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Show Me State's Top-Tier

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
St. Louis Top-Tier

I remember when I used to work at a hotel near by this restaurant and how it used to fill me up and make my day . I still go there , even after I quit my job , and order food. I still remember how I would have their grilled salad with those hearty leafy greens, with all the nice looking walnuts ( for the crunch ) and the fruit as well to get me through the day to the burgers , yes the burgers , making it the most top teir’iest thing that someone can every make. I love their arch d-lie. I used to buy that one a lot with their special audule sauce ( I forgot how to spell it and also what is call. Please don’t kill me ! ) . That was the best especially when you are working in a small space hotel and your co-workers can smell it through the hallway. That’s how amazing it is. If you are wondering who I am speaking about , then let me introduce to you to Hi-Pointe . With their unbeatable , unstoppable menu you cannot deny their orders to fill you up and make your day, date night or whatever day you have. They will make sure to make your day.

The history behind this burger joint is that they were born as a drive-in within 1980’s and still til this day have the most mouth-watering burgers on the planet ( not just with in Saint Louis, Missouri ). They have two places where they are located which one is within DownTown Saint Louis or just off of highway 40 ( that’s where I used to go to a lot and had the best experience ). What is very cool is that it was made from the people ( what I mean people is co-owner Mike Johnson and his team ) who also created Sugar-fire Smokehouse ( which is most popular with in Saint Louisiana’s ,but will be explained more in the next article ) If you ever wonder if someone or some ever done press about them, then yes. It was most recognized in Saint Louis Magazine . They quoted as “ casual with elevated foods” ( which they are correct. it’s beyond me that many people don’t realize how serious the author of this article was talking about ) In example, if you say elevated , it means that. Like if you pair one of their burgers with avocado’s , sweet potato tots and a shake of the day... that would make you elevated for sure. Of course, people would say it’s pricey ,but don’t listen to those people. Those people would buy stuff that’s not locally and call it Saint Louis and not support a mom and pop store . Anyway, off subject.

Another article ( Laude News ) , calls it dinner and show and it’s not because of the Saint Louis being called “ The Show Me State” ,but it’s because they really got the best place to watch the baseball games and having a burger and shake and enjoying everyone’s company as well. So if you are wondering what and where to go after movie, a break up etc. I would say try Hi-Pointe.

Yes you may experience a long line of people ( that’s okay ) and filled seats of people ( that’s okay too ) ,but you can always take it to go.( that’s the best part ) I love that part because they make sure to stock you with other than ketchup. They have this sauce ( well two sauces ) that are so unspeakable where I used to grab a bunch of it in case I need more for other things like air fried potatoes . I can’t remember the sauce or how to spell it ,but if you ask them... they will help. For instance , if you go to the one off of Highway -40 ask them which sauce is better and they will grant you some really good suggestions. Not like the suggestion on trying on a new dress ,but more like telling you that you should get both because they both taste good dipping in fries and burgers ( especially the last part of the burger ) .

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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