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My boss is a peace of shit


By Queen anonymous Published about a year ago 4 min read
My boss is a peace of shit
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Do you ever just try so hard, and it’s never good enough ? This is that story.

My boss seems to lack personal understanding, but I mean I guess all bosses do, maybe? They are usually power hungry people with nothing better to do but to make someone feel worthless. How can I blame them anyway ? They lack some sort of intelligence, or their ego has grown immensely since they don’t know any better. Either way we can all agree it’s wrong, right ? Or am I crazy ?

Recently I have been asked to wear more appropriate clothing. There is not a dress code were I work but according to the boss me wearing leggings is too Inappropriate, but let me remind you I work at a bar, even more a beer brewery. How appropriate do they expect me to be? I wear a T shirt and some leggings or jeans. I used to wear more jeans but I ripped through all of them. They always rip from the inner thighs up to the crotch area so it’s not like I can control it or make it work.

To make things worse, I asked him what is it about my clothing that’s inappropriate, and he could not find an actual explanation, he said “ I don’t really know exactly how to explain it”. Then I realized it wasn’t him who was complaining but maybe his wife or some customer, I know this because his wife and step daughter both work as shift leads there as well and since he couldn’t explain it that’s the only thing that makes sence. And I know it’s the leggings because I wear a T shirt always, a loose T shirt to add on to it. The only explanation I can think of is that his wife or some lady costumer thinks I’m too hot and they can’t handle it because their spouse comes in all the time.Why not his daughter? Because he mentioned she also dresses inappropriate. what else could it posibly be? I never show any cleavage, or wear shorts or skirts, or spaghetti straps.

He also said that the costumers are complaining that the beer growlers are being filled incorrectly or with the wrong beer, and he quickly assumed it was me because the costumer said it was me. The odd things is that I’m not the one who usually fills the growlers, my male coworker does. I even asked him if it was this specific costumer that complained, and he clarified that yes him and other costumers. The reason I asked him this is because this specific costumer is racist.

I’m Mexican, and so is my mom, and my mom used to work at the same brewery as me. This racist guy that I mentioned used to talk to my mom like she was stupid, repeating himself to her like if she didn’t understand because she had a heavy Spanish accent but my mom completely understands English. The guy told my boss that I filled his growler wrong but to add on to this; I didn’t fill his growler. Funny how he assumed it was me, actually my coworker filled it and I just went and got it from the fridge for him.

My boss also said that the other shift leads are saying I need to step it up a bit. Literaly the only shift leads are his wife, the step daughter, and the other guy is kind of new still, so to conclude everything it seems very unfair. A little mister called jelousy is lingering around. I find people like this everywhere, I kind of wish I was ugly so people wouldn’t treat me this way.

My boss also complains how I don’t clean the floors right but I swear I double check them every day and mop really well. All of the managers I worked with in the past, except his wife and daughter have told me I do a really good job, that they don’t undertand Why the bosses micromanage like that.

I guess it’s time to search for a new place again who may value me for a little while.

I’m absolutely upset, I give my best to people and things that don’t see my value. I realized later that they don’t value me.

I will not mention at the moment what beer brewery it is but if you would like to know in the future you can leave a like or a tip and i will publish this place that has given me a really hard time.

Thank you for reading my nonsense, I appreciate it, see you next time :) subscribe!


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