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Why good ideas fail

There is a misconception that all it takes is for you to have a good idea and you are sure to make it work.

By real JemaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

People often look for these “great ideas” and put in all their energy into it because they trust the greatness of the ideas is all it takes. I won’t refute or endorse that, however in this article I want to share with you some reasons why even great or good ideas can fail, not in an attempt to discourage you but rather to create some awareness in your mind so you can be prepared.

The Hype Trap

You have to realize that we are in a fast-paced environment and so don’t fall in the hype trap, an idea might seem to be a good one today but become totally irrelevant in a matter of weeks or even days. The problem being that it might take you months to bring these ideas to the market and once you do, it won’t be relevant anymore. You want to make sure the idea you have is a long-lasting one and not just one born out of hype which will fade away quite easily. A good example is the pandemic, many startups were born during that period and now have totally become irrelevant, so you have to constantly being questioning the sustainability of your idea over a long period of time. We have the same phenomenon happening today with AI, there is a lot of hype around it, but how sustainable are all the startups being created daily?

Lack of execution

Having a good idea is only the first step, execution is key to turning that idea into reality. Many good ideas have failed due to poor execution, whether it is inadequate planning, insufficient resources or ineffective leadership. The fact that you have a good idea doesn’t imply you will be able to execute it properly, without a solid execution strategy even the best ideas on earth are bound to fail.

Resistance to change

Human nature by default tends to resist change, even when it promises improvement and a better lifestyle. Good ideas that challenge the status quo or disrupt established norms often meet fierce resistance because people are afraid of the unknown. People enjoy their routines and have already become comfortable in their ways of doing things, so when you bring a new idea which challenges their routine even if it's in a positive direction, you are going to meet resistance which might cause your idea to fail.

Market Misalignment

Sometimes your idea might be ahead of its time or not fit with the market needs and preferences. The market might be interested in electric cars, and you bring to it flying cars, even though flying cars are a great innovation, they don’t address what the market wants at that moment, surely down the road people might be interested in flying cars but at the moment they are all worried about gas prices and your solution doesn’t address that. Understanding market dynamics and conducting market research are essential for success.

Lack of Adaptability

In today’s rapidly evolving world, adaptability is essential for survival. Good ideas that are rigid and inflexible in the face of changing circumstances are at risk of failure. Being able to adapt quickly, continuously iterate, learn from failure and pivot when necessary are primordial skills for every good idea.

Poor timing

Finally, timing can make or break a good idea. Launching at the right or wrong time can significantly impact the success of your idea. It determines whether you miss the opportunity or you get rejected. Think of a mask company which launched just before the pandemic, or the company “Zoom” which ramped up marketing during the pandemic, they launched right on time. Now imagine a mask company which starts after the pandemic or a video conferencing app which launched after the pandemic. That's the importance of the right timing.


Having a good idea isn’t a guarantee of success, it's just the first step, there are still many factors which can make your idea fail. Understanding these challenges and taking proactive steps to address them can increase the likelihood of success. By learning from failure, embracing adaptability, and staying true to their vision, innovators can navigate the turbulent waters of uncertainty and increase the chances of their good ideas taking flight.

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