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Voldemort's Rules

Why I left home.

By Guenneth SpeldrongPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Voldemort's Rules
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Lori was really the only mom I knew. My mother was more my child than my mother, after all. I spent more time with this woman than anyone else, and this is a glimpse into what it was like.

Lori's rules for me:

1- eat very little. No seconds, period. Skip meals sometimes. Because I was fat.

2- do the dishes for everyone every day. If I didn't do it perfectly I was evil.

3- bake cookies when the boys ask me to. I wasn't allowed to eat them.

4- no friends allowed over.

5- clean her room and bathroom once a week. If I left even on hair I was trying to ruin her life and/or marriage. It would take hours.

6- vacuum all 3 levels of the house twice a week, more as needed. If the lines weren't perfect I would have to do it again. It would take hours.

7- sweep and mop twice a week, more as needed. If there was one spot I was doing it on purpose so she would yell at me and I would be able to play the victim. It would take hours.

8- no baths only showers. She knew I loved baths.

9- every gift I received was to be given to her or her boys. I wasn't allowed to spend money. She kept my allowance and spent it on her and her boys.

10- not allowed to talk to or ask about my dad.

11- not allowed to talk to my sisters or any other family members.

12- I had to walk to school while everyone else got a ride. I was not allowed to walk to school or home with any friends, or take a different route.

13- no phone calls.

14- could not shut my bedroom door.

15- could not visit friends at their homes, or attend birthday parties.

16- could not pick out my own clothes, and had very little clothes to wear. All clothes she gave me were itchy and tight and uncomfortable.

17- exercise for an hour every day, but only if I did not like the type of workout.

18- had to comfort her when she was sad.

19- 2-3 hours of homework every night. In grade school.

20- keep the girls and the boys bathrooms clean. Sometimes that meant being slapped awake and forced to clean a mirror while she screamed and laughed at me.

21- spray my shoes with a foul smelling spray so people made fun of me and didn't want me around.

22- sit still and not speak while she mocked me, burned my head, called me names, lied to others about me, or just being yelled at for no reason.

23- don't cry.

24- don't read what I want to read, only what she tells me to read.

25- no questions.

26- no birthdays/ birthday presents.

27- oh right dusting. I could not leave one speck of dust or I was the devil.

28- no toys.

29- not allowed to sit on most furniture. Only

allowed occasionally when dad was home.

30- not allowed to smile, talk, or laugh.

Punishments for breaking rules:

1- grounded FROM my room.

2- grounded from the living room, kitchen, dining room, basement, outside. I sat on the stairs.

3- the boys got to bite me, sit on me, sit on my, or otherwise hurt me.

4- no food.

5- all my possessions taken away, and only allowed a blanket. Clothes had to be checked out.

6- slapped, punched, things thrown at me, burned.

7- my sisters or father would be punished.

8- laughed at, ridiculed, mocked.

9- not allowed to sleep.

10- not allowed in the house.

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