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Bean Dip

Can save the world with just one dip

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Not my picture ,but here’s an example on how it looks like

The history of the bean dip is that in the 1958 it was the most popular (and still is in most midwestern homes because I’m from the Midwest ) to make during the football season besides chilli and nachos. It was a foolproof to keep your husband , kids ( if you had any) entertain. It even was used for potlucks ( well still is especially if you are doing a seven layer dip) or a parent meeting for school ( especially if you are an auntie or uncle and you have to go ..this is your opportunity to make it ) What most people don’t know is that if you have during the Super Bowl that it change the whole atmosphere in the room. Most of the time people make it cold or room temperature,but making it hot out of the oven that’s when you get the party started.

Now many would say chips and salsa, popcorn , wings etc, but for me.. it’s a fool proof bean dip. Especially the buffalo chicken dip that’s mixed with the good ol’ sour cream and age cheddar or any fancy cheese that can melt and make it more savory. This is the most important and surely a dip that you cannot mess up. All you have to do is get refried beans ( you can also use any kind of beans especially white beans ) , cheese, sour cream and some good ol’ salsa sauce and mix it until it’s smooth . Sometimes you can add any kind of meat like chicken , beef or pork ,but the most popular is chicken. Somtimes you can layer it with many cheeses if you feel more like a vegetarian/vegan route. ( To me that’s the best part ) Just make sure that the refried beans weren’t cooked with pork , then it would be vegan nor vegetarian.

What people also don’t realize is that you can dip more than chips in there. When I have dip I always add my wings into it which turns into the most savoriest experience . When the chicken meets the beans and cheese it’s like as if you turn into that rat from ratoullie when he was learning the different kinds of flavors you can experience as a normal person on the street.

Like if you’re bored you can also try certain fruits as well or veggies. For instance broccoli, avacados , strawberries, grapes etc. It’s not weird. It’s an experience especially if you are beating the system of being healthy. ( In eyes )

I also love to add popcorn in the mix especially on a non football day. I love this dip a lot because especially during the cold days and you do not feel that making chili or that you don’t have enough to make a seven layer you can still make it .

The most popular is within the microwave .Yeah the one where you add salsa, velvetta or any melting blocking soft cheese with refried beans and heat it up for about a minute or two and boom there’s dip. The moral of all this is that this is my top favorite out of anything especially during the Super bowl or New Years. To me , this dip is expect if there’s nothing I can’t think of besides wings beside itself. Or a salad.

In other words, bean dip will save you a football game or any game Or holiday. Just have at least three things or one thing of cheese , salsa or salsa sauce and beans. Also make a second one because once it’s gone so is your party. Mark my words. Make two bean dips ( for instance if you mess up one or you ran out because of a super hungry family member ) so then everyone can have some.

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