , or even use roadkill. I eat fish and chicken and the odd bit of red meat.


No killing of animals to eat , although you can still drink not vegetable based milk and eat cheese, eggs and milk based dairy products . Doing this can incur the wrath of vegans as often calves are taken away from their mothers so that all the mothers milk goes for human consumption. Fifty years ago I worked on a dairy farm and that never happened. Calves were fed by their mothers until they were ready to fend for themselves and, yes some went to be killed for meat , some went for breeding or to became milk producers, but it wasn’t a factory farm and the animals were kept humanely.

So vegetarians have some leeway in their diet.


The thing is that true vegans are not aggressive or judgemental, they are adventurous and inventive. When you eat a vegan meal you more than often think “what the hell” and are taken in and end up addicted.

Lots of people ask me if I am vegan and I tell them, “No I am just fussy”. Vegan food is usually an adventure to cook. Jack Monroe’s Peach and Chickpea Curry is wonderful but is not something that you would even think of making in standard cooking. She also suggests you can use mandarin oranges , which I didn't think worked but I tried it with Apricots and it was excellent.

The thing is when you knock out all meat and dairy products you need to become inventive, and vegan cookery is , with spices , seasoning and the most unexpected ingredients.

I live in Newcastle and we are served with great Vegan outlets such as Snackwallah , Vegano (who actually served me some wonderful Tofu that I normally hate) , and our local amazing Indian restaurant Rajnagar have a brilliant Vegetarian section (which may be vegan).


As I get older I am tending towards a preference for vegetarian / vegan options . Meat seems to just lie about , heavy in your system , and I feel that the vegetable and fruit based options are far more palatable to me , fill me up and satisfy me more and I suppose are actually cheaper to produce.

I do still like chocolate despite being diabetic , but there are lots of tasty vegan chocolate options , as well as cake and other sweet treats. I don’t drink alcohol , but there are more and more vegan options in that area available too.

I am quite surprised that I have managed to write so much on this without actually having any in depth knowledge on the subjects , most of this is just my opinion and taste.

A lot of carnivores say they could never give up steaks, sausages or bacon , fish or chicken, but what if you had to? I also wonder if the world went vegan. What would happen to the factory farms? Everything you make using meat has a vegan option, though I don’t necessarily want vegan chicken or bacon, but have had some great vegetarian sausages. Often they are dry but I was told to marinade them in olive oil.

As they are using “Mamunia” by Wings to advertise the Linda McCartney food range , I will share the full version of that with you as well as the advert, but I can't find that , sorry.

And also TRY VEGAN FOOD , is is good and good for you.


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