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Purple Socks

Only the color is

By Marian CavazosPublished 22 days ago 3 min read


It is a very unique color when it comes down to wearing purple socks but I did I wearied them did not match my outfit or anything I was wearing but it was purple socks you weared. Thinking of how the day goes I woke up in a not so good mood it started with thinking about what happened the night before.

I know everybody has issues like me a beginning that never ends, Some of the problems were not my fault. If only I would of have know how crazy some people are thinking that you know them very well and all of a sudden it turns out you did not.

It had me with the I know, I am sorry, I think everything will be okay those words are so nice to hear but hearing them made thinks frighten because they are only words used to leave the situation alone and go on with what ever we were doing stop in other words those words sometimes just mean shut up.

Shut your mouth instead

Like nothing matters anymore so what could we say when this happens, just keep quiet and ignore the response or it may get worse. Somethings always told me it is not worth the time or energy to try to speak because the other party is not interested to hear whats on your mind.

After you have been caught on your phone messaging on line and I am upset I look away pretending I did not see the hold movement you made when you thought I had seen your phone.

Okay lets just leave it at that I will pretend I did not see you turn another direction so I could not see. Alright I know at this point its been more than too many times I see this reaction you've made so whats going on.

No one knows

Well it must be very important to be very secreative it must be worth your time to discuss whatever you are so interested that you don't care I have noticed you are in another world when you are on that phone.

The whole time you look at my socks not even at me and stare at my purple socks and just laugh and laugh about if that color was so bad just to play it off. I know you are trying to make me think that this is the cuties you've seen.

Keep looking because from where I am at I can see the messages being sent to you. How could they think that it is okay to do this to me. How long has it been going on. Well prehaps for a while I know it was different for a while now and I knew things got colder between us what did I expect.

Your having fun and taking care of your issues, I looked towards him thought to myself what a selfish person they have become not even thinking about how much I want to talk to them and explain how my day was.

Bad Day

I just want to have a good day, just want to sit and talk a little with you, Look at me and understand what is going on with me. Those were high hopes not once did anyone look at me.

What a waste it was for me trying and trying to get attention when there was no place in the heart any more. Sometimes I stood there just wiping and wiping the table right in front moved things back and forth made sure I made alot noise.

Until one of those times I grab a small moment of the attention I was needing just for a sec I kept thinking look at me there you go just for a second as soon as I can this words come out in a whispering way," I Love You

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