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Blame it on the circumstances

Unveiling the Culprits Behind Failure

By real JemaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

There are many reasons which can explain and possibly justify our current demise, in this article I’ll go through them and feel free to make use of them as an excuse the next time someone asks you why you failed. These are all legitimate reasons to justify failure, despite our best wishes and intentions we often fail as a result of these circumstances. Life is a complex journey filled with twists and turns, ups and downs which eventually lead us to either success or failure. While it’s tempting to attribute all setbacks to fate, a closer examination reveals a multitude of factors which contribute to our struggles.

Economic Disparities

Economic inequalities play a significant role in determining the opportunities and chances we get. When you are born in poverty, you are limited in the quality of education, healthcare, financial resources and opportunities you receive. These already sets you up for failure before you do anything, you are already working on a negative as compared to others, and it would take considerable amounts of efforts for you to level the playing field and get ahead. A good reason why you are currently failing maybe because you were born in poverty and so you have to work twice as hard more than everybody else.

Educational Barriers

Without access to quality education, you are already poised to fail, without education you can’t acquire the skills you need to compete in the modern world and so you are competing against people who are not only smarter but much more competent than you are and so even luck can’t save you. Education serves as the biggest barrier in the modern society because of how it impedes us at a personal level and a general level from progress. Even though it's true that there are successful persons out there who don’t have much of an education, but the ratio to those who are educated is incomparable. It's like 1 in 100k reach a certain level of success without education.

Health Challenges

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do or how hard you try, health challenges can significantly impact your ability to thrive. Access to healthcare services play a crucial role in one’s ability to access opportunities.

Discrimination and Prejudice

There are still so many injustices in the world, depending on where you go. These are real obstacles to the opportunities you can have and what you can do, sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you do, those opportunities are already biased by these discriminations you are already ineligible based on these prejudices. This is to say that you missed out on that opportunity not because you didn’t work hard or wasn’t qualified, but because there was discrimination going on.

Geographical Location

Some places are cursed while others are just booming with so much opportunity and success, when you are found in such places with so much opportunity, sometimes success is just about getting out the door of the house, meanwhile when you are born in cursed places it will take an incredible amount of effort and energy to make it. A reason why you are failing might be because you are in the wrong place, the wrong neighborhood or surrounded by the wrong people. Switching things up a little might change things.

Limited Social Networks

Being in a social society, opportunities and success are often determined by our social networks, the people you know, the information you have access to. This helps in aspects such as; job referrals, mentorship, timely information and support which can all serve to bolster you to success but when you have a limited social network, there is very little you will know and even less you will be able to do.

Family Dynamics

Our family environment shapes, our beliefs, values, mentality and behavior from a very young age. Supportive and nurturing families provide a solid foundation for success, while dysfunctional families full of neglect, abuse already set the stage for failure. These all have long-standing effects which result in doubt, fear, or difficulties forming healthy relationships and the contrary in the latter case.


Here are just some few examples, there could be much more to justify our persistent failures. Despite these circumstances undoubtedly posing great challenges, it’s essential to recognize that they do not determine your destiny. Resilience, resourcefulness, support and hard work play a crucial role in overcoming adversity and achieving success.

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