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Catchiest Food and Beverage Jingles

Whether you loved or hated them, the catchiest food and beverage jingles are hard to ignore or forget.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 7 years ago 4 min read

The food industry is filled with marketing mavericks, and that's part of the reason why many of our biggest brands are so popular. To a point, the food industry's real talent isn't just making us want our favorite burger or a drink. Rather, it's creating amazing earworms that get us talking about their food.

The catchiest food and beverage jingles don't just get us craving a hot dog or wanting a soda. They become part of pop culture, and become part of our youth. If you recognize these catchy jingles, then you're definitely not alone. They are, after all, the most recognizable ad campaigns in food history.

For the past couple of decades, you couldn't watch a commercial for Folgers coffee without hearing the classic jingle:

"The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup."

The line is simple, sweet, and easy to sing along to. It's also insanely memorable. Perhaps that's why it's one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles to ever be created?

Since it was first added to a commercial for the coffee brand, this jingle has found its way into parodies, pranks, and more. As a result, it's also still part of pop culture.

This relatively new jingle has quickly been gaining traction as one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles to be used by fast food giant, McDonald's.

It's easy to see why. It's designed to be an earworm that's easy to remember, easy to echo back, and also slightly annoying to the point that it's memorable but not aggravatingly bad. It was meant to be catchy, and it achieves that.

A little bit of yodeling, a lotta bit of questions, and one of the easiest to remember ice cream commercial melodies made this song one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles in the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

The phrase ended up becoming so well-known, it ended up getting parodied on major TV shows like Family Guy and by major rappers like Kanye West. As a result, saying that this song isn't infamous in its own way would be a boldfaced lie.

Perhaps one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles of all time is Kit Kat's "Gimme a Break." Everyone and their grandmother seems to know the lyrics, and despite the jingle being over 30 years old, it still is regularly used in commercials.

In terms of commercial food jingles, not many songs will be able to hold a candle to Kit Kat's staying power. Don't be surprised if you end up seeing this jingle being played in 2030, too. It's just that classic.

In the 00s, there were very few restaurants that had a jingle that people actually could sing to completion. Sure, Applebee's had "eating good in the neighborhood," but it still wasn't as catchy or as fun to sing as Chili's ode to baby back ribs.

Between the heavy repetition and the hilarious commercials, it comes as no surprise to anyone that it became one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles of last decade.

Much like only a handful of jingles on this list, Chili's "Baby Back Ribs" jingle ended up becoming part of pop culture because of how well it was written. Even shows like SNL and movies like Austin Powers referenced it, which only goes to show you the power of a good jingle in pop culture.

Subway has had quite a few catchy jingles in its time. Who couldn't remember the "Eat Fresh" jingle from a couple years back? But, as catchy as that commercial song was, it's nowhere near as memorable as the "Five Dollar Footlong" jingle.

Thanks to this jingle, everyone knows that they can get lunch for five bucks at Subway. It's featured in a ton of commercials, which makes it one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles to have been invented for a specific fast food special.

This is one of the very few jingles that really showcases a cereal mascot's wholesomeness rather than focus on the foods it's trying to peddle. Almost every American kid can remember this classic jingle, and that's reason enough to label it as one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles of all time.

Even with Tony the Tiger being the main focus of the commercials, we all still remember the final line of this catchy jingle:

"Frosted Flakes are more than good—they're GRRRREAT!"

Pizza bagels were the epitome of 90s after-school treats, and no jingle quite brought that to life like the Bagel Bites song. This jingle was a little bit rock, a little bit 90s-style cheesiness, and somehow perfectly represented what it was like to be a kid in this era.

It's idyllic, and reminds you of days where you'd be skateboarding in the neighborhood right after you finished talking to friends at school. Hearing this will make you travel back to a simpler time, and that's why it's one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles in the 90s.

This song still occasionally gets added to Bumble Bee tunafish commercials today, despite being almost 40 years old. Vintage as it may be, the Bumble Bee Tuna Song is one of the catchiest food and beverage songs to ever be created.

It's hard to say what makes this jingle so catchy. Could it be its wholesomeness? The fact that it's easy for kids to sing? Or is it just the sheer nostalgia that keeps it alive? Who knows—but it's insanely memorable nonetheless.

Fanta was one of those companies that was struggling to get an American market... until the Fantanas showed up. This all-girl band only had one song: a commercial jingle by the name of "Wanna Fanta?"

Scantily clad and insanely cheerful, the Fantanas sold the heck out of Fanta with one of the catchiest food and beverage jingles ever made. Because it was such a successful commercial campaign, the jingle ended up being parodied by shows like SNL, Robot Chicken, and more.

Despite Fanta not really having many commercials on air right now, people still know the jingle by heart. That just goes to show you how good marketing can be for a brand's name, doesn't it?

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