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by Judah Moore about a year ago in tv review

Netflix Series "Filthy Rich" Review

So many of you have problably heard of the billionare Jeff Epstein and his horrendous crimes he has commited. If not the new Netflix docuseries "Filthy Rich" literally lays it all out for you in a very grapic way. One thing is right they nailed the title right on the head. He was filthy in every since of the word and rich as king Croesus. My intention is not glorifying his actions. I am mearly making acute obvservations and leaving you to make your own conclusions. Again not to justify his action but I do have do give credit where it is due. So in my opinion I think Netflix did a tremendous job at capturing this true life crime story but upon further scutiny I think there is still missing pieces. Not because Netflix left it out but its just this ending leaves you wondering. However there were some very sublte if you some simple but invaluble clues and conclusions you can draw afterwards.I you havent finished the series yet then the rest will be a spoiler alert. Let me be frank, not your average Joe could pull off what Netflix refers to as "a molestation pyramid scheme" to the magnitude Jeff Epstein was able to accomplish. Also the fact that he was able to swindle his way from a ivy league school teacher to the billionare financier is quite remarkable. Talk about a serious level up and the brains it took to mastermind that. In my opinion there were definitely some victims in this but I also felt that for some it was mutually benefitial. There was also alot of the blame game on the past that was always reflected back to Jeff. In no way am I saying he was not a monster however some of the so called victims constituted bad decision making for saying they had no choice. He was mostly suggestive as opposed to forceful. Then his favorite Virginia Roberts I think is a bit suspect to me. I think she was more an opportunist than a victim. I think she saw this as an advancement and she was willing to do what ever it took to get what she wanted. That conclusion was based on the fact that if she was so traumatized she would not be posing happpily in a picture with her so called accuser to only turn around a try to press charges. I think that was premeditated and she thought she could get some financial gain and sympathy. Epstein proved that money is power and can put you above the law. It can bring you some very nice powerful friends that may come in handy if ever need find yourself in a tricky situation. Once you read about his plea deal it is clear this man has some serious power money. However Epstein knew that money alone was not his true power.His secret weapon was his bargaining power. In this case blackmail and estortion.The fact that he had a lot of money, the most valuble asset in the world and he had a secret. Which in return he also then sought out many other powerful wealthy men who shared his same secret and desire. He was a man of maniupation and cunning tactics that on the surface made it seem he was empathetic. When in reality he was gaining information so that he could put in his arsenal to use later if he ever wanted something from them. His mentality was more "if I go down you better have my back or else you are coming down with me as well." Epstein was really wise in seeking out supremly rich, high profile celebirties and men of a high social caliber who also had the same pedifilia. It seemed that Jeff had created a sort of fraternity like bond with these men where they were forever connected and bound by their secret discretions. He made it known he was one of them and he could be trusted. He was the facilitor to their secret paradise and safe haven that many could flock to and enjoy the benefits. Long story short he provided the place and the sources of their desires while secretly attaining proof for blackmail or bargaining chip. What does this all mean? Well it puts Jeff straight to the top, the king of the jungle, which made him one of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world. He was smart in also having almost everyone in his pocket including the justice department. Paying for discretion and turning a blind eye like Attorney General Alex Acosta but more than that he knew his darkest secrets. So let me cut to the chase. The steady theme throughout this series is that Epstein says that "many people owe him favors, he would never get caught. I do believe he meant that because he knew he had the right amount of dirt on the right amount of people that he would not ever do any serious jail time. This was further displayed in the most rediculous plea deal ever in justice history. That explicidly said that he had immunity and his associates could get out of jail scot free. What that says to me is that it was not only covering his ass but also those many other powerful people that he was affiliated with. So in closing I have this to say. In the final hours when Jeff was indicted on charges as he returned to the USA and thrown in jail without bail. A lot of rich and powerful people got really scared because they knew that Jeff would have them by the balls and that there deepest secret could and would be revealed. If Jeff Epstein was going down, I do believe he would have implemented many really powerful friends and associates. I think the extent of his list of affiliates would have shook up the world if the true identies would have been revealed, So I think his affiliates masterminded his final escape. So one can speculate that its no coincidence that he was placed in a decrepit jail that was brushed off ass under staffed and run by illegitiment people. It Shows that a man of such a high profile case was not placed in a maximum security jail as he should have been. Why? He needed to be easily exposed. It is also reported that the cameras devoted to his jail cell were reported to be malfuntioning during the alleged "suicide"which is a very strange occurrence in itself. It was later found that the gaurds had falsified documents. So surely some foul play was going on here. So Now I leave you with some speculation and you can decide your own hypothsis. Who is not to say that his brother came to visit him, convinced him to sign over his money to him. Or yet he maybe was forced to before he was murdered. All I know is that the decison was made that Jeff Epstein was exposable and would have to be elimnated. The truth of the matter is he knew to much and became a huge liabilty. What happens when you become a problem for many very powerful people? The problem must be deal with and resolved. I do not believe it was suicide for the simple fact of the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. So I think it is very possible that he was told one thing and was blind sided and murdered. So then the charges are dropped and he carries those secrets descretions to the grave. That way everyone involved keeps there identity and jobs in tact and are probably very happy not be exposed. So I leave you with some food for thought. It is mentioned that shortly before his alleged suicide is when he signed his estate over to his brother. Further investigation shows that Jeff's bother discovered there was foul play in the autopsy. So if there was foul play one can conclude that it was not sucide but just staged to look one. So My question to you is this how did Jeff Epstein know the exact perfect moment to sign over his assets before he was killed? Why did he do that? Was it him who did it? I think its plausible the money was bribe to his brother to not say anthing or further investigate. I do believe the truth lies in the mind of his brother. One way or another Jeff's brother knows what happend. Something to think about. What a mess. The sad part is Jeff still got away as well as his many devious associates. I definitely think Alan dershowitz has slept with a younger person. I mean he just looks like a creep. Of course this is all conspiracy and speculation but hey one can let his imagination run wild. I am curious to see how the rest if the world will respond to this docuseries. I hope you found this useful and thanks for tuning in.

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Judah Moore
Judah Moore
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