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Dive Deep Challenge

By Mel E. FurnishPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
Photo by Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash

My perception blurs as the cold water flows around me. Eyes dead ahead, watching every movement with eager anticipation. Small fish bump into me, but I pay no attention to their tiny bodies. I can feel the burning need to fuel my body as my insides scream for food.

Promptly, a drift of scarlet liquid gradually crosses my path. I abruptly turn as I follow this new thread with excitement. My stomach roars for a meal as I make my way through the dark water. The scent of iron floods my senses as I gain on my prey. My blood rushes with adrenaline as I get closer and closer. An injured creature was thrashing through the water, alerting other predators as well.

My eyes scan the area as best as they can as I steadily near the victim. Fear is radiating off this beast in waves as strong as the ocean around us. The time has come; I can feel my body already enjoying the replenishing sensation of a filling feast.

Just before I part my massive jaws to latch onto my prey, something impales me. I twist in agony as pain surges through my body. I can feel my blood mixing into the water around me. I start to panic as I frantically swim away and back again. Something remains stuck in my back. What is this thing that kept me from my dinner?

Suddenly another powerful strike targeted my side. I can feel my body growing weak as I try to escape. Despite my efforts, a strange contraption surrounds me. No matter how hard I struggle, my fins are stuck in the small holes of this object.

“We got it! We caught it in the net!”

What is happening? Suddenly my body is no longer underwater. What are these strange creatures? I thrash, but it’s no use. I slowly stop and stare ahead, looking out into my domain. What are they doing to me?

I can feel their strange touch on my bleeding flesh. I just wanted to eat; why is this happening? I can’t move, I can’t do anything… Am I going to die like this? Birds fly over as a few fish flop around on the irregular surface next to me. As I watch their wide eyes gradually dull, I began to feel too weak to remain aware.

“We can’t just let it die,” a voice grumbled.

“It tried to eat my son; I want to cook it up and feast.”

“It was just doing what they do, hunting for food.”

“Yeah, well, you messed with the wrong dad. Time to meet your maker, monster!”

“Stop! We could always take it to--”

“No, we are not going to save it. We are going to sell some of it and eat the rest. Making the most out of this disastrous trip.”

“Don’t be so dramatic; it hasn’t been disastrous.”

“Yes, it has! My son just almost got eaten alive!”

“Well, at least now you’re not the poor, starving shark slowly bleeding out on a ship deck. It didn’t know any better; it just needed to eat.”

“Right, sure, let’s give it some meat and throw it back in just for it to eat someone else’s kid “accidentally.” Enough with that crap, please? We came out here to have fun, and this is what we got. I’m done having this conversation. It’s just an animal; nothing more, nothing less. It wanted to eat my flesh and blood, so now I’m going to eat its flesh and blood.”

Darkness is taking over me; I can feel myself fading fast. No longer a feared hunter, now I’m just the fearful hunted...




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