10 Best Recipes for Making Blueberry Crumble

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Want to find new ways to create delectable blueberry crumble? Check out these other delicious and easy recipes for making blueberry crumble in other ways!

10 Best Recipes for Making Blueberry Crumble

Every time I see blueberry crumble, my mouth immediately starts to water. No wait, every time I hear about it, my mouth is watering. If you're a blueberry lover like me, you know how amazing, delicious, scrumptious, and overall satisfying blueberry crumbles are. They make the world go 'round... not literally. But they do make my world go 'round. And whenever someone brings blueberry crumble to any event or dinner party, you know damn well that I'll be saving my appetite to bite into that goodness.

Since many of us are obsessed with the dessert, there are multiple ways you can create blueberry crumble. From bars to pies or simply in a bowl for one serving, you can be very creative in whipping up blueberry crumble. If you can't get enough of the delectable dessert and want to see what other ways you can make it, check out these amazing recipes for making blueberry crumble. You're very... very welcome.

Blueberry Crumble with Ice Cream

I wanted to start off this list of the best recipes for making a blueberry crumble with one that includes ice cream! Yes... ice cream. How can anyone not think of putting ice cream on blueberry crumble? This automatically makes the dessert extra amazing. And you can put whatever flavor you want, but it's best if you put vanilla. Vanilla definitely goes so well with this recipe.

Putting the ice cream on this is literally the cherry to a sundae. You're finished whipping up the delicious blueberry crumble and then you whip out the ice cream. And everyone is looking at you like you've broken the rules in the best possible way. So yes, blueberry crumble with ice cream... enjoy, my friends.

The Ultimate Healthy Blueberry Crumble

Who said blueberry crumble isn't healthy for you? There are ways that you can make it unhealthy... like the previous recipe (guilty). But, among the delicious recipes for making blueberry crumble, this one's the ultimate healthy blueberry crumble! So even when you're on a diet, you can still enjoy a bit of your favorite blueberry crumble!

This recipe is ideal to enjoy in the mornings. Since it's so filling and flavorful, it'll keep you going all through the day until lunch—and maybe have a bit more blueberry crumble for lunch. Either way, this is a healthier alternative to the regular blueberry crumble since it's added with natural oats and all-natural ingredients.

Blueberry Crumble

This recipe gives you the option to include ice cream (which you totally should). However, of the simple recipes for making blueberry crumble, this blueberry crumble is among the original ways to create it. You can never go wrong with the original blueberry crumble and this recipe makes it super easy for you to whip up.

Enjoy it with or without the ice cream; blueberry crumble is the perfect dessert to enjoy in the summer. And this gives you the excuse to throw in some vanilla ice cream when it's finished! When you follow this recipe to take with you to a dinner party, I guarantee everyone will be complimenting your baking skills.

Breakfast Blueberry Crumble

Like I've mentioned before, blueberry crumble is one of the perfect breakfast meals you can prepare for yourself. And it might even be your newest addiction. Trust me, after having this once in the morning, you won't go back to your basic cereal anymore.

To make this more of a breakfast blueberry crumble, you add in chopped, toasted almonds and toasted oats to give you more grains in your body. And this is a really filling meal. You'll be full and ready to make money at work! Which is why this recipe is one of the quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas to create.

Blueberry Crumble Bars

I've just discovered the best snack in the entire world of snacks... blueberry crumble bars! How the hell did I not think of creating blueberry crumble in the form of bars? Do you know what this means? It means you can enjoy blueberry crumble on the go!

While at work or wanting to munch on something when watching TV, this blueberry crumble recipe is perfect to enjoy whenever. Since it's one of the best and tastiest recipes for making blueberry crumble, it's also really easy to make. So when you're feeling lazy and sluggish at work, eat some of the blueberry crumble bars you made the day before! It'll definitely make your head get back into work.

Easy Blueberry Crumble

So, just how easy can easy blueberry crumble be? From the simple recipes for blueberry crumble you can make on your own right now is this recipe that's insanely painless and won't consume so much of your time. Even though the recipe is really simple to make, it still tastes just as amazing and delectable as regular blueberry crumble!

And they're super similar to the bars, because they're small! This means you can also enjoy this recipe on the go whenever and wherever you want. Perfect to bring to any event, you can make so many of these for everyone to enjoy... or all to yourself. This is also a great brunch recipe to make at home!

Blueberry Crumble Pie

Oh my gosh... guys... a blueberry crumble pie! Honestly, these recipes for making blueberry crumble are getting better and better with each recipe. With this recipe, you can make a large serving in the form of a pie! Rather than the usual, boring blueberry pie, make it a blueberry crumble pie!

From the cinnamon-scented streusel, this allows the juicy berries to peek through the top in the most appealing way. Just looking at this pie is food porn. And, it's really easy to make, too. Since it's in the form of a pie, don't think that it's difficult to make compared to the regular blueberry crumble. While this may be a bit larger portion, the recipe is just as simple—and tastier, too!

Easy Blueberry Crumble Bars

Among the recipes for making blueberry crumble, here's another blueberry crumble bar recipe! However, this one is so much easier to whip up and the results are breathtaking... and mouthwatering. The easy blueberry crumble bars are so effortless, you can make them in such little time. And any leftovers are perfect to bring to work and enjoy. But if I were you, I wouldn't share with my coworkers.

These blueberry crumble bars are so tart, buttery, fruity, tangy, crumbly... I lost myself from the sight of it. Anyways, you can divide the pieces to whatever size you prefer and share with others. Plus, these can last for a whole five days before going bad!

Thick Blueberry Crumble Pie

While the previous blueberry crumble pie has a decent size to it, what about a thick blueberry crumble pie? I know, it sounds odd, but from the mouthwatering recipes for making blueberry crumble, this recipe is amazing. This pie is loaded with all of the delicious ingredients... and even more!

This time, you're actually using pie crust for the bottom before filling the inside with the juicy, yummy blueberries. Depending on the height of your pie dish, you can put in as much filling as you want. But be careful, you don't want it to spill while it's baking. Then, you top the pie with the delectable crumble before putting it in the oven.

Vegan Blueberry Crumble

Finally, I didn't forget about my vegans! From the flavorful recipes for making a blueberry crumble, the vegan blueberry crumble is the perfect dessert recipe for vegans. Not only is this recipe fully vegan, but the process of making it just takes 10 minutes!

With all-natural, organic ingredients, so many people go crazy over this recipe. And since it's vegan, you know that we're using only the organic ingredients. But once it's finished it looks and tastes just like regular blueberry crumble. The only difference is the vegan touch to it!

Lilliana Backman
Lilliana Backman
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