Best Beauty YouTube Channels to Follow

Want to watch genuine beauty gurus give product reviews and tips on makeup? These are the best beauty Youtube channels to subscribe to!

Best Beauty YouTube Channels to Follow

We seriously love beauty gurus on YouTube all around the world, because not only do they gives us tips and advice on all things beauty, but they also do product reviews! When the latest and hottest products finally drop, we eagerly wait for them to review the product before debating whether to buy it or not. But that's not all that they do, they also give us outfit inspirations, hair tutorials, and they also show us their morning and night skincare routines. Us beauty lovers are constantly getting inspired by these beauty YouTubers and we can't help but always give their advice a try.

Even though there are so many beauty addicts out there in the YouTube world, there are a good handful of them that are true to their words and only give genuine advice and product reviews. And they definitely know that we trust their opinion. If you're searching for the product reviews to watch to gain ideas and inspirations from, these are the best beauty Youtube channels you must subscribe to!

Starting off the list of the best beauty Youtube channels ever... Jaclyn Hill! She's certainly an all-time favorite among so many makeup lovers out there, including myself. Her down-to-earth, energetic, and hilarious personality is what makes her so addicting to watch. Not to mention that her makeup tutorials are absolutely stunning, and we always take her makeup tips.

She's a great beauty YouTuber to watch simply because she's not boring, her tutorials are practical, and she genuinely reviews the hottest and newest products on the market. Trust me, you'll never get bored with Mrs. Hill; she's just absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that she's the brains behind both Becca Cosmetics' Champagne Pop and Morphe's Jaclyn Hill Palatte, which is seen as one of the best beauty products.

Known as the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline, Manny MUA is a warmhearted makeup artist who's super fun to watch and learn when it comes to applying makeup in the cleanest and best way. From his beautiful makeup tutorials to his sincere product reviews, he's someone you'd watch for the ultimate, full-face BEAT... meaning makeup looks.

Manny is practically everywhere, too. He's part of so many collaborations on YouTube for makeup tutorials as well as collaborating with beauty brands like Jeffrey Star Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, and others. And most of us can't help but laugh with him when he giggles in the intro right after saying, "Hey guys, welcome back to my channel."

Easily one of the funniest makeup artists out there, Bretman Rock is seriously way too funny at times that we tend to forget that we're watching him for his makeup tutorials. Energetic, super talented, and a beautiful person overall, Bretman is easily one of the best beauty Youtube channels that you must subscribe to.

He's done collaborations with other YouTubers as well as his own family members like his sister and even his niece, Cleo. Aside from posting stunning makeup tutorials that we can't help but apply them to ourselves, Bretman is also someone who gives us hair advice. And I have to admit, he has an amazing head of hair.

Know the infamous YouTuber PewDiePie? Well, his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin is actually among the best beauty Youtube channels you have to start watching. This cute, little Italian chick is gorgeous from head to toe and her YouTube channel consists of all things beauty. From giving us tutorials on the most eye-catching hair styles to makeup looks and even outfit looks, we can definitely gain a few tips from her.

Marzia doesn't just give us beauty tutorials, but she really enjoys coming up with homemade cooking and baking recipes, ways to organize and design rooms, and even films videos of her and PewDiePie testing out really odd games. Either way, we all can learn a few beauty tips from the stunning Marzia.

Laura Lee is easily one of the best beauty Youtube channels out there for all things makeup. She's all about trying out new products, new looks, as well as testing out the many makeup challenges out there like the full face makeup look with kid's makeup, the inverted makeup challenge, and the full face highlighter makeup challenge.

Even though she's heavily involved in giving her subscribers the best makeup tutorials ever, she still enjoys keeping her channel filled with goofy videos for laughter. She's also a makeup artist who's collaborated with tons and tons of YouTubers and cosmetic brands like Violet Voss, MAC, ColourPop, and others. She's also one of the best makeup artists on Instagram to follow.

As a true makeup artist in both glamour and as an art form, Kandee Johnson is super talented in transforming herself into celebrities and major figures. She’s done so many makeup transformations like transforming herself to look like Gwen Stefani, Barbie, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and even Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Hilarious, stunning, and very skillful in makeup, Kandee is a great beauty guru to gain makeup advice—especially if you want to nail the Barbie look.

She's also a beauty YouTuber who posts trending videos like challenges, testing out new products, and also giving other beauty gurus makeup transformations. Trust me, her transformation makeup looks are unreal.

All the way from the Netherlands, Dutch makeup artist Nikkie de Jager (Nikki Tutorials) is among the all-time best beauty Youtube channels you can always watch for the best advice on anything makeup. Nikki is truly an artist who wants to give her fans the most genuine and best tutorials and recommendations ever. She's always asking her fans for ideas on what makeup looks to record next. She's also posted a video on the magic of makeup.

Nikki is hilarious, beautiful, and simply entertaining to watch even when you're lounging around the house and bored out of your mind. She's literally the queen of testing out the most recent products, trends, and challenges there are roaming around the Internet. However, her makeup tutorials are really something makeup addicts out there apply for themselves.

Bunny Meyer, mainly known as grav3yardgirl, is that bright, blue-eyed gator chick who's hair is longer than the majority of ours. Bunny is among the all-time best beauty Youtube channels to watch, because she's heavily involved in everything plus beauty. Yes, she posts a great amount of makeup tutorials, but she's also that wacky girl who enjoys testing out random products that sometimes aren't even related to makeup.

From skincare to haircare, makeup, and even showing off her beautiful outfits, Bunny really knows how to keep her subscribers entertained within every single video. She's also done a collaboration with makeup brand Tarte Cosmetics and it's truly a unique one that defines her in every aspect. But if you're searching for true entertainment from a stunning, wacky chick, Bunny is your gal.

Have you ever heard of the makeup brand Huda Beauty? Well, behind the widely popular cosmetics brand, Huda Kattan is also one of the best beauty Youtube channels you can indulge in for a bunch of beauty tips. As for the brains behind Huda Beauty, Huda really shows us a lot when it comes to apply makeup in the best ways and nailing them every time.

As a professional makeup artist and founder of her popular brand, Huda is also really into creating comedic videos based on testing out trending products and even challenges for her viewers. However, she's easily one of the genuine artists who gives us top-quality tutorials and reviews on the newest products on the market.

Finally, among the all-time best beauty Youtube channels, Zoe Sugg is a little, energetic makeup guru who uploads videos based on makeup tutorials, products reviews, hair styling, fashion hauls, and even showing her viewers her all-time favorite beauty products. She's also really involved in skincare products like giving her subscribers tips on how to control acne, which products work best for what type of skin, and everything in between.

While she's mainly known as a beauty guru, Zoe enjoys expanding her opportunities and creating videos on how to live a simple life. She tends to give recommendations on books to read, ways to wind down, and also share tips on cooking and baking!

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