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Which Death Row Prisoner Had Most Expensive LAST MEAL?

Go All Out Or Not?

By Amine OubihPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Which Death Row Prisoner Had Most Expensive LAST MEAL?
Photo by Ye Jinghan on Unsplash

The last meals of death row prisoners serve two purposes: that of an unbecoming curiosity, an approximate study into the last wishes of some of the most infamous people in the society. From the sadistic events to the prevailing ones, such desires act as virtual windows to the minds of the locked souls that are exploring death. In this article, since divulging about the most astonishing and extravagant last meal requests in the history will be our guided tour of the character.

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.: Crime Scenes Filled up by Serial Killers' Steak Dinners

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. , a former fun fair employee from Florida , who committed a series of terrible murders in the mid-1980s , left a dirty trail and his tracks of terror and devastation during his journey. He stood accused of multiple murders covering the horrifying slayings of Stephanie Anne Collins, Natalie Holley, and Teri Lynn Matthews just for starters and subsequently was sentenced for death.

On the eve of his death, which is the most serious and terrible fate for every human being, Bolin's wish was a medium-rare rib eye steak with a baked potato topped with butter and sour cream, a lettuce and tomato salad, garlic bread, and a bottle of coke. Next came dessert and the death row convict chose a slice of lemon meringue pie as he was planning to ten years by lethal injection at the end of the year 2016.

Earl Forrest: Dinner of the Hearts: once we are dead, there will not be a time for pasta and steak.

Earl Forrest, a directional man hailing from Missouri accused of cold-blooded murders done when on drugs went through a trial where he was sentenced to the death penalty for the murders he carried out. He had his last meal of pasta, steak, and fruits that his family had prepared, that denoted his last wish for earthly desires before his execution.

Ronnie Lee Gardner: Spectacular Acrobats Balancing on High Flow Mechanical Bulls

Ronnie Lee Gardner, a guy with a negative impact on the society of Utah, could afford even exotic dishes for his last supper because he had enjoyed his last years on death row for twelve whole years. The last meal was masterfully prepared by his creative culinary team. His meal consisted of lobster tail with steak, accompanied by some 7-Up and finalized by the good old apple pie with more tasty ice cream. Last but not the least, he made sure to enjoy the film, "Lord of the Rings."

Steven Michael Woods: What I do is follow a vegetarian diet that is full of flavors that are similar to the meat-based meals I used to indulge in.

In contrast to his past claims of being a vegetarian, Steven Michael Woods who was convicted of committing a notorious double murder ate a meal full of meats at a Texas restaurant as he was about to be executed by law. His choice of a feast consisted amongst others of pounds and pounds of bacon, of pizzas, of fried chicken, of hamburgers, of French toast, and of drinks with lots of sugars in them, which was very different from his usual diet.

Richard Cooey: The meal was to be the final one before they all lost their weight and lived a healthy lifestyle.

The death sentence was handed down to an Ohio-born, convicted murderer, Richard Cooey, for crimes he had committed a long time ago. His last meal consisting of T-bone steak, onion rings, hash browns, French fries, toast, eggs, ice cream and pastry with a bucket full of Mountain Dew was rather strenuous diet scheme, by all accounts.

The last call for the archaic tradition:that may have its significance for someone.

The custom of serving last meals to death row inmates has its origin in ancient traditions, which goes as far as the Ancient Greek and the Roman times. Moreover, current days some states imposed the bans on this applications because they are addressing the budget shortage and problems with organization of the space.

In Texas, Lawrence R. Brewer’s last-meal misconduct, which was an inappropriate use of highly processed and customized provisions, ruled out the state’s practice of last meals. The brewer's refusal to eat instantly inflamed public sentiment and legislative attention was invariably drawn to the issue of promoting the justness in granting this particular benefit to those who are guilty.

Despite the ritualistic nature of this tradition, the Last meal reveals a lot about what is going on in the minds of those who are destined to die. Whereas some prisoners opt for splendorous feasts, others go so far as to reject any kind of food, thus these bids are tailored to the personalities and dreams of prisoners. In Conclusion What About You? what would be your last meal ?

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