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Everything Seasoning Crackers

Are these crackers everything? Maybe...

By UglyYummiesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - December 2023

It's time for another crunchy cracker recipe! While my cheddar crackers are my most popular, these everything crackers have a few die-hard fans who are always on the lookout for a restock. This recipe is very similar to the cheddar crackers. Originally, I used butter in this recipe like I do with the cheddar, but I wanted to make an option that I could share with friends who don't eat dairy. So, on a whim, I switched out the butter for olive oil. They were an absolute hit!

A quick note: Normally I buy my everything bagel seasoning at Costco, but lately, I've been using the Einstein's brand bagel seasoning from Walmart and loving it! The only problem I've ever had with everything bagel seasoning is that a few components, like poppyseeds and salt, tend to settle at the bottom of the canister. This can result in very salty crackers when you're at the end of the canister if you're not careful to shake it up. It can also help to scoop it out rather than sprinkle it directly from the canister. The hole tops sometimes mess with the distribution of the seasoning ingredients.

Without further ado, let's talk ingredients: 250g sourdough discard (about 1 cup), 150g flour (~1+1/4 cups), 50g olive oil (~1/4 cup), 25g everything seasoning (2 tbs) plus more for sprinkling. Again, like the cheddar crackers, this is half of what I make at one time.

1. Mix the discard with olive oil thoroughly. It's okay if the discard is not all from one toss. Feel free to collect it in a jar in the fridge until you have enough!

2. Combine flour and everything seasoning. If you add the seasoning after the flour, you'll just have to knead longer to make sure that the seasoning is evenly spread throughout the dough. It's embarrassing how often I make this mistake and it is a pain...

3. Gradually add the flour and bagel seasoning to the discard and oil mixture, stirring until well incorporated. Once all of the flour is added, knead until the consistency of the dough is the same throughout and there aren't any dry spots. It shouldn't feel too sticky because of the olive oil, so it's pretty easy to get a smooth consistency.

4. Separate the dough into chunks about the size of billiard balls for a half-sheet pan or half of that for a quarter sheet (about the size of a normal cookie sheet).

5. Roll out a ball on a floured surface, adding flour to the top to prevent sticking to the rolling pin. I like to flip the dough and sprinkle more flour periodically to make sure nothing gets too sticky. Roll until thinner than a tortilla, but just thick enough that you can lift it. It's okay to have holes around bigger seeds. That happens often around the edges.

6. Transfer to a pan lined with parchment paper. Lightly sprinkle a bit more seasoning on top of the crackers and press it into the dough. I like to give it one last light roll with the rolling pin to secure the seeds on top. Use a pizza cutter, bench scraper, or large knife to cut the dough into squares. Alternately, poke grid lines with a fork and then they'll break into squares like graham crackers after they're done.

7. Put into the oven at 350 degrees F convection for 15 minutes. If you don't have a convection function on your oven, check every 3-5 minutes after 15 minutes. Once they're no longer soft to the touch, they're ready!

As always, message me on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions, and keep a lookout for new recipes!


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  • Dana Crandell3 months ago

    So glad this made Top Story (Congrats!) so I discovered your recipes and subscribed. My wife and I will be delving into some!

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