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Slime Lickers?

All Hype or Really Amazing??

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Slime Lickers:

All Hype or Really amazing

When I used to work at Five Below ( yes I actually worked there) there was so many candies in the world that made it possible to relive. From trolli's to popcorn with oreo flavor. It made me felt like I was child again playing video games. Now what really grind my gears was about slime lickers. Never even heard of those things nor pictured it because they were extremely popular because of tik tok and children calling on the phone to find out about it . Now at first I thought it was all hype until I got a glimpse of what it is. Let me explain.

It was when I finally saw it on tik tok . Still didn't have the product ,but had the recipe to make it. From tired nights and days of waiting ( just like everyone else) I began to wonder if there's a such thing . If there's a light in the tunnel and also when will people stop calling about these slime lickers and just buy other candy and just buy a slushy( at sonic's or 7-11..I dunno) or something .

Anyway, I just felt like all was a rave and it's existent until a following day it came in a box ( cause an angry lady came in saying somebody else in their store had it . Fyi: every store is different ; give these five below employees a break okay??) ,But we had to limit it. So glad I had the money to buy one. So let me tell you my thoughts on it. I tried the blue one and it wasn't all hype ,but I was loving it alot on how it rolled in my tongue and make blue streaks while being all innocent tasting the sweet blue nectar down my throat. However, it was a small sour meaning it wasn't the sour sour like sour patch kids.

You know? The extreme version. Or like lemons. But yes it helped a lot on me experiencing it. Maybe one day I will get back on that train ,but right now I'm glad I tried it. It was said that it was going to come soon or later ,but I hope that I'm able to buy the whole thing for my family to try.

I also forgot to try the red one ,but I heard that it wasn't as sweet either ,but that's okay. However ,yes, it's addictive and I see why folks foam at the mouth about it . I had dreams on it before and it was strange ,but thank goodness they have other types of candy from the same company that makes it because it wouldn't be the same of keeping my paycheck beautiful to be honest.

What's more funnier about this is all the complaints of buying it on Amazon and ebay? I don't blame them because you aren't very sure if it's aftult what it is or it's something else aka laced and then your child is having a wicked episode or episodes. But again I'm glad that I tried it.

Again I'm glad for this experience and happy to try it and hope one day I can show you all what I mean . possibly by tik tok if it's still alive. Also yes it's hard to find these ,but also I wanted to give other suggestions in case your waiting for it.

I suggest you try :

Sour patch kids extreme to get the kick that you need from slim lickers

Try out the trolli sour octopus !! Those are the best and I mean the best especially when you have movie night and it's a scary movie. Basically it's a great combination.

Hi chew= isn't sour ,but is the best as well.

Those are my best in case you're wondering ,but also if you can't wait til five below has it ..try cracker barrel. They are also selling it . I am totally not making this up.

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