10 Simple Baking Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Want to start baking like a pro? Check out these awesome baking hacks that will certainly benefit your baking skills and make your life way easier.

10 Simple Baking Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Just like cooking, there's a lot of ways you can master the art of baking. From the unique appliances to tricks that can help you out, there's unlimited ways and healthy desserts you can whip up. And when it comes to whipping up sweets, there's a ton of creative additions you can do. There are even three ingredient desserts! From frosting and overall decorating, baking doesn't have a set of rules and you can be as creative as you want with whatever appliance gets the job done.

While there are a lot of tricks and tips within baking, there's also a ton of hacks so many bakers don't even know. From grating your butter to frosting the inside of a cupcake, these are just a few of the hacks that'll make you into a baking master. If you're interesting in increasing your baking skills, check out any of these interesting and brilliant baking hacks that can make your life easier!

Are you sick of the same sprinkle look on top of all of your cakes? Why not add sprinkles in a whole new way—like in shapes! Adding in sprinkles in the form of shapes can be really, really difficult if you're putting each individual sprinkle. That's why using cookie cutters is a way better and easier way to put sprinkles in the form of shapes on top of your cakes!

Simply use any cookie cutter shape you want, place it on your cake, and fill the cutter with sprinkles. Then gently lift the cookie cutter and you've got yourself sprinkles in the form of a shape! If you want a wide variety of cookie cutters for this awesome hack, Wilton's 101 piece cookie cutter set will definitely fulfill your cookie cutting needs!

Put cooking spray on your cookie scooper for easy scooping and clean up.

From the best baking hacks to try out, put cooking spray on your cookie scooper. Since cookie dough is usually sticky, it's so difficult to properly scoop up dough and place them on the tray for baking. No appliance will make the scooping easier.

Instead, if you put cooking spray on the cookie scooper, this should allow the scooping to be a breeze. From the cooking spray, the cookie dough should easily slide right off of the scooper. So rather than struggling to get each and every cookie dough to come off of the scooper, cooking spray can be your secret weapon. And it makes cleaning up the scooper painless, too.

Create a heart-shaped cake with a round and square cake pan.

Have you ever seen bakers whipping up heart-shaped cakes and always wondered how they created it? Yes, there are heart-shaped cake pans that can shape your cakes into hearts, but you don't actually need that mold to create a heart cake. You can literally use two types of cake pans to do this!

From the brilliant baking hacks, all you need is one round cake pan and one square cake pan that are roughly the same size and length. Once you've baked a round and a square cake, cut the round cake directly in half. Then, with each part of the circle cake, place the flatter side on the flatter side of the square and the other piece on the flatter side by the first one. And then you've created a heart cake by using a round and square cake pan!

A great alternative to using frosting bags is by using parchment paper! Among the smart baking hacks to try out now, parchment paper can definitely be used to be filled with frosting and even frost your sweets with. Parchment paper makes it easier to use frosting, because the frosting doesn't entirely stick to the paper. And this method makes squeezing out the frosting better.

Simply roll up the parchment paper, tape it closed, and fill the opening with frosting. Once you've filled it with frosting, snip off the tip of the paper for the frosting to be pushed out. And you've made yourself an alternative way of applying frosting to any of your baking creations!

Cut a hole in your cupcake and fill it with frosting.

Want to give all of your cupcakes a surprise inside? Cutting a hole in your cupcake and filling it with frosting is one of the coolest baking hacks for your cupcakes. While many people use frosting for this idea, you can fill the inside with whatever you like. From jam to even sprinkles, this is an easier way of filling your cupcakes.

Once you've baked all of your cupcakes, you can carefully use a knife to make an opening on top of the cupcake. Then, take your frosting or anything else you want to fill the insides with. When you're done, cover the top with frosting. Now, whenever biting into a cupcake, you're sure to find a frosty surprise inside!

Frost brownies upside-down.

Whenever the majority of us bakes brownies, we're usually resulted to a flaky top. With that top, it makes it so difficult when we want to frost, because we basically end up removing the flaky goodness. And this most likely stops us from frosting our brownies.

But ever considered frosting the bottom of your brownies? From the brilliant baking hacks to do, you should start frosting beneath the brownies rather than the top. Since you can end up removing the flaky top of all of your brownies, frosting the underside of the brownies is way easier and brings smoother results. Once you're finished, just flip the brownies so the flaky side is on the bottom and the frosted side is facing up.

Grate your butter for easy distribution.

There are times when mashing butter into our mixture is a challenge. Especially if the butter has been in the freezer and didn't thaw on time, it takes such a long time for the butter to be room temperature. And we certainly need the butter to be everywhere in your mixture.

So what better way to completely mix in the butter with the other ingredients than by grating it? Grating butter is easily one of the best baking hacks you should definitely start doing. If your butter is kinda frozen, or even room temperature, grating it breaks down the butter so it can get into every corner of the mixture. This way, mixing in the butter won't be as difficult anymore.

Use metal tongues to crimp the edges of your pie.

Coming up with ways to pinch our pie's crust is usually time consuming. And most of us end up pinching the sides of the pie with our fingers instead. But how about using a pair of tongues to get the job done better and much quicker?

Depending on the tongues that you have, using tongues is a great way to pinch the sides of your pie to create the perfect crust. In addition, clamping tongues on the pie also forms a stunning design if you're consistent with it.

Use a paper plate to cover any mixing spillage.

When it's time to use the mixture, we're usually expected to make a mess. Since all of the ingredients are loose in the mixing bowl, the second we turn on our mixture, so much of the ingredients gets all over the place. Even your hands aren't enough to keep everything in the bowl.

That's why using a paper plate to cover any mixing spillage is one of the smartest baking hacks you should do. Simply poke two holes in the center of the plate. With those two holes, stick the two mixing whisks through each hole and connect it to the machine. And now you have the perfect shield to prevent spillage and all the ingredients within the bowl.

Make homemade whipped cream with three steps!

Lastly from the best baking hacks, you need to start doing is this really easy homemade whipped cream recipe! Making whipped cream is really easy. It's so easy that you just need to follow three simple steps!

First, grab a cold bowl, put in the heavy whipped cream, vanilla extract, and beaters. Whip the cream until it's perfectly whipped and thick. Then, add the powdered sugar! That's all you literally need to do to make the ideal whipped cream. Make sure you don't add too much powdered sugar and overbeat. You wouldn't want your whipped cream to be too sweet.

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